Reviews For Unseen

2021.09.15 - 01:09AM
26: Chapter 26

I keep asking myself: how are they ever going to get out of this one...
Great chapter! Utterly frustrating! LOL

Author's Response: Well even though I haven't finished writing the story yet I did finish that part. There's a few chapters to go before things change and I'm hoping it'll be something that no one will expect. I wish I could say more, I really do, but I don't want to give anything away. Thanks for hanging in there even though it's frustrating. LOL. And thanks for reviewing!

2021.09.15 - 12:34AM
26: Chapter 26

Jack fighting to the bitter end to save his friends from even more pain...hope he doesn't find Rose because with his current state of mind, it cannot end well for either of them...loved the push back from the TARDIS and wonder if she is strong enough to save them all...thanks for update.

Author's Response: If Jack finding Rose goes similar to how Jack had to find the Doctor hours earlier in the story it's definitely not going to be good. Rose is going to have a real fight on her hands but she's strong and resourceful. The TARDIS knows that Zoren isn't the Doctor and she's not happy. She wants the Doctor back as much as Rose and Jack do and she might put up a fight to stop Zoren. There's more with the TARDIS later on that I hope you like. Thanks for reading. Every review cheers me up and inspires me to keep writing.

2021.08.29 - 05:52PM
25: Chapter 25

Rose is good at seeing the big picture and not just reacting to what is happening at that moment...hopefully she keeps her guard up and is able to protect herself and those she loves...thanks for posting.

Author's Response: Rose is good at thinking ahead and preparing for what could happen next. There are so many decisions she could have made but in this case she made the right one by running off. She's clever enough to think herself out of a jam too. Thanks for reading and reviewing. :)

2021.08.23 - 02:48AM
25: Chapter 25

Ugggghhh... at least Rose knows now that Zoren has been inhabiting the Doctor. What a horrible situation for her to be in, trapped between a rock and a hard place.
A great (deeply frustrating! LOL) chapter!

Author's Response: It's a good thing that Rose realized that Zoren was inhabiting the Doctor before she released him otherwise that would've been a lot worse. Right now it's up to her not to get caught. She's on her own but Rose is usually good at handling things under pressure. Thanks for reading!

2021.08.03 - 04:56AM
24: Chapter 24

The intensity just keeps ramping up, chapter to chapter! Our poor babies having to endure all of this. I keep trying to figure out how they are going to get out of this, but I fail every time. Not to mention that I just know you have a goodly number of evil plot twists to torture them with.
Excellent (unnerving!!!) couple of chapters!

Author's Response: Everything is going from bad to worse. I've worked out an outline of jot notes for the last few chapters so I have a good idea of how it's going to end. There are lots of interesting twists ahead and it's going to get even more intense before the story is finished. I can't wait until you can read what happens later on. Thanks for reading and reviewing. It's nice to hear from you.

2021.07.24 - 09:42PM
24: Chapter 24

Thank you for updating so predictively. There seem to be so many stories that just disappear. I've gotten very confident over the years that yours won't be one of them. And, I really do appreciate that.

Author's Response: Thank you! I do try very hard to get a new chapter up every 3 weeks. I used to have so much more time for writing years ago. I used to be able to put up one chapter a week but not now. Real life is too busy to do more. I always feel horribly guilty for not writing faster but I promise that I will not let a story go unfinished. There are too many good stories on here that get abandoned and I hate that. Thanks for reading.

2021.07.24 - 08:44PM
24: Chapter 24

An insightful look into those Doctor (Time Lord) superior differences...had hoped to see them closer to victory and recovery...anxious to see if Jack's awareness will spare he and Rose or place them in danger's path again.

Author's Response: I thought it would be interesting to write the differences between the species when Zoren inhabits someone. Unfortunately between Jack's wrongness and the Doctor's time sense it's going to be hard for Zoren to get used to being in the Time Lord's body. There's quite a bit of the story left yet. I think it might be about 30 or 33 chapters long by the time it's finished so there's a lot left to happen yet. Jack was able to warn Rose and she knows it's not safe to stick around. She's going to come up with a few ideas in the next chapter that might help. There are plenty of surprises left and, while I can't say too much, things will get better later. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

2021.07.02 - 09:23PM
23: Chapter 23 that is the stuff of nightmares...sanity hangig by a thread...good thing he has someone worth fighting for.

Author's Response: The Doctor will never give up hope and quit fighting. As bad as it seems now things will change later on. He has Jack and Rose fighting for him and they won't stop until they save him. There's so much I wish I could say but I don't want to give anything away. I'm just happy that you've been reading my story. Reviews put a smile on my face and inspire me to keep writing. And there are a lot more chapters to come. The story still has a lot of twists and turns left that I can't wait for you to read. Thanks for the review!

2021.07.02 - 07:38AM
23: Chapter 23

That was very not good :( The poor Doctor, and f Zoren truly has got the location of the TARDIS - poor everyone else as well!

Author's Response: Everything is going to start getting really intense now. I've been writing ahead a bit and there's so much that I can't wait to reveal. Things are going to go from bad to worse and it's going to take everything Rose, Jack and the Doctor have to fight back. Thanks for reading!

2021.07.02 - 12:56AM
23: Chapter 23

Yes, you definitely do "dark" very well.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :)

2021.06.11 - 11:18AM
22: Chapter 22

I can't help but feel we're all being lulled into a false sense of security!!! Hopefully the Doctor will at least have an opportunity for some rest - he desperately needs it.

Author's Response: When all of this is over the Doctor, Rose and Jack will probably want to sleep for a month. They're going to be so worn out by the end of the story. I have lots more twists and surprises planned, especially in the next chapter. I wish I could say more but I don't want to give anything away. Thanks for reading!

2021.06.11 - 06:20AM
22: Chapter 22

Gaaaahhhh! This story has me on the edge of my seat every chapter.
Zoren must still be lurking somewhere, but where? Still manipulating the Doctor's perception, no doubt, taking on a different strategy, allowing the poor Doctor some respite, hoping he'll relax his guard and reveal the location of the TARDIS.

Author's Response: I'm really glad that you're enjoying my story. That makes me incredibly happy. Zoren is always lurking somewhere unseen. You definitely can't let your guard down and think that everything's fine. Zoren could be anywhere and Rose, Jack and the Doctor wouldn't know it. I like to leave that little nagging uneasiness in the story. You'll find out in the next chapter what he's been up to and what he plans on doing next. It should be surprising. Thanks for the review!

2021.06.10 - 03:49PM
22: Chapter 22

Is it too much to hope for that they are getting closer to escaping the pain and many times I wonder if it would be better to regenerate and regain his strength to defeat his enemy...a bit of hope there at the end, but was it real?

Author's Response: It would be a good idea to regenerate if the Doctor could still do that. In the previous story as part of Davros's experiment to save his wife T'Rin from dying he cut out the part of the Doctor's brain responsible for regenerating with the hope that he could give it and the Doctor's regeneration energy to T'Rin to save her life. Even if the Doctor wanted to regenerate he couldn't. He's on his last life. We'll find out if the Doctor waking up was real or not in the next chapter. It won't stay gloomy and hopeless forever, I promise you that. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

2021.05.16 - 03:13AM
21: Chapter 21

Gah, the poor Doctor! :'( I hope he finds someway to fight back, to manipulate his environment. It all seems so terribly hopeless, though.

Author's Response: It's all looking hopeless and grim right now. For the next few chapters it's going to get a lot darker. I have some twists planned for the next few chapters that should make things interesting. I think one of the worst things for the Doctor right now is that he's all alone and cut off from Jack and Rose. When he was in the alternate universe going through everything for real the first time he at least got to see Rose occasionally. To see her and know that she was still alive really helped. Now the Doctor has no clue what's going on in the real world and not knowing is only adding to his stress and anxiety. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

2021.05.15 - 06:47PM
21: Chapter 21

Hoping the Doctor keeps his sanity long enough to manipulate those memories and escape...reading of the torture this second go around (even if altered somewhat) hurt just as much if not more than the first (actual event).

Author's Response: With all of those memories still fresh in the Doctor's mind and the fact that he still hasn't recovered from what's happened to him or Rose yet being trapped on the Astronomer a second time is probably the worst thing that could've happened to him. Things are probably going to get worse before they get better in the next few chapters but they will get better. I already know how it's going to end and I don't plan on it having a depressing ending. Thanks for the review!