Reviews For Joshua

2020.11.04 - 08:20PM
144: Chapter 144

Take charge Martha!

Author's Response: She has to make sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing and isn't put off or overly anxious about being in the TARDIS.

2020.11.04 - 05:30PM
144: Chapter 144

I'm not sure Josh should be given so much responsibility. He's 14 and this is life or death.

Author's Response: Martha is giving him the job to do so that he's kept busy, but it's Kate that has the responsibility for it, and, Martha won't be doing anything without conferring, but if he was just doing nothing but watching it would be much harder for him.

2020.11.04 - 09:17AM
142: Chapter 142

Oh, my. It appears the Doctor and Josh will have lots of time together... convalescing. ;-)

Author's Response: They may even run out of shark documentaries. I wonder what they'd watch afterward?

2020.11.04 - 06:38AM
143: Chapter 143

Here's hoping the Doctor doesn't run out of painkillers. It looks like he is going to be needing them for some time. Hopefully they can get his leg straightened out and pointing the right way soon. I wouldn't blame the TARDIS if she tried to prioritize her pilot's care though when he's in so much pain. It seems like the Major could pull through. However, I don't imagine anything is going to go without complications for at least one of them.

Author's Response: They're all going to have a tough time for a while. I don't think the TARDIS would risk the Major's life in order to stop the Doctor hurting. If the Doctor found out she'd done that I'm not sure he'd forgive her even if she is his TARDIS. If it is a toss up between treating non-life threatening / limb threatening, etc injuries like for like then yes, I'm fairly sure the TARDIS would take the Doctor's nervous system into consideration simply because prolonged anaesthesia and sedation are bad for him and prolonged intense pain is going to be physically exhausting and reduce his healing capacity so they need to do something for him - but not at the cost of the Major's life if anything were to become life threatening again.

2020.11.03 - 07:07PM
142: Chapter 142

Martha's sure got her work cut of her! Ten landed on his hip first didn't he? I guess that was enough force to dislocate it. At least we know you've got plenty of practice at mending time lords who have been damaged in such a manner.

Author's Response: He did land on his first and it crunched so yeah, that is most likely when he dislocated it. I usually manage to fix him.

2020.11.03 - 02:55PM
142: Chapter 142

You broke the Time Lord! Hope Martha can put him back together again.

Author's Response: Yeah, just a little bit. I'm sure Martha will do her best.

Author's Response: Yeah, just a little bit. I'm sure Martha will do her best.

2020.11.03 - 03:28AM
136: Chapter 136

I had a feeling that they were going to come across one of those creatures again. I don't know how they're going to make it out of this. At least if it's injured maybe that will slow it down a bit.

Author's Response: It wasn't all going to be over that easily was it?

2020.11.03 - 02:14AM
141: Chapter 141

Wow. These chapters truly have my heart pounding!

Author's Response: Hopefully things will calm down and everyone cant pause and take stock soon.

2020.11.03 - 12:40AM
141: Chapter 141

Looks like everybody's plans will be on hold for the foreseeable future (at least the ones who'll have a future)

Author's Response: Yeah, plans are definitely going to be on hold as they desperately work to ensure that the Major and the Doctor are able to have their futures - how that pans out is yet to be seen.

2020.11.03 - 12:21AM
141: Chapter 141

Hopefully this new Major doesn't make things anything more difficult than they have to be. I am glad Martha finally has her hands free for a while to treat Ten. The other medics can take care of Magumbo. Ten needs the time lord specialist. Hopefully the delay in getting treatment hasn't done him any further significant harm. But if he has been poisoned it is a ticking clock for him as well.

Author's Response: Major Branton isn't going to deliberately do anything to make things more difficult, but he's the kind of man that normally walks into an area with a clipboard and an audit and make people groan. His knowledge and understanding of protocol and policy are better than anyone's so if you ever need to know what should be done in accordance to policy then he's the go to man, but translating that into the field and getting instructions across to the troops isn't his forte and that can make him seem clumsy compared to other commanders who probably have Branton on speed dial for advice, but can apply that to the real world.

Ten definitely needs Martha to be the one to treat him, but, Martha is potentially going to need to include the other medics as well, and they're going to have heightened fears about treating an alien as famous and as revered as the Doctor is within UNIT and they're not going to have been in the TARDIS before either which could be distracting. Martha is going to have to maintain overall responsibility for all of it - and to their plan for the day was going to be to sort Josh's ankle so while they can delay that they can't just forget about it either.

2020.11.02 - 09:28PM
140: Chapter 140

I'm glad you recycle the drugs to be honest. It allows me to go oh it's that one! as opposed to trying to spell it. Besides it's not like the TV series doesn't do the same thing

Author's Response: I wish there was a medical resource for time lord research somewhere, but short of the two hearts, lower body temperature, and the respiratory bypass (oh and the ability to regenerate) there isn't much out there, so I guess that gives us free rein to do what we want with him compared to human patients that has to be more truthful, but it would be good to have some kind of resource about how he works, how he heals, what his joints and ligament structure is etc.

2020.11.02 - 06:53PM
140: Chapter 140

The drug system is very familiar. You've treated Martha with it before right?
Mickey can read Jack's emotions like a book. Do you think the Doctor gets an extra headache if he might just regenerate out of his own timeline? I suppose it's hard to notice when his head is already hurt.
It was very wishful thinking of Josh to suggest the Doctor might not be hurt bad. Doesn't he know the author that created him at all? 😜
But who's leg will get better first, Josh's or the Ten's? Definitely Ten's I guess if he just regenerates. But then there will be some extreme problems to deal with and I don't think you're willing to delve into that level of wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff!
But then again, can he regenerate? He's already been so ill and had problems with healing which suggest maybe he is not able to at the moment.

Author's Response: Yeah, the Doctor gave Martha the compound when she fell in the wreckage of the TARDIS in Demon Saviour. As I said to Frugglewump I recycle drugs, which may or may not be cheating.

Mickey and Jack have been through a lot together and they can read each other well. They know how to handle each other as well.

Josh doesn't want to think that the Doctor could be badly hurt. He's already seen him get really sick. I don't know what you mean about the author though :).

Sending Eleven back to Rose in Ten's time line would be interesting to delve into and how that would impact on all of the memories that Mickey, Martha, and Jack have of their times with Ten post 2006. I'm not willingly going to be writing Eleven so if it does happen then he has done it by himself and against my wishes!

If injuries are like for like then the Doctor will definitely heal more rapidly than Josh will, but it will depend on what the scans say when they get back to the TARDIS and how Martha is able to treat him.

2020.11.02 - 06:52PM
140: Chapter 140

Everything seems to be going South isn't it.

Author's Response: It's not looking very promising at the moment.

2020.11.02 - 06:25PM
139: Chapter 139

Its exciting to know that you've got so much more content already written. I don't know how you do it. You're a writing machine!
The Doctor and the Major ought to be checked for anything that looks like dermatitis though. They could have come into contact with any toxic part of the creature. What if it has a jellyfish sting in its tail? If they're both already struggling to breathe, it might not be realised until it's too late that they've been poisoned.
I am going to call that this creature never made it back to the caves after the incident with the pigs and that's why it was already shot and not frozen to death. I am betting (hoping) it's the last one. If everything they've done starts unravelling there will be carnage. And there's no time for that. The Doctor and Jack have a date planned after all. And now Ten has to get better first.

Author's Response: If I'm in the writing zone (there is a zone lol) then I'd write all day and all night if I could but there are annoying things like work, family, friends, and real life that get in the way, and I'm not really 'supposed' to be doing this, I'm supposed to be working on an original series and have got a couple of guinea pig readers of that waiting for the next bits of that, but try explaing to anyone that you can only write what is in your head at the time and they don't get it lol. Skytrain is written and ready to type and edit and another (in which I do break his leg - but it's actually the first time I did it because it's the first one I wrote) it's a Ten/Rose story by default because it was 2006 when I wrote it, but I'm thinking about rewriting it as a Ten/Donna story, but I'm not sure yet - I really like that one though - it's got dinosaurs in it!!

I'm sure that Martha will do blood tests and check them over as soon as possible at the moment it's taking all her effort to stop Major Magumbo just dying on the rocks.

You've got to hope that is the case with the creature, because if it turns out that the creature was in the caves and it was missed, considering Jack was the commanding officer overall responsible for the operation to clear out the tunnels?

2020.11.02 - 06:08PM
137: Chapter 137

Thanks for the alternative description. That does help. πŸ™‚
I meant to type that it felt like time slowed down for him so he could react fast. The Flash can do this too⚑. But would be much faster to react than poor Ten. Ten's not going to worry he is weak or 'defecive' for being bowled over by the creature though is he? He's going to need a positive attitude to recover from this.

Author's Response: Flash is quick. In my head the Doctor isn't able to react any quicker than he would be, but he is able to think quicker and observe more and see what is going on and come up with answers in impossibly short time - it is just this time there weren't really any answers for him. It's going to be tough for Ten, but, maybe having Josh there is going to help - Ten is going to have to be positive about his injuries so Josh can remain positive about his, and, Josh will be able to gee him up. He's got Jack, Mickey, and Martha there as well, so hopefully they will all be able to help him keep his chin up. He's definitely not going to be a happy time lord for a while though.