Reviews For Pandora

2021.05.15 - 02:39AM
5: V.

So very well done! Sad and poignant yet so them. The lost of Ten, always so sad, was made doubly so with Tentoo linked to him.

2020.12.07 - 09:35PM
1: I.

I'm glad I waited until this was complete, what an emotional roller coaster!
I was so worried for the Doctor throughout this story, I was unsure what you planned to do to him. And when he started talking about regeneration I became even more worried. Gosh what he went through because of his connection to the Doctor. And poor Rose, she must have been terrified watching her husband go through so much. the end you brought it to a perfect conclusion and all will be well now. Fantastic writing as always, you never ever disappoint and I truly love your stories!!

Author's Response: Good thing I checked because teaspoon has decided not to send me review alerts anymore! Thank you so so much for your kind words ♥ It was a bit of an emotional ride writing this too, ngl, but I couldn't resist the opportunity to write some angst again xD I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

2020.06.30 - 09:19PM
2: II.

Now I am really getting nervous!

Author's Response: Good, I was hoping it was make people a bit tense! :D

2020.06.30 - 04:14PM
1: I.

Iím so excited about this story BUT as you said it will be only 5 chapters I am going to force myself to wait until itís complete so I can read it all in one go. It wonít be easy.....
Take care!

Author's Response: I admire your patience!!

2020.06.29 - 04:20PM
1: I.

What an amazing answer! He obviously knows the Time Lord's spiraling downwards. I wonder if he'll tell Rose. And what a nightmare the Waters of Mars will be. Great short.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I've always loved this concept of Tentoo being somewhat aware of what was happening to Ten. I'm glad you've enjoyed this part ♥