Reviews For By The Numbers

2020.07.12 - 06:07PM
2: Chapter 2

Aw! Baby turtles! I love baby turtles! They're one of my favourite animals! I'm so glad that it wasn't anything deadly. I guess that the Hub isn't really designed for aquatic animals. I wonder if at some point they might need an aquarium or they could just release the turtles into the wild.

Author's Response: Me too, I love all turtles. Though that would be nice for the team. I expect once the babies have grown a bit the Doctor can give them a ride to a suitable planet where they'll be looked after. In the meantime, I'm sure Ianto can come up with a good environment for them. Thank you!

2020.07.12 - 05:44PM
1: Chapter 1

I have to shudder when I think of the face-hugging alien scenes from the Alien movies. I really hope whatever's hatching isn't going to be something like that.

Author's Response: As you now know, there was nothing horrible in the eggs. Alien is one of my favourite movies, but I wouldn't inflict face-huggers on the team! Thank you!