2020.08.28 - 01:41AM
1: Nothing to make a Song about

Poor Jack. Four days of surviving on a cold beach. Of all the places the Doctor could've left him. Of course the Doctor didn't know it was a bad place for Jack. I was wondering why Jack got dumped out with no explanation but it makes sense. I feel sorry for the TARDIS too after what the Master did to her. I loved the flashbacks with the Master. They were nice and creepy. I loved the ending where Jack and the Doctor got together again. I'm becoming a fan of your stories!

Author's Response: Thanks for your comment and I must say, I'm rather thrilled, that you enjoy my stories so much. Good thing, that I plan on posting more, then (after, I've edited them). Poor Jack, indeed. I'm glad it made sense, in the end, why Jack was left behind. I thought, that it would add a nice, angsty touch, if neither Jack nor the reader knew, why he was thrown out of the TARDIS. And I loved to write the flashback with the Master, so thanks for mentioning it. See you. :)