Reviews For Soul's Shadow

2020.12.28 - 06:56AM
38: Chapter 37

Merry Christmas. I hope you're doing okay too. I've been a little bit sad lately and your words of encouragement cheered me up a bit. Sorry I haven't read and reviewed your chapters sooner. I've been really busy with the holidays. It's a pleasant surprise to have so many chapters so catch up on.

I like how they're settling in a bit for a few days and really getting a feel for the time period. Something or someone really bad must be coming that the vikings are preparing for. I wonder what's going to happen.

Author's Response: Aaaaw, I'm glad my random ramblings cheered you up a bit. (Wish I could have that effect on myself, lol.) Eh, don't worry, it's always nice to read some comments afterwards. Keeps my mailbox not so empty. *chuckle* (Don't even know if you get to read those replies. It seems I never get a mail for answers to reviews, here on this site...)