Reviews For Revery of Madness

2020.03.07 - 06:58AM
4: I - Barriers

Ah ha! River makes an entrance. I wonder if, in her timeline, she knows Roka and the Master yet? I really enjoyed the beginning scene with how close the Master and Roka were getting. Very intense scene. I was so hoping for a kiss, but I guess I'll have to wait.
Great chapter. Well done.

2020.03.07 - 06:58AM
3: I - Dreams and memories

That kid sounds quite creepy. I wonder what's controlling him and why he seems intent on killing Roka?
Loved the cuddle scene, though I just about wanted to throttle Roka for stopping it so soon. Come on - it's the Master :D I certainly wouldn't have stopped him ;)
Great chapter. Well done!

2020.02.14 - 03:19PM
2: I - Running together

*reaches for the pompoms* Whoop whoop! They're snuggling. I completely loved the buildup to the moment and how both their hearts were racing. At least now they're both willing to push past the boundaries and admit (even if it is with actions rather than words) that they want to be together.
Fantastic chapter. Well done.

2020.02.14 - 02:51PM
1: Prologue

Ooh. I was super excited to see that you had started another story - and it's a continuation of the Master and Roka! Yay!
Can't wait to read the next update :D