Reviews For Dino Dining

2020.05.02 - 06:54PM
1: Chapter 1

Makes sense, considering chickens are descended from dinosaurs...

Author's Response: Indeed, that's one of the reasons I used that line, the other being that everything tastes like chicken! Thank you!

2020.04.17 - 09:42PM
1: Chapter 1

It's very interesting to hear about Jack's Time Agency days. I'm thinking that barbequed dinosaur would probably taste pretty good. I love how every different meat always tastes like chicken. Sometimes you never know when to take Jack seriously with half of the stuff he's said. Ha ha. As weird as it is it has to be true. Great story!

Author's Response: Jack has long since discovered that he can tell the absolute truth and nobody will believe him. It saves remembering what lies he told to whom ;) he's done so many unbelievable things. Yep, barbecued dinosaur is yummy, as long as you pick the right kind. The little ones are under-ripe ;) 'Tastes like chicken' is one of the oldest joke in the world! Thank you, glad you liked it!