2021.06.10 - 05:54AM
3: What's in a Vacation?

Too cute! I always knew the Doctor would be p-whipped!

2021.06.09 - 12:43PM
3: What's in a Vacation?

Lovely Fluff I enjoyed!

2021.06.09 - 02:11AM
3: What's in a Vacation?

Soooo... where have these adorable stories been all my life?? ❤❤❤

Author's Response: Originally on AO3 and I have been slowly moving them over here. I am glad you are enjoying them! 😊This one I finished on Sunday and posted it to Tsp this evening.

2020.09.07 - 07:01AM
2: Togetherness

Enjoyed these short stories!

Author's Response: Thank you! I will have more...

2020.02.06 - 12:05AM
1: Who Knew?

This is precious, thanks!!! What a surprise for our Doctor!!

Author's Response: Your welcome! Thank you for reading! ;>))