Reviews For Soul's Shadow

2021.07.24 - 09:43PM
71: Chapter 70

Wow. This chapter is awesome. I love the kid Miljak and I feel so sorry for him and everything he's gone through. I'd like to think that maybe he can stay hidden until his wings grow and then he can hide away. The words that he said, or wrote, were really sad like poetry and really added to how he felt.

For a minute there I was thinking that maybe the Master felt a tiny bit sad for killing everything with the Toclafane during the year but I'm not so sure. You can really feel the pain he's going through because of the drums. That part where he told the Doctor "Good" and saw the shocked look on his face was so perfectly creepy and kind of sad at the same time. You write the Master so amazingly. You really bring my favourite character to life and you really understand him. It's so amazing. I'm so happy that there's someone else out there that loves the Master as much as I do.

Author's Response: I like to imagine the Master sometimes remembers times from his past and he just can't run from it. And then it makes him hyper aware of some of the things he's doing. Which then makes him angry and even more cruel and chaotic to drown out the memories. And yes, gosh, I just love him so much, it's really unhealthy, lol