Reviews For Soul's Shadow

2021.09.08 - 03:59AM
77: Chapter 76

The mystery is building and I'm so freaking curious. The scene in the saloon with the cowboys and the body disintegrating somehow for me reminds me of that show Westworld. It's like they're there in that world but something's off and it's not quite real. I know it sounds weird but I was wondering if Lucy's autism can kind of give her an advantage in certain situations in the sense that maybe she can perceive things differently with her senses than other humans or even the Doctor and the Master. I know you kind of mentioned it with the portal but maybe how she senses certain things could be a bit of a key to figuring out what's going on. Very cool.

Author's Response: *cough* That show might have sparked a bit of inspiration, yes. Although I haven't seen much of it yet xD