Reviews For Joshua

2020.10.29 - 10:41PM
135: Chapter 135

That Not-A-Badger had better be Jack! Hahaha!!!

Author's Response: Lol - I didn't even think of that!

2020.10.29 - 09:46PM
135: Chapter 135

Oh man! That was harsh. The huge string of updates and then that little cliffhanger.
Love your writing, as always. Hope you keep the stories coming. I'd love to see you work with 12 on one of your long ones.

Author's Response: I've got vague ideas about introducing 12 to the TD universe at some point, but no plans on any stories devoted to 12. Though I do love his office area on the university grounds. I've always had dreams of having a house with a big old library room in there and it was as if they'd tapped into my mind and given the Doctor my perfect room! One day!

2020.10.29 - 09:46PM
135: Chapter 135

Oh man! That was harsh. The huge string of updates and then that little cliffhanger.
Love your writing, as always. Hope you keep the stories coming. I'd love to see you work with 12 on one of your long ones.

Author's Response: There are always plenty of stories to come. The problem is containing them and finding the time!

2020.10.29 - 09:46PM
135: Chapter 135

Oh man! That was harsh. The huge string of updates and then that little cliffhanger.
Love your writing, as always. Hope you keep the stories coming. I'd love to see you work with 12 on one of your long ones.

Author's Response: It's just a little cliffhanger :)

2020.10.29 - 09:35PM
130: Chapter 130

Good lord, you've been busy! 😄

I suppose if Martha was to tell the Doctor about her first trip, she might have to tell him the lead-up that involved a certain DNA transfer, as well.

Author's Response: Lol, I was planning on putting them up over the next couple of days after typing them as I knew I was going to be pretty busy on Friday and over the weekend, but I just gave you them all at once instead because I'm impatient and have no restraint :)

There is no need for Martha to indulge the Doctor's curiosity. I kind of think he was partially testing her to see if she would tell him or not. He might not be entirely happy not to know or to be told no, but he's got to be relieved that Martha passed.

2020.10.29 - 06:59PM
135: Chapter 135

Oh, Bother! more trouble?

Author's Response: It looks like it could be.

2020.10.29 - 06:03PM
130: Chapter 130

Yay for the Doctor fronting up and being honest! Even if it's not quite enough to call his headaches migraines haha. Martha will help him.

Author's Response: He's coming to trust Martha more and he is worried about them and what it's going to mean for his ability to travel through time and space. I think even he knows that if there is a potential for him to be struck to the floor with a headache while being in control of the TARDIS or being involved in a situation could become dangerous.

2020.10.29 - 05:57PM
129: Chapter 129

It's good that Ten is being open with Martha. It's not fair just to use Josh to get him to comply,, even if it works. I am glad Martha realised that.

Author's Response: Hopefully they will get to the bottom of it. At least to the point where they can ensure it's not permanent.

2020.10.29 - 04:11PM
130: Chapter 130

It's nice Martha and Mickey have a room in the TARDIS. as well as Jack having one. though I hope there's no bunkbed in Martha and Mickey's room. Even if 11 thought bunkbeds were cool. a married couple wouldn't. I suspect neither would 10.

Author's Response: No bunk bed :) I'm not sure I'd consider Ten to be more sensible than Eleven on the whole, but I think in this regard he'd accept that a married couple should be able to share a bed. To be fair to Eleven though he had known Amy since she was a kid and bunk beds probably made some sense to him - as well as being cool.

2020.10.28 - 07:36PM
128: Chapter 128

And while they're in sickbay they can try get to the bottom of Ten's condition. Martha might not think she's cross now. But she may not realise the risk and consequences of the link with the TARDIS without a medic on standby.

Author's Response: I'm not sure any of them really know what the risk and the consequences of the link were except the Doctor and he's not going to put his hand up about that. Apart from anything else, he's not used to having a medic to bring on standby.

2020.10.27 - 07:45PM
1: Chapter 1

Always really pleased to see new stuff from you

Author's Response: Thanks, sorry it's been so long since I posted anything.

2020.10.27 - 07:12PM
127: Chapter 127

Well they made it back safely, but Martha's still not happy!

I liked Ten's subtle display of time lord strength in handing Josh the meteor to hold. And Josh wanting two birthdays like the queen haha.

Author's Response: Back in one piece but not unnoticed :)

I was contemplating the Doctor tossing Josh the bit of meteorite, but then thought that would have been irresponsible, but yeah, he probably picked a particularly heavy bit up just to make a little bit of a point to the teenager.

If you've got a chance to have two birthdays then you should have two right?

2020.10.27 - 07:07PM
126: Chapter 126

[“Hang on a second,” Josh suggested. He pushed Josh back a bit so he wasn’t right on the threshold then got in front of him. “Jump on.” He suggested crouching down a little.

“On your back?”

“Piggy back,” Jack suggested. ]

You might want to mind your Joshes and Jacks a bit there haha. It's tricky when they both start with J. I don't imagine Josh is about to jump on his own back.

It was considerate of Jack to back up the Doctor's strength to Josh in this chapter. He's mindful of what can push the Doctor's buttons.

Author's Response: It's already changed. I noticed that earlier but didn't have laptop and didn't want to edit on phone. Sorry about that. I spent the first ten or twenty chapters with a 'find and replace' to change John to Josh lol after spending so long writing LGM. Fingers tend to do their own thing sometimes. Sorry I missed that one.

Jack's concerned that the Doctor thinks he's defective at the moment and how he's not really settling from his regeneration, so he knows that Josh's innocent comment would have potentially set the Doctor thinking about it all again and didn't want that to happen.

2020.10.27 - 06:57PM
125: Chapter 125

I guess you've explained why Jack still rides the outside of the TARDIS to the end of the universe if her instinct remains to run away.

If the TARDIS was wheezing does that mean Josh had switched the handbrake on?

Also [bleeding out on the floor and wailing banshee heathens were attempting to break through the TARDIS doors with hatchets]. You slipped that in there! A story for another time? Or just a cheeky tease?

It's good Jack knows how to get them back to Martha if he need to. But will he need to today? I never quite know when you're foreshadowing or not.

The question is, when will Alonso be joining them, so the Doctor can spout that wonderful phrase again?

Author's Response: Yeah, he's still a fact and still doesn't sit particularly well even if both the TARDIS and the Doctor accept that he's a good man and want him around, there is still that underlying sensation of him being wrong.

Only River will be able to determine if they've done it wrong or not. Josh has just done what they have always done.

Yeah, a little slip of something to come. Not in this, might do a one shot at some point, it's just an idea that came into my head about how insensible the Doctor can be at times.

No foreshadowing for the crystal walk ;)

Alonso is going to be one of those tricky things isn't he? He's Jack's live in partner, but, the Doctor meets him first and then introduces him to Jack, albeit by a note, so can they bring Alonso in or are they just adding more confusion into the Doctor's time line? Unless it is necessary they have to try to avoid that, so, Jack is going to do the sensible thing and not bring Alonso into it, not with his face anyway :)

2020.10.27 - 04:02PM
124: Chapter 124

So the Doctor has a permanent headache not just from the neural implosion, but from an awful lot of presque vue? (I always want to call that preja vue)

Author's Response: There is a lot of things going on to give him a headache at the moment.

Preja vue does sound better doesn't it?

Author's Response: Nice to see you by the way :)