2020.02.04 - 03:27PM
8: VIII. Epilogue

I am so not ready to say goodbye to this story. I have read the last chapter 4 times, reread the entire story 3 times. I feel emotionally wrung out.
Our Time lord is so shattered, he has to say goodbye to Rose yet again, and for what he knows is the final time. Just heartbreaking, that last scene between them. I wish he had been able to say the words but understand why he couldn't. I love that man so much, I want to hold him tight and tell him it will be ok in time.
The relationship between Rose and her Doctor is so perfect, love the conversing through their bond. I think they love each other very deeply. I'm glad she told him she will be angry with him once he is better. The poor fella is so damaged right now, the withdrawal has to be excruciating in all ways.
Jackie remains a source of protection and strength for Rose and the Doctor. Her role in this story has been terrific. And Donna....his strength and support when he is at his lowest. So glad she is with him.
Thank you so much for this gripping story, you have taken me on an incredibly emotional journey, your writing skills are amazing.

2020.02.02 - 11:31PM
8: VIII. Epilogue

Bittersweet but ended as it should have,,,hopefully the Doctor will come to realize events were driven by his initial decision on Bad Wolf Bay...at least Donna will be there to keep him sane...loved the story...thanks for sharing.

2020.02.02 - 05:28PM
8: VIII. Epilogue

Happy for Rose and her Doctor. Almost unbearably unhappy for The Doctor. Very well written and very believable. Glad to see that Donna is with him. He needs her almost as much as he needs Rose.

2020.01.27 - 06:21PM
7: VII.

Can't even begin to say how happy I am to see this new chapter, and you sure weren't kidding about the feels. You took me from broken hearted to elated and back agin all in one marvelous chapter. Our poor poor Timelord, my heart breaks for him! He loves Rose deeply and can't have her, has to converse with the man who holds her heart, all the while his own heart is breaking. "Last time I checked, you're the only one of us who turned into an alcoholic" OMG OMG OMG!!! Wow that conversation is packed with emotion. And our poor Doctor dealing with withdrawal along with guilt. He has to be absolutely miserable. The scene with him trying to shave....wow. The lovemaking is beautiful, they both really really need that joining of body and mind.
I love Jackie in this story, you give her a side that most writers don't even try to explore.
Another perfect chapter..... Absolutely perfect. ❤️

Author's Response: My dear, your reviews never fail to make my heart so much bigger ❤️ I always aim for feels when I write stories, so I'm happy this chapter brought up a few of them :') I always never NOT love writing Jackie, she's wonderful, and I find it a shame she's not explored more often. I'm about to post the epilogue for this story, I hope you enjoy it too xoxo

2020.01.26 - 05:49PM
7: VII.

Lots of different emotions in this update...Jackie understanding but determined, guilt from the others in some shape or form, love between bond mates but definitely I feel anxious about this safety talk the Doctor/Donna need to have with Rose...so very sad this emotionally charged story is near its end.

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you have enjoyed this story and the different emotions I tried evoking!

2019.11.11 - 02:17AM
6: VI.

Beautiful chapter filled with amazing depth of feeling. I loved it when he felt the pregnancy, when he put his ear on her tummy and heard the heartbeat. Big time squeeeee ❤️
So glad he is awake now!!
I was happy for your response to my previous review, I had definitely underestimated Rose.......thanks for reminding me.

Author's Response: I just realised I never replied to your review, I'm sorry, I just checked as I'm about to post the new one! Thank you so much, as always, for being so supportive ❤️

2019.11.09 - 08:52PM
6: VI.

Channeling Nine's memories told me he was remembering times he didn't let Rose down (for the most part)...was hoping Rose could draw him out without any assistance from the Doctor which would have caused more harm than good in the long run...nicely written.

Author's Response: Thank you! :-) I really couldn't imagine the Time Lord Doctor getting involved in this, it would have just been awkward for everybody xD

2019.11.09 - 04:55PM
6: VI.

“Nothing?” He’s properly scowling, now. “Didn’t you see the teeth?”
I love this line!
This chapter was deep and beautiful...I hope there is another. :>)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! According to my plans, there is one more chapter. Now according to my brain, I think it might actually be two more. I definitely have a few more things to say before I can wrap up this story ;-)

2019.11.03 - 02:04AM
5: V.

I love this chapter for many reasons. The Timelord is on so much pain, he finds himself with the woman he loves with all his hearts, the woman he has missed desperately, but she quite obviously is deeply in love with her husband. Seems as though she only feels contempt towards the Timelord and it is breaking his heart. And..... She is pregnant.......a baby he could never have with her.
Donna is wonderful, I really like her in this story and I'm glad she is still with the Doctor. He is going to need her once it is time to leave Pete's World.
How I hope Rose will be able to reach her Doctor, to unlock the barriers he built.
This is an amazing story!

Author's Response: Aww, I don't think Rose only feels contempt towards Ten. I know that's how it comes through in this last scene, but I did that a bit on purpose, since the scene is from Ten's point of view andt he's watching her being clearly in love with her husband at the time. I think Rose was genuinely hurt by how he left her behind, and her emotions are a bit of mess. But she could never NOT love any version of the Doctor.

2019.10.29 - 12:36AM
5: V.

As much as it pained me to hear those words directed at the Doctor, Rose was right to call him out about his attitude...especially since events were initially guided by his own doing.

Author's Response: Thank you! I do think the Doctor deserves to be told a few things about the way he behaved that day.

2019.10.21 - 08:51PM
4: IV.

The emotions felt while he was in her head are so heartbreaking! He still loves her obviously, and now he has to leave her yet again. Poor poor Doctor.
I noticed you said "hearts" when Rose was looking at the baby in utero.......hmmmmm.
Rose has to be scared to death about her husband what with the Doctor's recounting what had happened when she was abducted.
This story triggers so many painful emotions, any time we have the Tinelord and Rose and the Metacrisis together we know someone is going to be hurt terribly.
You have an amazing imagination!

Author's Response: I would apologise for the overload of painful emotions but...I'm just happy my story can convey all those feels :') There won't be a happy ending for everyone involved unfortunately, that is a fact, but I'll do my best to write some good feels in the upcoming chapters ;-)

2019.10.21 - 03:17PM
1: I.

First, so relieved that Rose is safe and sound! Second, I know that Bad Wolf was busy during her brief possession on the Game Station and, doubtless, a few instructions went awry, but kidnapping Rose was A Bad Idea, and there had better have been a good reason that we just don't know yet! Like the Light - eventually, as an adult and fully cognizant of his/her choices! - goes on to save the Hyrovingians' civilization or something!

I loved the banter between the Doctor and Donna! And the description of Rose's captivity - her state of mind, her despair and her determination! It was gut-wrenching when she put the pieces together and realized that something bad had happened if it meant that her Doctor hadn't come with Ten and Donna to rescue her...

I can't wait for the next installment!

Author's Response: I'll be honest, I didn't think things through as ~thoroughly as possible - as in, not much further passed what I intend to do with this particular fic, but I love your take on things! That's when I go 'Yes of COURSE that is exACtlY what I had in mind!' xD I'm so glad you've enjoyed this chapter, I missed writing Rose so much, I was just happy to get her back. Thank you so much for your kind words and your support!

2019.10.21 - 12:02AM
4: IV.

Bittersweet sums it up for me...the Doctor could have had that life with Rose...in the end, everyone moved on the best way they could...very curious about the concern with the safety of the “The Light" and the prophecy...hopefully you will explain that in more detail...very intense update.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review! I'm glad you're still enjoying this story ^^ Any upcoming scenes between Rose and Ten are bound to be on the bittersweet side I'm afraid, given the circumstances...

2019.10.15 - 08:19PM
3: III.

Brilliant story, so well written, cannot wait for the next chapter. :>)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! :D

2019.10.15 - 02:24PM
3: III.

So happy to see an update this morning and so sorry I failed to review ch 2. I just got home from a few days out of town.
This story is absolutely gripping, you write the emotions of each character so perfectly, one can't help actually "feeling" what they are feeling. They are in so much pain it breaks my heart. Love how Donna takes over, asking all the questions when the Timelord is locked in his own grief.
Very interesting turn of events there at the end, I wonder where you are taking us with the Doctor's theory. He sounds hopeful......
This is an amazingly written story that pulls very hard on the heartstrings. You have a great writing skill to take your readers exactly where you want them to go. Good for you!
And thank you very much for the fast update!!

Author's Response: Please don't feel like you need to apologise for not reviewing something, you've been so generous these past few months :') Plus I was particularly speedy with this update haha! I'm so glad you're enjoying this story despite the heartaches. It is going to get better, I promise ;-)