Reviews For Soul's Shadow

2020.09.02 - 11:20PM
15: Chapter 15

Wow that was dark. I'm a bit surprised that Lucy actually did it. It's sad to think that she would make that decision and think that she had nothing worth living for. It's very much like the Master to have been watching her all along to see if she was actually going to do it. He almost seems to have a certain gentleness to him here that's a bit unexpected but nice. I wonder what's going to happen next. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Well... his "niceness" will have a price.😶

2020.08.26 - 01:03AM
14: Chapter 14

Wow, this is getting dark. I like dark stories though. I can't believe that while Lucy was gone no one thought to ask where she went and if she was okay. I can't believe she's gone a year without seeing the Doctor and the Master. I wonder if somehow the Master was behind it to push her over the edge.

Author's Response: Dark stories are great. xD And yeah... some people are just lonely like that...

2020.08.20 - 12:29AM
13: Chapter 13

Another great chapter. I liked when Lucy tried to talk to the Master when he was in pain with the drums. I wasn't expecting her to be so badly hurt to end up in the med bay but at least she was okay. I really liked the scenes with the three of them together. I hope she doesn't have to stay stuck on Earth for too long.

Author's Response: The Doctor's just overprotective of those poor fragile humans. xD (Falling on your head can knock you out quite badly, though X___x )

2020.07.31 - 01:50AM
11: Chapter 11

Ooh! Great chapter! I'm not surprised that Lucy would make that decision. Maybe it's not so dangerous if the Master really would reset everything so the planet would be okay. But I definitely don't trust him. Not for a minute. But that's what I love about the Master. You write him so well. I love the description you put into this chapter.

2020.07.21 - 12:42AM
10: Chapter 10

Aha! Now we know what the Master wants. I'm sure that Lucy will end up helping him get his hands on the TARDIS but I keep thinking that the Doctor might try to stop them before then.

2020.07.12 - 05:34PM
9: Chapter 9

Looks like they narrowly missed the Doctor in the TARDIS. I don't think that the Master is going to be able to hide Lucy for long before she's discovered.

2020.07.04 - 11:03PM
8: Chapter 8

Even though the Master can seem nice he's just as dangerous as ever if he's pushed too far. I guess that Lucy shouldn't underestimate him. It is good to see my favourite Time Lord again. I wonder where he's going to take her. I'm so curious.

Author's Response: Yes, he's so unpredictable. I love that about him. xD

2020.06.24 - 10:19PM
7: Chapter 7

I really liked this chapter. It added a little more backstory and personality to Lucy. I like how you mentioned her friends and where she lives. It's interesting to see a bit of a break from the Time Lords and to have her get back to normal life for a few weeks. I'm curious what Lucy's going to think now that the Master has turned up again. Great story. I love it!

2020.06.18 - 12:47AM
6: Chapter 6

I like the look of the medieval tavern and the aliens. Their drinks seem like they'd be really tasty. It's nice to see Lucy and the Doctor having a bit more of a serious conversation. They seem to get along really well together. I wonder what's going to happen when the Doctor takes her back.

2020.06.10 - 11:04PM
5: Chapter 5

The planet they're on sounds really cool. I love all the description. It's weird to think that you can get coffee all throughout the universe. I wonder what will happen next. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! <3 It's always fun to think of cool places. v

2020.06.04 - 11:42PM
4: Chapter 4

What an interesting way to meet the Doctor. I wonder where they are now. I have a feeling that the Master knows that Lucy was taken. He's probably going to go after them somehow. I love this story. Please keep writing! I look forward to every chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you! It's fun to write, so I guess there will be a few more chapters coming. :D

2020.05.30 - 08:43PM
3: Chapter 3

It looks like Lucy just got a taste of how volatile and unpredictable the Master can be. I can't believe that he's going to kill her after all of this. It almost seems like the Master might care about her a bit the more he gets to know her. It's interesting that we get to learn about the Doctor from the perspective of what the Master tells Lucy. I'm really enjoying this. I wonder what it'll be like when they meet the Doctor.

2020.05.30 - 03:21AM
2: Chapter 2

I like Lucy in this story. I usually don't read too many stories with original characters as the main character but this is really good. You've given her personality and made her really interesting. I love the Master in this. The two of them are a great combination. He's so creepy and unnerving. I'm curious what's going to happen next.

Author's Response: Yay, thank you! Glad you're liking it, so far. <3