Reviews For Soul's Shadow

2021.07.24 - 09:43PM
71: Chapter 70

Wow. This chapter is awesome. I love the kid Miljak and I feel so sorry for him and everything he's gone through. I'd like to think that maybe he can stay hidden until his wings grow and then he can hide away. The words that he said, or wrote, were really sad like poetry and really added to how he felt.

For a minute there I was thinking that maybe the Master felt a tiny bit sad for killing everything with the Toclafane during the year but I'm not so sure. You can really feel the pain he's going through because of the drums. That part where he told the Doctor "Good" and saw the shocked look on his face was so perfectly creepy and kind of sad at the same time. You write the Master so amazingly. You really bring my favourite character to life and you really understand him. It's so amazing. I'm so happy that there's someone else out there that loves the Master as much as I do.

2021.07.21 - 02:32AM
70: Chapter 69

Poor Master. I feel so sorry for him. Just once I wish that the Doctor would believe that the drums were real. It must be so hard for the Master to pretend to behave like a good prisoner all the time. He needs his freedom.

Author's Response: Indeed, he needs his freedom. Otherwise he's just going to get.... ideas.

2021.07.06 - 04:08AM
68: Chapter 67

I really like the picture you drew. It gives me an even better mental image of what Lucy looks like for the story. I'm glad that Lucy's finally awake. Yay! I totally forgot that she had that egg in her pocket. I wonder when it's going to hatch. I never thought that that would've drained energy from her. I wonder what's going to happen now.

Author's Response: Thank you! UwU Hehe, yeah, teh egg plays a role here. I'm not sure yet myself when it will hatch... depending on what string of ideas I'm going to follow in the end...

2021.06.26 - 09:34PM
67: Chapter 66

Hmm... This is getting really interesting. Lucy woke up but she's having some kind of ghost-like out of body experience. I wasn't expecting that. Very clever. I really like this chapter because you have the Doctor and the Master talking to each other and it's interesting to see how they interact with each other when they think Lucy's not there. Well, she is there but you know what I mean. Hopefully the Master can help her wake up. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: That's the good thing about the DW universe. It gives you enough space for strange ideas like that. *giggle* I really wanted to have those two have a uh... private conversation. Glad you liked it :3

2021.06.20 - 03:32AM
66: Chapter 65

I'm so glad that Lucy finally got out of there. I had a feeling it was some kind of dream sequence. And it looks like she helped the Master wake up too. I'm very curious how everything is going to be explained in the next chapter.

2021.06.10 - 05:15AM
64: Chapter 63

It seems like more of the present is starting to peek through. Hopefully Lucy will be able to escape soon and wake up. Things are getting really weird but in a good and interesting way. I love it when everything is trippy. :)

Author's Response: Ohhhh, trippy might be the best word to describe this, hehehehe. Things are very close to unravelling. ;D

2021.06.06 - 05:52AM
63: Chapter 62

It's great to see Lucy fighting back now that the Master's hypnotism doesn't seem to be working anymore thanks to the TARDIS. Hopefully she can find a way to get out of there.

2021.05.20 - 03:39AM
61: Chapter 60

Wow. This chapter is really dark and intense. I've been worried about Lucy especially since she's still under the Master's hypnotism. Maybe now that the TARDIS seems to be helping she'll be able to turn things around and overpower the Master.

Author's Response: It might get even darker... *whistles*

2021.05.05 - 09:13PM
59: Chapter 58

Okay, I'm not quite sure what's going on but that's fine. I like twisty storylines and I'm sure it'll all be revealed soon. It's so creepy that the Master introduced himself like that. He's so intimidating. Wow! Lucy better run while she can before the Master does something.

2021.04.28 - 05:19AM
58: Chapter 57

I'm definitely starting to think that this has to be some kind of dream sequence. I love the part where Lucy connects with the TARDIS. It seems so wonderful and magical. I like how the Doctor feels familiar and yet distanced at the same time if they don't exactly know each other right now. I'm so happy you posted another chapter. You cheered me up. :)

Author's Response: Glad to know I can cheer you with this >w<

2021.04.17 - 02:23AM
57: Chapter 56

Oh I'm so curious. It's like deja vu. Lucy knows the Doctor only it's like they haven't seen each other in a long time. I wonder if maybe she's dreaming this whole thing and she's going to wake up on the TARDIS. She needs an escape but most importantly she needs the Master. I've been so worried about him. I'm really glad that you put up another chapter so soon. This story is so good.

Author's Response: Thanks!!!! <3 Love me a good mystery. *g* It's really fun to write this.

2021.04.09 - 04:48AM
56: Chapter 55

Wait, what???!!! Wow. You really threw me a curveball here. Lucy can't be dreaming the entire story, can she? No way! I really didn't see that coming. I'm so shocked right now. That's amazing. That just came out of nowhere and yet it works. Huh. Okay. Well. I'm kind of hoping that she is actually still with the Doctor and the Master and that the Master is going to get better. This is going to be on my mind until you put the next chapter up. You're leaving me hanging. Oh I hope I don't have to wait too long. Wow.

2021.04.03 - 10:13PM
55: Chapter 54

AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH! No! The Master can't die! No! AH! Wow. You're really freaking me out right now. I hope that the Doctor can save him. If he dies I'm going to cry so much. I've got my fingers crossed that everything works out. That's the ultimate best and worst cliffhanger ever.

Author's Response: I'm afraid this is not the worst cliffhanger ever. ;D

2021.03.27 - 03:31AM
54: Chapter 53

That kiss with the Master definitely made things complicated for Lucy. It's nice to see that she had some downtime and just tried to relax in the TARDIS. I love the video game room. I think I would never leave and just spend all day playing video games. Ha ha. I'm getting concerned about Lucy though. It seems like she's actually starting to hear the drums somehow. I hope that nothing's wrong with the Master. I'm worried for both of them. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: The game room would just swallow me, lmao. Ah yeah, something weird is going on, for sure. ;)

2021.03.24 - 03:39AM
53: Chapter 52

So Lucy definitely heard the drums again. What a shock that was for the Master. I can see why he's so angry with the Doctor. The Doctor hasn't even bothered to listen to see if they are real. I wonder if Lucy will find a way to free the Master. Great chapter!