Reviews For Joshua

2020.12.20 - 11:57PM
224: Chapter 224

Good on Josh for insisting the Doctor wasn't doing well.

Author's Response: Yeah, it is just as well that he let Jack know when he did or the Doctor may have ended up in trouble if they'd waited until Martha got up of her own accord and did her morning checks - she might not have done a blood test at all, and then where would they have been?

2020.12.20 - 04:55PM
223: Chapter 223

Love how inventive Jack is with his baking! Don't you just hate not having the exact ingredient in your pantry for a recipe? (I live off the grid now, 25 miles from the nearest *tiny* grocer, so that happens to me a lot.) Substitutions can be a lifesaver, but you never quite know what you're going to get the first time you try it.

I'm happy to see Jack trust Josh enough to wake Martha. He could easily be a bit jealous of the bond between Josh and the Doctor, but so far he seems to be taking it in stride.

Author's Response: Not having the right ingredients when you come to make something is difficult. It must be even worse living off the grid - although I am jealous and one day I'll have my little cottage in the middle of no where - not sure I'd be brave enough to go completely off grid though! At the moment though within 3 miles of the house there is 4 major 24hr supermarkets and probably 8 smaller ones as well as rapidly reducing number of independents being taken over by said supermarket chains, and as much as I hate it - it is very convenient!

I think Jack is curious about the bond but also worried about it too because at the end of this the Doctor is going to go back to his own timeline and he will forget about Josh and if there is an established familiar bond of some kind because of the metacrisis what is it going to do to the Doctor?

2020.12.19 - 10:54PM
222: Chapter 222

I can just picture Jack doing a whole bunch of late night baking. It would be a good way for him to pass the time if he doesn't sleep much. I'm craving cake now.

Author's Response: I am sure that everyone else will appreciate that Jack likes to spend his time overnight baking as well - especially if it means they get to wake up to flapjacks and cake! What kind of cake are you craving?

2020.12.19 - 01:47PM
223: Chapter 223

First thing, If I were aboard the TARDIS, Jack would HAVE to make carrot cake for me as that's my favorite cake!..
Now that's been said.

I think there is a strong physic bond between the Doctor and Joshua as the Doctor seems to be reaching out tp alert Josh to his predicament. But why only Joshua and not Jack?

Author's Response: I don't get carrot cake and I certainly don't get topping a cake with cream cheese which is what they tend to do with carrot cake lol.

The bond between Josh and the Doctor is a result of the metacrisis so that is why it is only touching Josh and not Jack. I'm not sure that the Doctor is deliberately trying to alert Josh to him being distress - it's just happening.

2020.12.17 - 07:21AM
220: Chapter 220

Poor Josh. There's nothing worse than doing homework that you absolutely hate. It's too bad that he doesn't like to read those types of books. Reading is way better than math homework. At least he tried to get out of doing it but he's out of luck this time.

Author's Response: I am sure that the Doctor will think of some way to incentivise it if not to make Josh see that it's a valuable exercise in it's own right. He's definitely out of luck this time, but I think he's probably less likely just to not do it when it's the Doctor's home work rather than schools.

2020.12.17 - 03:28AM
220: Chapter 220

Ha, Ha! Typical teenager! I tried some of Josh's tricks to get out of doing homework when I was his age ;)

Author's Response: Lol, I was the queen of homework avoidance lol, only did things that I liked! I did like English - though not necessarily English Literature because it always seemed to be stuffy old rubbish that we had to read. I decided to try and fix that through the first lock down period and bought a set of classical books and started to read Moby Dick - well, that was nine months ago and still not finished it - book is 750 pages long and was on page 300 before they even got on a boat! I'm on page 450 now and they've not even seen the white whale yet! I am determined to finish it, but it is pretty hard to read, and, I admit that I've not read Robinson Crusoe before either, and, so I knew what Josh was up against I did start to read the first chapter lol - just too many other things to be doing right now!

2020.12.15 - 11:19PM
218: Chapter 218

Oh, that dressing down from Martha was hysterical...and warranted. The Doctor is emotionally a bit of an adolescent himself, but he's been a dad? It makes me wonder about parantage on Gallifrey. Do Time Lord parents even have a hand in rearing their adolescent children? My head canon sort of thinks they may not have done.

Author's Response: I think my head canon more or less fits with yours in that sense. The Master at least seemed very bitter about it and described being ripped away from his family at the age of eight and being forced to stare into the untampered schism as part of the induction into the time lord academy. I tend to think that from that point onward that the interaction with their families is minimal and that their education and guidance etc is managed by the time lord academy. It may well be different for those Gallifreyans that are not inducted into the time lord academy, but I don't think it's there for the main part. I've read as well that 'adolescence' in time lords tends to last a lot longer, and that they are what we'd consider to be late teens for decades - (I was about to say how true that is I'm not sure lol - it is true and real right??? ) The Doctor still described himself as a kid at 90 years old and he went to the Medusa Cascade as part of his time lord academy tests so was he still in the academy age 90? That is a long time to be in school!!!

When we saw the very young Doctor in Listen it didn't seem like he was living with a loving family then did it? He was out in the barn crying that he didn't want to be a soldier and there was no parentage involved.

In my head canon the Doctor kind of got disinherited by the time lord academy and by his family and then by his wife and potentially his children as well when he ran away and became a renegade. He definitely wasn't flavour of the month with the time lord council and did that cause him issues with his family or his family with him. He did have a relationship with Susan though and I kind of think that was out of the ordinary and maybe some sort of way to redeem himself to his family. I'm not sure I'm a subscriber to the 'looming' side of things, but I definitely think that age 8 parenting stops and indoctrination begins.

2020.12.15 - 09:40PM
218: Chapter 218

In other words, The Doctor has to be an adult and doing things he doesn't like is part of it.

Author's Response: He does. It's mostly accepted that the Doctor is no good travelling on his own and human companions tend to ground him and keep him on the straight and narrow, and in my head canon that's the 'stop I need to sleep at least once a week' and the 'we need to eat' and all the things that humans would input into that and the Doctor wouldn't tend to do if he was on his own. With Josh he's going to have to remember that Josh needs to sleep and Josh needs to eat and Josh needs an education and that Josh needs moral guidance and to be socially able to deal in a human world when he comes back. All of that is going to be on the Doctor's shoulders so even if he can show him the universe he needs to make sure he looks after him as well.

2020.12.15 - 02:28PM
217: Chapter 217

901 year old child! Eat Your Peas and Broccoli Ten!

Author's Response: He does seem like a bit of a child when it comes to vegetation, but on the other side of it he is 901 years old and he should probably have the right to choose what he eats himself lol. He does have to set a better example to Josh though, but he did eat it so that at least is something, if anyone else had made it he would definitely have picked it out.

2020.12.14 - 11:50PM
216: Chapter 216

Doctors make the most challenging patients sometimes, don't they? 🙄

I get what the Doctor is saying about how the ajophine making it more difficult to control the pain. The one and only time I've had nitrous oxide, I found it didn't relieve the pain so much as caused me to focus on it. It seems counterintuitive, but I know it's possible to have more pain because you can't focus on anything else.

At least the Doctor is learning to trust Martha enough to be honest with her. I'm not sure Jack will appreciate his honesty as much in regards to his presence wearing on the Doctor, though.

Author's Response: It seems that Doctors and Majors are pretty poor patients - poor Martha lol.

There is a lot to be said about mind over matter where pain is concerned and when drugs affect the clarity of thought it can make it tougher. I think the Doctor may be being a bit over ambitious so early in his recovery but Martha will let him do it and see.

The affect that Jack is having on the Doctor is a difficult one isn't it? He's distracting him from the pain which is good and is allowing him more chance to rest which is also good, but if it's going to make him feel more tired as time progresses than it's not good, and if the Doctor is relying on him as a distraction rather than a comfort it's not particularly fair on the Captain, and, is it bordering on a kind of self-harm on the Doctor's behalf?

2020.12.14 - 03:12PM
215: Chapter 215

Martha needs to tell Eryssa that even Time Lords (an advanced race) need to rest and recuperate after an horrendous injury. so a Human woman has to even more so.

Author's Response: Yeah, the medication she is on is great, but it is also potentially an issue, if she was taking 'normal' medication she'd be in discomfort and she'd be taking narcotics so she'd be drowsy and tired and not be wanting to do so much. The pain relief she is on is more effective and doesn't cloud her judgement or make her drowsy so from her point of view she doesn't feel too bad - but that also means she's not getting her own body's pain signals telling her that she shouldn't be doing things because they hurt and that she needs to be careful and to rest.

2020.12.12 - 03:05AM
211: Chapter 211

I don't know how he'll feel about being fitted with something akin to a suit of armor. lol!

The use of a doll is genius.

Author's Response: Hopefully it won't be quite as restrictive as a suit of armour. I doubt he's going to much like wearing it, but he's going to have to accept that it's that or remain flat on the bed until he's healed and he's probably going to like that less.

2020.12.12 - 12:50AM
211: Chapter 211

Barclay's use of Alice as part of the prototype is absolutely hysterical!! It's quite a remarkable design, and I hope the Doctor appreciates it.

Author's Response: I expect that Alice is going to end up being some kind of Mascot if not for the Doctor certainly for engineering! I'm sure that the Doctor will appreciate the time taken and the ingenuity of redesigning a brace technically from scratch to assist him, whether he appreciates the actual brace or not that is going to be another matter.

2020.12.11 - 03:49AM
210: Chapter 210

As someone who periodically suffers from severe muscle spasms, and is going through an episode now, this chapter was fairly hard for me. Poor Doctor, and poor Jack who has to endure his screams!

Author's Response: Hopefully the sonic screwdriver will sort his ones out. It's a shame that there isn't an easy solution in real life! It's amazing how much a muscle spasm on it's own can actually hurt! Sorry to hear that you've been suffering.

2020.12.09 - 10:27PM
209: Chapter 209

I'm glad that Eryssa is doing better. The Doctor is a miracle worker. After what the TARDIS revealed about the Time War I can't believe how much the Doctor did all on his own to try and save his people. It's astounding and heartbreaking to think that even though he tried his best he still couldn't save them all. I also like how you tie in the event of the 50th anniversary episode and how Gallifrey is still out there. I can just picture the events with the War Doctor so well. You've put so much detail into this story it's amazing!

Author's Response: The time lines in this story are a nightmare lol :) All this stuff about him using the meds and not being able to go and get any more - I kind of live in Ten's time in my 'Whohead' (there is such a think as a Whohead isn't there?) and Gallifrey is gone and that's central to who Ten is, Gallifrey is gone - he destroyed it - he's the last of the Time Lords, but in Martha's time? Kate has met the War Doctor, they know about the painting, and they know that 12 found Gallifrey and has been there - they don't know about 13 yet and what the Master has done to Gallifrey (but I'm still counting on the real writing team to fix that mess they've made with the Timeless Child idea - it was all a psychic construct that the Master put in 13's head to mess her up right? A billion years of Time Lord history riding on their backs? They have to fix that right????)