Reviews For Packing a Punch

2020.06.15 - 12:30AM
32: Chapter 32

What a lovely, if bittersweet, end to this tale. The Doctor and Rose's relationship is so beautiful and it was such a joy to see the Doctor happy. He and Rose are perfect together and will get to explore the universe, right wrongs, and do a lot of running.

I didn't expect Handy's amendment to his contract. The plaque dedicated to the Doctor and Rose was so sweet. Travin and Handy's lives have done a complete 180 since meeting them. The Doctor truly did live up to his name as he made both of these men better.

It was nice to see the that Doctor and Rose visited the lads regularly. I was happy for Travin finding love and Handy being a successful artist.

The ending brought tears to my eyes, but it was absolutely perfect! I will miss reading new chapters of this tale. I'll especially miss Travin and Handy. I'm a big fan of the Sims and play it all the time. I've got my Doctor and Rose Sims and think I'll make Travin and Handy to add to the game. I even have a house that would be perfect for them, with a cute guest room for a certain Time Lord and his bond mate!

Thank you so much for crafting this wonderful tale. I'm looking forward to seeing what new ideas you come up with for our intrepid pair. I also hope you are staying healthy and safe and life is returning to normal, or as close to normal as possible. We are going "Green" on Friday and I'm looking forward to it. Hang in there and take care! ^_^

Author's Response: Gosh, Iím thrilled youíve followed this story and that you liked the ending. But even more that you and your hubby are still safe. I have to admit I was sorry to see this one end too. Thank you Darliní for all your comments. Iím starting another story of course so maybe when itís ready itíll attract your interest. In the meantime take care and stay safe!

2020.06.13 - 03:55PM
32: Chapter 32

Nooooo it canít be over!!
Such a lovely wrap up, such happiness for our Travin and Handy. They are going to have a terrific future thanks to Rose and The Doctor.
And what a fantastic future is ahead for our babies!! This has been such an action packed story, very suspenseful, very scary at times. But always, no matter what, there is love and devotion. And.....hotness galore!!!
I will miss this story very much. Take care and stay safe. Thanks for the great fun of reading this!!!

Author's Response: Thank YOU for all your lovely comments and for coming along for the ride. I am so pleased you enjoyed this story. We live in troubled times so take care and stay safe!

2020.06.09 - 12:03AM
31: Chapter 31

The Doctor's dinner had me salivating! Should I be this hungry at midnight?

That's some incredible amount of money Handy got for his paintings. I don't blame him for fainting. Now, it's Travin's turn for good news. Between his new job working for the tailor and Handy selling his paintings, they won't have to worry about money anymore.

I think Rose was right in making the lads wait for the Doctor's biggest surprise. All that good news was so overwhelming for them; they need time to relax a bit.

When everything went dark and quiet in the library, I thought for sure there was another intruder in the TARDIS and was worried about what they were going to do to Rose.

Sneaky Doctor! He knew just what to do to trn Rose on. Incredibly hot doesn't even begin to describe the action between the two. If that was only the snack, what is the full meal going to be like? The weather might be getting warmer, but this chapter turned up the heat to boiling proportions. I've got the fan on full-blast!

This was a wonderful chapter that started out with such joy and ended up in steamy, sexy fun! I really can't wait to read the next installment.

As always, thanks for posting this story. I hope things are going well for you. Stay safe and healthy! ^_^

Author's Response: Yippee! I enjoyed these comments because this chapter had the Doctor learning from Rose about the joys of following through with the lads and the Doctor teaching her their intimate relationship would never give in to expediency! Only one more chapter, to be posted tonight, and this story Comes to an end. Thanks for following it. Stay safe!

2020.06.08 - 09:55PM
30: Chapter 30

Rose must be exhausted if she didn't want to wake up to hear the Doctor's name and enjoy the sexy fun to go with it!

ďIím gonna kill ya,Ē she moaned.

ďDonít be silly Rose. You canít kill your bond mate!

Sometimes the Doctor is so literal, it cracks me up.

I love your description of the Doctor's name; especially the three different notes of the sound. Just beautiful!

Aw, the Doctor is so happy about having his forever with Rose. Though he is still concerned about Travin, Handy and even Ohila. And she obviously wasn't trying to do the Doctor harm, she was just concerned about that the Doctor had been compromised.

What exciting news about the TARDIS! With Rose able to have children with the Doctor, I can picture a Time Tot and baby TARDIS, growing and learning together.

What a wonderful things the Doctor did for Travin and Handy! I have a feeling the lads will be overjoyed. I got a kick out of him telling Rose all she did while he was asleep.

Poor Rose, she just wants some alone time with her Doctor. He's too funny with his responses. But, I bet that once everything is taken care of, he will more than fulfill her every wish.

Thanks for another great update! I'm so behind on reviewing. I'm sorry! I hope you're doing well and staying safe and healthy! ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks Sweetie for this review! I was happy to read your comments and get your reaction because then I know my story is sparking some reaction. Plus letís be honest, when you hear from someone in a pandemic itís a good thing no matter what they say!

2020.06.06 - 08:35PM
31: Chapter 31

Those guys are so fortunate to have met Rise and the Doctor!!! Their lives will be so bountiful now, Iím so happy for them.
Man for a minute I got scared of another intruder when the Doctor was sneaking up behind Rose in the dark!! And then....oh hot I need a cold shower!!! That was very very yummy for sure. Girl you can write smut!!!!
Another fantastic chapter!!!

Author's Response: I liked Handy and Travin too! Really got into writing their story. As for the smut, well the Doctor was giving his version of what Rose wanted. He always puts a twist on things but glad you liked it. One more chapter and this story is a wrap. Thank you so much for your reaction throughout. It has been much appreciated!

2020.06.03 - 04:18AM
29: Chapter 29

Travin and Handy are so incredily loyal to Rose. They know that, even as Bad Wolf, she would never harm them. I really love these two! I'll miss them when this story ends. They need their own fan fiction!

I don't blame the Doctor for fearing how repairing an altered time line could cause him to lose Rose. Hopefully, she will be able to help him make the right decision.

Oh no! Rose's dream! That was my worst fear. Even after all this time, I still haven't fully recovered from Doomsday.

On the positive side, the TARDIS really loves Rose and I'm so happy that she granted her wishes. The Doctor also has a solution to the time line dilemma. The best part is that they will get their forever.

Author's Response: Oh terrific, Iím glad you liked this chapter and I agree about Handy and Travin and wasnít fair! Still makes me a basket case. Thanks so much Luv for sharing your reaction with me. The next chapter is posted for you. Weíre drawing to a close as this story has 32 chapters and theyíre done!

2020.06.01 - 02:35AM
30: Chapter 30

Loved your "name giving". I think it's the best one I've read, such dignity. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you for commenting! Iím glad you liked my twist on it and I appreciate the feedback.

2020.05.27 - 04:05PM
29: Chapter 29

Love the conversation he had with TARDIS, you explain things brilliantly. It all makes perfect sense and I am thrilled at the prospect of their forever filled with little Timelords and Ladies. Great imagination on your part.
It seems like you are nearing the end of this story.....I donít want you to go.....
Excellent update dear.

Author's Response: Oh my, such lovely comments. Youíre very kind. For my part Iím just happy youíre enjoying this one. Thereís two more chapters and then Iíll flesh out a new story. Thank very much!

2020.05.26 - 04:27AM
28: Chapter 28

Ohila! I didn't think of her. I also thought it was River Song. I'm in agreement with the other reviewers, she was tolerable in the Library two-parter, but that was about it .

Ohila better be careful, she alrady has the Doctor's bond mate angry with her, I doubt she also needs to feel the Doctor's wrath. I don't believe her about not using his true name to harm him.

The Doctor's telepathic connection to Rose/Bad Wolf indicates that she's done something monumental to ensure their future together. I wonder about what changes she made to the time line?

I'm so relieved that Rose was able to use the power to heal herself. That's got to be a huge weight off the Doctor's shoulders. Travin and Handy being introduced as the Doctor's friends had me chuffed as well.

The Doctor could go on talking for hours, especially with Travin and Handy to hang onto every world. But, Rose needs to get him back on track. She gave me a good laugh with her comments when he was telling her about the Sisterhood.

Ohila is on thin ice with the Doctor as it is, so she really shouldn't make snide comments about Rose. She's better hope he doesn't go all Oncoming Storm on her!

I wish Ohila would just get to the point and stop talking in riddles. Maybe Rose feels the same way because she's back in Bad Wolf mode again.

I loved how this chapter ended. Not your typical cliffhanger in that I chuckled at Ohila's reaction to Bad Wolf. I can't wait to see what Bad Wolf does next.

Please stay safe and healthy. Take care! ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks so much Luv. I appreciate your comments so much and the effort you put into them. The next chapter goes up later today so you donít have long to wait. I hope you and your family stay safe too!

2020.05.25 - 03:50AM
27: Chapter 27

I feel sorry for Rose, being telepathically connected has its downsides, like when you can't sense your bond mate and have no idea whether he's dead or alive.

Looks like Handy is down for the count, I hope he's going to be okay. The Doctor is also alive, but what is that woman doing to him with the shimmer?

Wow! Rose is in a "take no prisoners" mood! The stowaway is messing with the wrong person. She might think she has the upper hand, attacking her with the shimmer but has gymnastic skills that she can use to her advantage. Travin showed some skills of his own, managing to catch the shimmer and smashing it.

Yikes! That was some strong shove the intruder gave Rose. Travin was so gentle with her. But, this looks like a bad head injury.

The Doctor's brief connection to Rose revealed that she will die without immediate care. That was all the intruder needed to attack his shields again and demand that he reveal his name. The nasty creature dispatched Travin and Handy with ease. This doesn't look good!

The Doctor has a real dilemma on his hands. He needs to save Rose's life but in order to do that, he has to give his name, and freedom, to the stowaway.

Rose reached out to the TARDIS and... Bad Wolf to the rescue! The intruder says they want to preserve the Doctor's timeline. But, Bad Wolf knows that the intruder wants to preserve the time line of total destruction.

The Doctor's figured out who the intruder is. Gotta wait until the next chapter to find out! This chapter was a fun, intense ride. I read it twice because it was just that good!

I swore I wasn't going to work on that stupid site, but I just can't help myself! My friend paid 5K for that site, proving P.T. Barnum right! I hope you had a nice weekend. Please stay healthy and safe! ^_^

Author's Response: Loved your comments! This chapter was a Ďblow by blowí kind of chapter which I find challenging to write so thanks for appreciating it. People who can fix websites are modern day magicians as far as I am concerned! You too, stay safe!

2020.05.24 - 11:15PM
28: Chapter 28

Ohila was a huge surprise!!! And I agree about River, sorry River, but I never cared for her and didnít think she was right for the Doctor at all. Sorry I digress..
Whatís up with his timeline??? Iím not sure I trust her and apparently Rose doesnít cos she has gone all Bad Wolf again. Such a great mystery going on and I canít even figure it out!! Another great chapter!!!!

Author's Response: I luv that this mystery has you interested! Thanks so much for commenting which really is encouraging to me. Getting your reactions is really appreciated. Stay safe! By the way, I feel exactly the same about River Song as you do.

2020.05.24 - 04:17AM
26: Chapter 26

Please forgive me for taking so long to review. I've been helping a friend fix his website and what I thought would take a day or two has taken over a week (who builds a website totally from images???). I'm taking a break for the Memorial Day weekend and finally getting to read and review my current favorite story.

Itís a good thing that the Doctor and Rose can communicate telepathically, just in case the intruder is listening via an old console. It makes it that much harder for Handy and Travin to know whatís going on.

Lucky Rose, getting to watch the Doctor, wearing his sexy brainy specs while he attempts to repair the transmitter. Though, the Doctor is right that they shouldnít get distracted, even though it is his fault for tempting his bride with his glasses. Iím looking forward to the sexy fun they will have once this is all over.

The Doctor is always so much more cautious when heís responsible for others, but not so much when heís alone. Itís no surprise that Rose would be worried about that. Thatís why they need to stay together, plus they are at their best working as a team.

Speaking of teams, Travin and Handy are a great asset to the TARDIS. They are so loyal to the Doctor; know he can be trusted and will do anything to help him, and Rose. Separating into two groups is a smart move, even if the Doctor is reluctant to do so.

Everything seems to be going well. But, this is the Doctor and Rose and something is bound to go wrong. Which it does. The Doctor's connection has been broken! Rose and Handy to the rescue!

Lots of good stuff this chapter. The cliffhanger is leaving me guessing. But,I'm sure I'll have answers to some of my questions in the next two chapters which I'll read and review tomorrow (or later today, it's just past midnight). I hope you're doing well and that things are looking better. Our county went to Yellow Phase yesterday, which is one step closer to green. Whee! ^_^

Author's Response: No need to worry although with all thatís going on I kept hoping you didnít get sick! Whew, there you were fixing someoneís website. I find thatís so impressive. I loved your comments and insights. Thank you so much for reviewing. Take care!

2020.05.22 - 03:08AM
28: Chapter 28

I hate to admit that I thought it was River Song, whom I didn't mind in The Library, but would have been happy if Moffit had left her there. So, very clever to have brought The Sisters of Karn into this story. They are obviously a match for any Doctor.

Author's Response: I agree with you about River Song and Iím glad Ohila was a surprise! Terrific to get your comments which I enjoyed. Thanks so much!

2020.05.19 - 12:37AM
27: Chapter 27

What a highly suspenseful chapter!! Oh my goodness I was worried about our babies. So the Doctor knows her? Trying to preserve his timeline??? What the heck!! Iím on the edge of my seat again, you are truly the master of suspense!!!

Author's Response: What a terrific compliment that youíre intrigued with this surprise. Iím so pleased. Thanks for making my day Luv!

2020.05.18 - 04:20AM
27: Chapter 27

She's not my favorite charctor, but certainly makes since here.

Author's Response: Thanks LuckyBuzzie...for following this story and commenting. Sheís not mine either but why is she doing it...please stay tuned!