Reviews For Joshua

2021.04.29 - 02:00AM
238: Chapter 238

Hi....just finished re-reading 238 chapters so i'm all ready for you😊 Hope all is still well.

2021.03.03 - 09:31PM
1: Chapter 1

My first time on here a really good start i'm looking forward to more of the story

2021.02.08 - 09:22PM
238: Chapter 238

I'm beginning to worry about you and I've too much going on right now. Are you okay? Just taking a break? No corona or worse? Just too much life? Fingers crossed.

Author's Response: Hiya, yeah, I'm fine, no need to worry. Just did my usual, had a little TD thing pop into my head and decided just to do that for Christmas and that's grown a bit. I'm still posting but a TD extension instead of this one. I've got a bit more with that before I can leave John comfortably for a while and finish this one off! Sorry, sometimes the head doesn't stick with the one it's supposed to be writing!!! Thanks for your concern, but I'm fine. Hope you are too Kx

2021.01.02 - 11:41PM
237: Chapter 237

Oh dear, giving yourself a fat lip with your own cast *is* a bit embarrassing. :-D

Good grief, you have been very, very busy lately! I've been a bit busy myself and just got back to reading. I have much to look forward to still.

Author's Response: Yeah, I suppose on a plus side at least it didn't hurt his wrist :)

Forced to take festive leave from work during a Tier 4 lockdown there isn't much else to get busy with! It's been a bit wet for the garden though hope to get out there this afternoon!

2021.01.01 - 07:04AM
235: Chapter 235

Well it's good that they finally got all of that work done. Now hopefully they won't have to recast anything for a while and it's good that he's been healing the less serious injuries so there's not so much all at once to heal now. I wonder what the Doctor's going to think of it when he wakes up.

Author's Response: Yep, now they just get to wait while he heals. Hopefully now everything is done they can give him the resource he needs and he will begin to prove just how quickly time lords can recover.

2021.01.01 - 04:36AM
232: Chapter 232

Happy New year! Thank you for doing what you're doing!

Author's Response: Happy New Year to you too, hope you the festive period was as good as it could be x

2020.12.31 - 01:50AM
232: Chapter 232

Hmmm! A lesson in alien biology?

Author's Response: They are going to have to figure it out aren't they?

2020.12.27 - 07:03AM
229: Chapter 229

I can understand why the Doctor doesn't want to take the ajophine but sometimes it's better to take something and feel better than to try and put up with it. I wonder what's wrong with him. Hopefully it's nothing serious. I'm glad that Jack's taking Mickey with him on his shopping trip. As amazing as the TARDIS is it's nice for Mickey and Jack to get out and about so they're not so cooped up.

Author's Response: I think the Doctor is worried that he's failing because he's weak in this generation with regards to him needing to take the ajophine and not being able to control his own pain levels.

Something is going wrong with the Doctor but I'm sure Martha and Josh will sort him out, but it might end up cutting the shopping trip short - though in terms of getting out of the TARDIS I'm sure Mickey would have preferred something a little more exotic than the supermarket!

2020.12.25 - 11:04PM
227: Chapter 227

Merry Christmas
and thank you for your stories!

Author's Response: You're welcome x

2020.12.25 - 11:04PM
227: Chapter 227

Merry Christmas
and thank you for your stories!

Author's Response: Merry Christmas to you too!

2020.12.25 - 05:41PM
228: Chapter 228

Haha!! That's quite a role-reversal between the Doctor and Josh, isn't it? I'm sure the Doctor doesn't like being hoisted by his own petard, but it serves him a bit right.

Happy Holidays!

Author's Response: Happy Holidays to you too, hope your Christmas was good and that you have a good New Year!

Josh isn't shy about telling the Doctor how it is - he takes after his mum in that regard!

2020.12.23 - 03:45PM
226: Chapter 226

Love Kate's cheekiness. She can be so dry, yet so funny.

Author's Response: Kate is cool in the series but to be honest I'll be glad when this part of the story is done and Kate is where she belongs in the Tower because I'm not particularly comfortable writing her and am not doing her character justice.

2020.12.22 - 04:05PM
225: Chapter 225

I'm starting to wonder (again) how it is that *Jack* doesn't know anything about Josh. When the Doctor returns to his old timeline, of course he won't remember Josh. But then he lives several thousand years, off and on, with Jack. In all those millennia with Jack, did he never mention Josh? It's as if Josh no longer exists to the Doctor after he returns to Rose, or he meets him again and never shares his existence to Jack (which seems rather unlikely, given his close psychic bond with the boy).

Oh dear, there's that tight unslinky knot in the pit of my stomach again. 😂

Author's Response: Although they do spend thousands of years together they maintain a kind of linear time line with Mickey and Martha - even if they get out of time visits from past Doctor's compared to the time line with Ten and Eleven infiltrating on Twelves time, but they don't have 'future' Doctors or bring future times back in, so if they maintain Mickey and Martha's time line then the chances are that Josh won't appear in their lives again until 'now' in Mickey's and Martha's time line and if the future Doctor is aware of that and of him then he needs to keep it under wraps until he catches up with their time line. Or - of course, Josh doesn't make it to the end of the story :)

2020.12.21 - 07:10PM
222: Chapter 222

I'm actually craving chocolate cake right now. It's a homemade recipe and I make homemade chocolate icing. I've been doing a ton of holiday baking this year. The freezer is so full there's no room for anything else. I guess you could say I've been baking as much as Jack, just not all in one day.

Author's Response: Chocolate cake would be good, especially with homemade chocolate icing! I'm afraid the extent of my festive baking has been sausage rolls made with shop bought ready-rolled pastry lol.

2020.12.21 - 04:08PM
225: Chapter 225

The Doctor didn't realize he was reaching out to Josh like Josh did in the vortex?

Author's Response: It wasn't something he deliberately did. It just kind of infiltrated their link.