Reviews For Soul's Shadow

2021.04.17 - 02:23AM
57: Chapter 56

Oh I'm so curious. It's like deja vu. Lucy knows the Doctor only it's like they haven't seen each other in a long time. I wonder if maybe she's dreaming this whole thing and she's going to wake up on the TARDIS. She needs an escape but most importantly she needs the Master. I've been so worried about him. I'm really glad that you put up another chapter so soon. This story is so good.

Author's Response: Thanks!!!! <3 Love me a good mystery. *g* It's really fun to write this.

2021.04.09 - 04:48AM
56: Chapter 55

Wait, what???!!! Wow. You really threw me a curveball here. Lucy can't be dreaming the entire story, can she? No way! I really didn't see that coming. I'm so shocked right now. That's amazing. That just came out of nowhere and yet it works. Huh. Okay. Well. I'm kind of hoping that she is actually still with the Doctor and the Master and that the Master is going to get better. This is going to be on my mind until you put the next chapter up. You're leaving me hanging. Oh I hope I don't have to wait too long. Wow.

2021.04.03 - 10:13PM
55: Chapter 54

AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH! No! The Master can't die! No! AH! Wow. You're really freaking me out right now. I hope that the Doctor can save him. If he dies I'm going to cry so much. I've got my fingers crossed that everything works out. That's the ultimate best and worst cliffhanger ever.

Author's Response: I'm afraid this is not the worst cliffhanger ever. ;D

2021.03.27 - 03:31AM
54: Chapter 53

That kiss with the Master definitely made things complicated for Lucy. It's nice to see that she had some downtime and just tried to relax in the TARDIS. I love the video game room. I think I would never leave and just spend all day playing video games. Ha ha. I'm getting concerned about Lucy though. It seems like she's actually starting to hear the drums somehow. I hope that nothing's wrong with the Master. I'm worried for both of them. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: The game room would just swallow me, lmao. Ah yeah, something weird is going on, for sure. ;)

2021.03.24 - 03:39AM
53: Chapter 52

So Lucy definitely heard the drums again. What a shock that was for the Master. I can see why he's so angry with the Doctor. The Doctor hasn't even bothered to listen to see if they are real. I wonder if Lucy will find a way to free the Master. Great chapter!

2021.03.13 - 03:28AM
52: Chapter 51

It's nice to see the three of them having fun for a change. It would be so much fun to be out in space like that. I can't believe how wrapped up in each other's minds Lucy and the Master got. For a minute there I was worried that they were going to be stuck like that. Finally Lucy got a really clear listen to the drums. I wonder what she's going to think. I still can't believe that the Doctor won't listen to them. Poor Master. I really feel for him. I'd hug him but he'd probably shove me or something. Ha ha. :)

Author's Response: He would probably eat you. :V To think about, that the Doctor could probably have prevented so much pain and chaos just by listening once...

2021.03.07 - 02:58AM
51: Chapter 50

Lucy's getting really attached to that egg. I hope it doesn't take a century or more to hatch. I can't wait to see what the dragon looks like. Of course the Master would throw her out into space. That's just like him. It's probably some way to get samples of the dust.

2021.02.19 - 04:29AM
49: Chapter 48

Looks like Lucy had a perfect danger-free afternoon with the Doctor. I'm glad that they got to spend some time together. Lucy always seems to be carrying that sadness with her deep down inside. I'd give her a hug if I could. I love how cheerful and bubbly the Doctor is. You did a great job of showing his awkward alien side too.

2021.02.13 - 04:19AM
48: Chapter 47

I'm very curious about the egg. I'm surprised that they found one after killing the dragon. I also wonder what Lucy's dream means. Lucy taking her clothes off in front of the Master would've been uncomfortable. I think anyone would probably feel that way. And it's so like him to make some kind of comment about it too. Ha ha. I know I keep saying it but I really love the two of them together. There's no one better than the Master. (Sorry Doctor. Ha ha)

Author's Response: The Master is just unbeatable in sexyness and coolness. Hehehehe. But the Doctor will get his spot in the story xD (He tries at least)

2021.02.03 - 05:28AM
46: Chapter 45

I'm so glad that Lucy isn't going to be left behind. It has me wondering though. If the Master used his life force to save her does that mean that if she is cut off from the Master that she'll die? It was nice to see the Master kind of admitting that he cares about Lucy. I like how he always stops himself from saying it outright. I also love how the Master is sitting on the throne. It's so much better because the Doctor doesn't want him to do it. It looks like the fun is only getting started. Great chapter.

2021.01.29 - 07:44AM
45: Chapter 44

Another great chapter. It really seemed like Lucy belonged with the Vikings at first but now I'm not so sure. Maybe she should go home to her own time again instead of being stranded in the past. The thought of maybe spending the rest of her life there not being able to see that great without contacts lenses in would be terrible. I really think that she belongs with the Master. The two of them are great together.

Author's Response: Being stranded anywhere is a horrible thought... but being stranded and sort of crippled is top notch scary. xDDD Well... let's see what the Master has to say... *giggles*

2021.01.26 - 06:20AM
44: Chapter 43

The action scenes were great. I'm kind of sad that they had to kill the dragon. Dragons are so awesome and this one seemed different. It almost seemed like it was trying to tell Lucy something important. I'm glad that Lucy and the Master and everyone is okay. I wonder what's going to happen next.

2021.01.09 - 10:35PM
42: Chapter 41

I'm glad that the Doctor is okay and disappointed that he won't listen to the Master's drums. It's like he still doesn't believe the Master that they're real. I wish that they wouldn't have kicked Lucy out of the TARDIS but now she can go and hunt the dragon. I wonder if she's going to stay with the vikings. Great chapter.

Author's Response: Who knows what might have happened to the two, had the Doctor listened earlier... I'm sure he knew about the drums before Utopia... And the whole rest afterwards... And yes! Dragon hunting! *hums Skyrim melody*

2021.01.05 - 05:28AM
41: Chapter 40

That dragon is awesome and terrifying at the same time. I really hope that the Doctor is going to be okay. Sometimes, well, most times, he doesn't think before he acts and just jumps in. Oh, I do read your replies to reviews in case you're wondering. I like reading what you have to say. :)

2020.12.28 - 07:13AM
40: Chapter 39

I love the detail you've put into all the of Viking stuff. I'm thinking there's probably going to be a dragon at some point. I like all the hints you've thrown in. That bit at the end was a nice surprise. Even though Lucy feels like she doesn't fit in she kind of does and just doesn't realize it yet. I wonder if she will stay with the Vikings.

Author's Response: UwU Thank you. This setting is close to my heart, somehow. I don't understand why, it just is. Well, let's see if your suspicions are right. :D