2020.03.08 - 05:53PM
1: Chapter 1

I love it when Jack and Ianto travel with the Doctor. I always have to chuckle when the Doctor gets sidetracked going to other places instead of where he'd planned on going. I wasn't expecting Ianto to get all of those suits and I love the bit at the end about the King of Coffee. That was cute.

Author's Response: It was supposed to be just one replacement suit, but you know how artistic people are. Zarlie got the bit between their teeth and just insisted that one was not enough for such an esteemed royal personage, fourteen would be much better, then he'd have suitable attire for every occasion. I imagine Ianto is going to find all kinds of innovations when he gets to wear his new suits. Secret pockets, detachable sleeves, self-heating and cooling fabric... As for the Doctor, he never travels in a straight line. To him, the shortest distance between two points is to go halfway around the universe and back again. Thank you!