Reviews For "I Promise...."

2020.03.24 - 01:56AM
1: "I Promise..."

Tease! Now I'll have to learn how to navigate AO3!

Author's Response: LOL! I do not post a lot on Tsp anymore if I have a lot of dialogue. I keep getting the 'e-mail of fix-it'! Yes, I agree with you that the popularity of Doctor Who is on the decline. I really have no interest in the 13th Doctor. Not trying to sound sexist but I grew up with a male Doctor and that is my preference. David Tennant really boosted the popularity of the show. A pretty Doctor, lol.

Author's Response: Well, I went off comment there, lol! The sequel is "Best Valentines Day Ever" on AO3. I might post it to Tsp if I go over all the dialogue punctuation, lol.

2020.02.11 - 05:37PM
1: "I Promise..."

Iím going to look you up on AO3, I want to read more of your stories!!
This little Fic lumped me up big time....I want more!!!

Author's Response: Oh my, thank so so much for your enthusiasm and following me! I really appreciate that; sometimes I feel my stories are lacking (we are our own worst critics) but comments like yours keep me going! You made my day :>)).