2010.06.18 - 01:56PM
1: Chapter 1

Beautiful story! I wonder what the consequences of the Doctor's time meddling would be...

2009.03.14 - 04:26PM
1: Chapter 1

Positively sublime.

The characterisation of the Doctor felt spot-on. The mischievous little bits of wording and circumstance (e.g. the Doctor commenting on Tom Payne's common sense or the fortune teller telling Reinette she should be dead) were brilliant. And I loved how you populated your tale with the people of the era whom the Doctor would seek out to try to leave the Earth.

Thank you for all of the time, effort, thought, and heart you put into your story. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

2007.02.20 - 02:38PM
1: Chapter 1

Absolutely gorgeous. I could almost hear the music from the episode as this played, and you brought it to life so well.

I kind of hate you right now. And I really do need to pry myself away from the fanfic.

2006.05.08 - 12:00PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh, now that was very nice! Lovely sense of time passing and the world changing around them. I avoid Doctor/companion romance fiction like the plague, but his relationship with Reinette was intriguing and this is an alternate storyline that really just begs to be explored. I mean, given his lifespan and the fact that we know there are other time-travellers out there, there's really no reason why he wouldn't be able to make it back to the TARDIS eventually. Cute that it's TimeAgent!Jack who gives him the lift, though. :)

On Louis XV's reaction -- Madame de Pompadour stopped sleeping with the king in 1750, some 14 years before her death, although she remained a close friend and valued advisor to him. So he may not have been all that upset at the thought of her taking another man as her lover... but heck, every story gets to have a bit handwaving thrown in somewhere, right? ;)

2006.05.08 - 10:44AM
1: Chapter 1

I liked this more than I expected to. Nicely done, and of course well-researched. :) And poignant.

The only jarring note for me was this:

"You saved my life," he is told. "Many times, and for that I am grateful. But if I discover you in her bed again, I will find a way to kill an angel."

The thing is, this was Louis XV. Absolute monarch, absolute privilege, no loyalty whatsoever. Displease him: it didn't matter who you were or what favours you may have done him in the past (those, after all, were his entitlement as king), you felt the full force of his anger. Banishment or death. And, since the Doctor was hardly important enough to merit a lettre de cachet, it would be death: either public execution or someone sent to murder him in the night, in a hunting accident, or on the street. Then he'd be left trying to explain regeneration to Reinette... ;)

Author's Response: I was going to throw in a line but it didn\'t fit somehow. Let us handwave fictionalisatoin?

2006.05.08 - 10:36AM
1: Chapter 1

Excellent research and history of the period!
It makes perfect sense that he could well have been there for many, many years. His non-ageing would have started to show – though they did move a lot so perhaps that was it.

I think taking her from the King would have caused a few ripples in the timeline, not just her living longer. It is interesting to see the Doctor have to bow to mere humans… must chafe something awful :)