Reviews For Joshua

2020.11.02 - 04:16PM
140: Chapter 140

Tetra-thingy is another version of the CIR system you used in The Demon Saviour?

Author's Response: I'm not sure if it's cheating or not, but I've got a number of 'standard' future and time lord medications that transfer from story to story. None of the stories are really related except for those that belong to the TD universe, but Bladamine is a drug I use a lot for the Doctor when he needs pain relief - it's good in the short term but not for excessive pain and not really good for long term use. The three part drug for the treatment of brain injury is also one that is in my fictional arsenal - if someone has a head injury in contemporary times they'd anaesthetise them and they have drugs to improve oxygen uptake that can be given, so as medicine progresses they move forward, so yes, the same fictional drugs get used in a lot of my different stories. It might be cheating, but sometimes it's hard to come up with drug names that sound like they could be real but aren't. I wish I'd picked a shorter name and easier to type one than tetracordoxytriadalamine though!

2020.11.02 - 04:41AM
139: Chapter 139

You couldn't write another story without breaking his leg again could you? 😜 It seems like that's what has happened among other injuries. I am concerned about toxins from the creature. Martha has cut enough of the Doctor's tissues away already. Maybe they can give him the antitoxin this time if needed? I don't imagine his staples have held together after that fall either. Though that's probably the least of his concerns at the moment. He's in a bad way and hopefully Martha can start treating him soon. She has a tough decision to make when she has to decide who to treat first. I don't envy her. I get the feeling you're not going to let the Major survive though. Unless this wonder drug of the Doctor's somehow gets to her in time. Maybe Jack ought to give her his kiss of life? At least it seems like the creature has been taken care of since there were gun shots and then the code red is stood down? That better be the last one. Even so it's good the unit soldiers are on guard around them.

Author's Response: I have written one where I don't break his leg! :D It's tentatively called Skytrain at the moment and it's in notebooks in my shed waiting to be edited and typed up (and I've got all the notebooks!). No broken legs for the Doctor in that one! How else do you keep him from running off?

The creature really wasn't interested in attacking the Doctor so hopefully he's not been clawed or bitten. It was definitely after the Private and probably because of the gun. The Doctor and the Major are largely collateral damage because they got in the way.

It is a tough decision, but as soon as other medics are there and they reach a point where her care can be handed over Martha will be able to leave Major Magumbo in the hands of other medics. Unfortunately Martha is the only one who has any experience treating the Doctor so while she can hand Major Magumbo over she has to lead with him, but while the Major isn't breathing and is deteriorating Martha can't leave her to go to him. It's got to be tough, but she's right. If he's screaming he's breathing. If he goes quiet then she might have to reassess, but he's got Barclay and Kate monitoring him and they will be quick to let Martha know if something changes.

It stands to reason that the creature has been dealt with if the code red has been stood down and there has been no further call for medical assistance so at this point we have to assume it was done without further incident. As to whether it is the last one or not, it depends on where it came from and how there was one still alive if the caves have been systematically searched and cleared. They're going to need to know pretty quickly if it was tagged or not. If it was tagged, or, it has a ripped lip where it might have taken the tag out itself, then it might suggest that their tactics to ensure everyone was safe are unravelling! They're going to need more than a few soldiers to protect them if that is the case. It was a notably mild night - they might all be about to defrost!

2020.11.01 - 06:46PM
138: Chapter 138

Jack was action man in this chapter. No dilly dallying about or hesitation. He knows how to take charge.

Author's Response: Yeah, that's the kind of thing that gets drilled into you and all the radio protocols and stuff harks to my day job, so it makes me smile at the idea of it being 'Action Man' like - it just becomes second nature.

We don't generally take showers at work (unless you're one of the weirdos who use the gym in their break - nutters) but the number of times people have accidentally pressed their personal alarms when taking a bathroom break is quite high, and not only do we call it even if we know exactly where they are (because actually it's not always clear cut on CCTV etc what is going on), but even if you realise you've pressed it accidentally and call in to report that you're okay yourself, you have to have another officer confirm they've got eyes on you and that you're well and able and not in danger, (just in case you've been taken hostage and are under pressure to state that all is okay) so that can cause some embarrassment if the person is otherwise engaged! Thankfully not something I've ever done! But I spent several years being the one who makes the overall decisions on what gets responded to and managing operational incidents on the ground and there is one thing you never fail to respond to and that is a personal alarm.

2020.11.01 - 03:10PM
139: Chapter 139

It's looking bad for the Major.

Author's Response: Yeah, it's not looking that good is it? She's in a bad way.

2020.11.01 - 10:19AM
137: Chapter 137

Hope the Major survived her fall. that poor soldier, though!

Author's Response: Yeah, the soldier didn't really stand much of a chance when it was a focus of the creature. I feel a little bit bad about it if I'm honest, I had a realisation last night that I'm using UNIT Privates like engineering Ensigns lol. I'm going to have to start putting privates in red tunics! I'm going to try not to kill anymore of them - I'm not going to promise it's not going to happen because people tend to do things of their own accord sometimes, but no more privates - we'll have to step it up a few ranks ;)

2020.11.01 - 02:11AM
137: Chapter 137

I could tell there was a lot going on in a short amount of time in this chapter. And the Doctor experienced it with a super speed time sense like he was The Flash or something. It was a little hard to follow if I'm honest. But it would seem the outcome was that the characters are in a very bad way at the bottom of the cliff? They couldn't respond to the creature fast enough. Hopefully help finds them quick.

Author's Response: I'm sorry you found it difficult to follow, but the Doctor didn't experience it super fast, it was the opposite - he experienced it all in slow motion allowing him to take account of the different things that were going on with him and around him. I've read and reread it a few times and there isn't anything in the chapter I'd change. I guess it's one of those ones where it's going to split people reading it.

If it's a help? In real human time it'd have been over in seconds - the Doctor sonics the creature and fails so tries to hit it, gets knocked over by the creature like he's made of straw and flipped up into the air as the animal aims for the soldier, the creature wipes out Major Magumbo with it's tail and all of them disappearing over the edge of the outcropping rocks. At the base the creature attacks the soldier and the Doctor manages to get an unaimed shot off with the rifle and the creature runs off.

2020.10.31 - 10:14PM
137: Chapter 137

I've always liked the way you describe the Doctor's perceptions. (I'm re-reading Code 9 at the moment) Here you manage to get across the idea of the rest of the world suddenly being in slow motion in a way that reads very natural without overdoing the prose.

Author's Response: Re-reading Code 9 is a bit mad isn't it?? :D

I think we could all do with being able to slow our perception of things down every now and then to give us a chance to think.

2020.10.31 - 06:32PM
136: Chapter 136

Scary stuff. I liked the stylized way you had the Doctor going through the different escape options. It would seem they are well and truly trapped. The Doctor is barely recovered from the last attack. What are you going to do to him now? A vortex manipulator would be handy right now. One wonders why the Doctor would not carry at least a short range teleport device with him after all these years for situations such as these.

Author's Response: Yeah, no way out. It took until Eleven for him to actually carry a mobile phone with him rather than just leave it on the console so he could stare at it when it rang lol. Getting him to carry a teleport would definitely be sensible, but then would he just be leaving the creature to get someone else?

As for what I'm going to do to him? It's Halloween :) Full on attack, face ripped off, both hearts clawed out of chest, no chance of regeneration, time collapses around him everyone he's ever saved - including the whole of UNIT disappear and the Earth gets sucked into the void - The End.

2020.10.31 - 02:17PM
136: Chapter 136

What would you expect from a scared 16-year-old soldier.

Author's Response: I don't think it would matter how old he was. When he's got a genetically modified monster staring at him it's going to be tough to concentrate.

2020.10.30 - 12:36AM
135: Chapter 135

That's one of the best updates I've ever read.

Author's Response: Cool, thank you, I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Hope you continue to enjoy.

2020.10.30 - 12:27AM
135: Chapter 135

So much for your updates coming less frequently. You've spoilt us with this last load of chapters. But simultaneously torturing us with a cliff hanger haha. Did one of the creatures get loose somehow? Or is something else afoot? It's still a mystery how they got there in the first place. I hope it will get resolved. Preferably without further bloodshed. Mentioning the the young ages of these soldiers doesn't bode well. They're not that much older than Joshua after all. Please let it just be Jack in the bushes. He's been missing the last few chapters so it well could be.

Author's Response: That was supposed to be at least a few days worth and my attempt to get ahead again, except I put them all up at once because I have no restraint.

It could be anything in the bushes.

2020.10.30 - 12:18AM
134: Chapter 134

It was good to read the Major apologise to the Doctor. The Doctor seems like he's quite keen to high tail out of there asap though.

Author's Response: I think the Doctor is starting to take the impact of things on his headache a little more seriously than he had been before. I think he asked Jack if he was going to have a headache for the whole of his regeneration that Jack was going to just tell him not to be so daft and of course he didn't - not get into the conversation about him always getting headaches. Although being on Earth surrounding by people who know more about him may not be a major factor in his headache, it is going to be contributing to it and making him feel on guard all the time, so minimising that is probably the wisest thing to do.

2020.10.30 - 12:11AM
133: Chapter 133

Haha true. Does he still have a mole or did the creature scratch it off? I still think the zero room would help him center himself. If its onboard he might have used it given the opportunity during the Christmas Invasion. I think he was a bit beyond that with everything going on in the moment.

Author's Response: He might have lost his mole, he'll have to check. He's not going to be using the zero room - at least not for a while.

2020.10.29 - 11:55PM
132: Chapter 132

I am grinning from ear to ear on Mickey and Martha's joint decision. If Ten has to leave Josh behind at least it may not be as heartbreaking knowing he'll stilled be loved and taken care of when he's gone.

Author's Response: They've both been thinking about it and looking at ways to do it practically and officially before bringing it up with the other, but I am sure they will be able to give Josh a great home.

2020.10.29 - 11:50PM
131: Chapter 131

Its sweet that Martha said she missed Mickey. All sorts of possibilities must have been going through her head in the 6 minutes he disappeared. I bet they're both glad that thus far their timelines together remain intact.

Author's Response: She must have been worried about where they were and what had happened to make the Doctor leave (or the TARDIS go off on herself). Six minutes is quite a long time when you've got no idea what is going on.