2020.01.07 - 08:25PM
5: Chapter 5

I'm so happy that the Doctor finally has a telepathic connection again, especially as it's with Rose. Even though he knows that one day lose her, their love will last forever. The power and strength of Rose's love for him is amazing.

Cupping her face he smiled and asked, What if I regenerate and Im ugly Rose? Will you still want me then?

You better not regenerate, Rose purred, youre kinda foxy, this you, but if you must and ya turn out ugly, Ill just look in your eyes. Ill know youre there and Ill still love you.

Aw... She'll always love him, no matter what he looks like.

I had to laugh a bit when the Doctor asked Rose if they could have marital relations now. He sounded pretty much like a typical guy right then!

Their wedding night was intensely hot! I bet it was hot enough to melt the snow we had today. Your descriptions were so vivid and imaginative.

Rose knows the the Doctor's real name? That's a shocker! Once he recovers from the mind-blowing sex, I'm sure he'll find out. But, for now he's content to be in her arms. Until the banana bread calls to him.

Rose knowing the Doctor's name was a memory due to her swallowing the vortex and seeing all of time. What she had the TARDIS do so that she could be with the Doctor forever was truly an amazing act of love.

Author's Response: Thanks so much hon! That was my first time writing a Christmas story with these two. Im glad you enjoyed it. I am working on a new story but wont be posting for two weeks. Best of the new year to you!

2020.01.05 - 08:52PM
4: Chapter 4

I think the Doctor wants to wait to kiss Rose until after their minds are connected. He's quite lucky there is no mistletoe because, as Rose said, he'd be breaking the rules if they were standing under it and he didn't kiss her.

Why do you care if I love you or not Doctor? Rose asked.

His liquid brown eyes were sincere when he said, I like being loved by someone Rose. It makes me feel special...worthy.

I love the Doctor's honesty. It's a nice change from the flippancy he often uses to mask his feelings. I think Rose brings out the best in him.

The grotto sounds really beautiful and relaxing. The Doctor hoping to one day bring his mate there (but...) made me tear up a bit. But, now he's got someone to share this very, special place with.

The Doctor is adorable with how shy he can be about Rose seeing his body. Rose sure doesn't seem shy, though. She also quite obviously enjoys the Doctor's physical assets!

The swim was very sexy and, not to mention, silver! How can something that takes place in cool water, make me feel so hot?

Poor Doctor, so many years without a telepathic connection to someone nearly driving him insane. Rose is offering him the greatest possible gift. Her knowing that she will always live on in his hearts and realizing it's a memory is very intriguing.

The Doctor accepting her gift and deciding that when she's gone, he will go too, is pure love. Telepathically connecting to each other will have them sharing all their love, and themselves. A perfect union!

I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter and am happy to see another one posted, which I probably won't able to review until tomorrow. I also see that it's the last chapter, so I will relish in reading it.

I hope your new year went well. As always, thanks for sharing your stories with us! ^_^

Author's Response: Thank you and Happy New Year! Your comments on this chapter were lovely and based on them I think youll enjoy the last chapter too. Thanks for making my day and all the best!

2019.12.30 - 01:34AM
3: Chapter 3

I hope you had wonderful Christmas!

The Doctor might think he's doing a good job at hiding his sadness from Rose, but she knows him too well. It's such a shame that he just can't let himself love. I've said it before: He always worries about being left behind. Yet, he could be the one doing the leaving. He's not immortal! With the dangerous life which he leads, he could be killed as easily as Rose could.

Rose's gift to him shows just how much she loves him. In fact, she loves him so much that she doesn't want to put any pressure on him to love her back. She's also grown since she first met him, too. She understands a lot more about how telepathy works and no longer fears it the way she used to.

Baking cookies should definitely help the Doctor make the decision about telepathy with Rose. With his love of sweets, it certainly can't hurt! I like his revised gingerbread recipe, it sounds yummy. Coffee with Irish whiskey is always delicious (Kahlua is also good!). As for fruitcake, I think the Doctor is definitely in the majority regarding his feelings for it; banana bread sounds much more appetizing.

Looks like the Rose found out how Jackie won the cruise. Of course, the Doctor rigged it. Still, it all worked out fine. Jackie got a much-needed vacation and the Doctor got Rose all too himself. Win-Win! Especially as it led to this:

The Doctor looked up at her and nodded and he didnt move when Rose slowly bent at the waist and put her lovely lips on his. Her lips felt plump and warm and she even held his cheeks in her hands. The Doctor thought it was most excellent.

Most excellent, indeed!

I'm loving this story. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I'm always sad when the season ends. Your story will let me enjoy it longer and that makes me so happy! Thank you! Happy New Year! I hope 2020 brings you joy and happiness! ^_^

Author's Response: Was thrilled to see youd posted and are enjoying this story. Thank you for your Christmas Wishes and I hope you and your family had a safe, and happy one too. Ill post Chap. 4 later today. My best to you for a Happy New Year!

2019.12.22 - 08:27PM
2: Chapter 2

It's a very good thing that the TARDIS took pity on Rose. Poor girl probably would have kept on looking for the Doctor until she passed out from either hunger, exhaustion or both.

Your description of the arboretum was gorgeous! It sounds like such a beautiful, and peaceful, place.

Aw, the poor Doctor and his sad eyes. He really was upset that he though Rose didn't want to spend Christmas with him. I'm glad Rose was able to make him feel better and let him know just how much he means to her.

Letting the Doctor decide what to do for Christmas was a great idea. I love that he wants to share his garden with Rose. And that garden! I thought the arboretum was beautiful, but this little slice of Gallifrey took my breath away! Then, there is the flower he created for his pink and yellow girl. The Doctor can be so romantic when he wants to be. He truly adores his Rose.

I love what Rose said at the end of the chapter, especially this:

They are a memory of you that I will hold in my heart all my life. So I do not take your gifts lightly when I say the gift I cherish the most is every minute I spend with you.

Thank you for this lovely chapter; it's filled me with Christmas cheer and smiles. Merry Christmas! I hope you have a fantastic holiday! ^_^

Author's Response: Ohh, thank you Sweetie for the lovely comments. I so appreciate them. Merry Christmas to you and my best wishes! Will post again on the 26th.

2019.12.18 - 01:21AM
1: Chapter 1

A new story from you and it's Christmas themed! Very merry!

It's also off to a wonderful start. I can see Rose being sad about not spending Christmas with her Mum. But, the Doctor was right that she was also being selfish. Jackie deserves that lovely trip to Bermuda after all she sacrificed for her daughter. I like that she brought Bev with her.

The Doctor gave Rose a metaphorical Christmas kick in the butt. She's finally getting some Christmas spirit. I'm picturing how festive the TARDIS will look with all the decorations.

I don't blame Rose for being nervous about cooking a turkey. I can be a daunting task. My husband used to get a huge turkey from his job every year. So, I decided to cook it for my girlfriends at our annual Christmas get together. The thing was in the oven for something like ten hours and it was still raw. Turned out the thermostat wasn't working correctly. We ended up having spaghetti and whatever else we could find in the cabinets. Don't ask me what I did with the turkey. I think I blocked it out of my mind! But, I bet Rose's turkey will come out fine. She does have the TARDIS on hand, who I bet won't it over/under cook.

The Doctor is so sweet with the fantastic gift he gave Jackie. That he included Bev is even sweeter. Sometimes he amazes with how generous and kind he is.

But, now that Rose has gotten some Christmas spirit, she can't find the Doctor? I'm a little bit worried that something bad has happened to him.

I'm loving this story already. A nice holiday treat!

Author's Response: I am so happy to hear from you! I loved your story about the turkey. Gosh it sounds the size of an ostrich! My story is only four chapters so I can get it posted before the new year. Next chapter gets posted later today. My best wishes to you for Christmas! Lovely to hear from you.