2019.11.16 - 11:30PM
11: Chapter 10: Without Your Ever Being Seen

Ooh, what an exciting update! I loved getting an insight into the Doctor's side of things.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad that you liked it! I had a bit of trouble getting my Doctor's voice.

2019.11.10 - 04:43PM
11: Chapter 10: Without Your Ever Being Seen

What a great surprise to find this new chapter, and what an amazing chapter it is. Love reading the Doctor's perspective, it added so much to the story.
What a beautiful reunion, took him a bit to believe it was her, but his happiness and relief in having her back is exactly what he needs right now when things seem so desperate. I'm really glad she didn't get caught but........there is no telling what you have planned in the future. I love love love this story so much, I am a MAJOR shipper and you have really captured my heart with this one.
Anxiously looking forward to the next chapter!!

Author's Response: OMG! I appreciate this review so much. I'm glad you like the Doctor's perspective. It took me a while to find his voice and I was hoping that it didn't feel forced. The Master is still lurking around so don't get to comfortable. I hope you like the newest update.

2019.11.10 - 03:39AM
11: Chapter 10: Without Your Ever Being Seen

Thank goodness Rose didn't get caught...understand the Doctor needed a sign/reason to continue the fight, but in the back of my mind I worried it would go "pear-shaped"...a hopeful update.

Author's Response: Well... the Master is still around. So don't get to comfortable. Thank you for reading!

2019.11.09 - 12:45AM
10: Chapter 9: We Drift as Closely as We Can

I'm worried about Rose revealing herself to the Doctor...on one hand, the Doctor needs the support to continue his plan but if she's caught, the Master will inflict torture the likes I'm not sure she's not experienced before...great update...this story just keeps on getting better.

2019.11.07 - 09:21PM
9: Chapter 8: While In My Sleep I Dream

I'm sorry I took a while to review! I'm still getting to grips with Teaspoon, and couldn't for the life of me remember how the review function worked. As expected, this chapter was fantastic. I just adore your portrayal of Rose in this. She's still warm and kind and compassionate, but is becoming/has become so disillusioned, and it's really interesting to see how that changes her outlook and her approach to things. Excited to see how the story progresses.

Author's Response: No worries, I appreciate any review any time it comes. It a nice little motivation boost that I need sometimes. The Rose character is really close to my heart. I like to explore the complexities in her psyche...in all of the characters really. I don't want them to feel one dimensional. So, thank you for that. I appreciate it.

2019.11.03 - 02:36AM
9: Chapter 8: While In My Sleep I Dream

I'm so glad Rose has Jack now. Just hope they can keep safe from the guards. He is going to be shocked when she tells him what Torchwood did to her.
This is a very suspenseful story, I am anxious to find out how you plan to pull it all together. I like the way you are telling it better than they did on the series!! Excellent update

Author's Response: I'm so glad to hear that! I know, right now, the parts are scattered everywhere but I promise to bring it full circle...just not right away. I know that everyone is waiting to hear her whole story but I have a better time and place for it, I think. : / Hopefully it will live up to expectations. Thanks for the review!

2019.11.01 - 12:07AM
9: Chapter 8: While In My Sleep I Dream

What a fantastic update...saving Jack who will support her; help her stay away from the loneliness and be the sounding board she needs as she works through the changes...she needs to tell Jack about those 13 years if for nothing else but to exercise those demons...look forward to their continued conversations...must say I enjoy Jack's sense of humor and the way he is drawing Rose out.

Author's Response: Thank you! I love writing Jack's character. He's so witty and it makes me feel good to write. I can 't manage to be that quick and clever in real life but I can write it! I know that I have kept Rose's story a but of a mystery. It's like a breadcrumb trail but, hopefully I'll be able to bring it home. I appreciate you reading!

2019.10.29 - 12:57AM
8: Chapter 7: Now You're Moving Through Your Waking World

Ok, that was terrifying and my heart must have skipped a few beats...very nervous about Rose revealing herself to Jack and Tish and wonder if they can keep that from both the Doctor and Master...thank you for posting...hope your celebration went well with many lasting memories for you and your family.

2019.10.21 - 08:26PM
7: Chapter 6: On the Other Side of the Night

First off, please don't ever think this story isn't good enough! Omg it is fantastic, very suspenseful, very emotional, very thought provoking, just absolutely great!!
When the Doctor said, "Rose?" I thought my heart would stop... And then he said it again...... Wow he can feel her. I want to make the Master feel lots of pain, reading how he treats the Doctor makes me feel ill. He is truly a bastard!!
That dream broke my heart, poor Rose, poor Doctor. It has got to be incredibly hard for Rose not to come to the Doctor's defense.
Thanks so much for the bonus chapter. Have I told you how much I love this story???????

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I think everyone goes through those low points when they read through their stuff and think that it's never good enough. I really appreciated this review. It really lifted my spirits. I'm glad that you love this story because I've worked really hard on it. And you're right, the Doctor can definitely feel Rose but he just can't get past that word impossible. And I felt like I had a hard time getting the Master to be someone that you could really hate. It gets worse though so be prepared.

2019.10.21 - 05:47PM
7: Chapter 6: On the Other Side of the Night

Thank you for the added gem that left my emotions rolling...it had the highs, the lows and everything in between...well done.

2019.10.21 - 02:17AM
6: Chapter 5: Because I Know the Sun is Shining

It appears that both Tish and the TARDIS need to remind Rose about keeping herself hidden for now...I was a bit worried the Doctor would not believe that she wasn't Rose but am glad he moved past it (at least for now)...not sure Rose would refrain any better should she encounter Jack after one of his deaths...excellent update.

Author's Response: Don't get ahead of me now. ;) Am I that predictable? Thanks for the review. I always appreciate you.

2019.10.17 - 05:15PM
5: Chapter 4: Even Shed Some Kind of Light

I was going to wait till this is complete but gave in and started reading. What a fantastic story this is, you had me on the edge of my seat, so to speak, when reading what Rose has gone through. I can't wait for the Doctor to realize who she is though I know it will pose a danger to them both if the freaking Master finds out!
Excellent story, I sure do hope you plan to complete it.

Author's Response: Thanks for giving it a shot. Iím glad you like it so far. The whole thing is pretty much done except for minor editing. Iím just posting it slowly to give me time to work on the sequel. I really appreciate your praise. Been a little down about it today and feeling like itís not good enough. These reviews help. Thanks!

2019.10.14 - 09:11PM
5: Chapter 4: Even Shed Some Kind of Light

I loved the flashbacks with the Doctor and the Master. They were perfect. I also love Rose's interaction with the TARDIS. Great chapter. Thanks for writing it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I had fun writing it. The flashbacks were some of my favorites passages Iíve ever written. I was really excited about them. Thanks for reading. I appreciate it.

2019.10.13 - 09:47PM
5: Chapter 4: Even Shed Some Kind of Light

This was a well done emotional look into the Doctor's past be it "cannon" or not...Rose now has a better understanding into his conflicting friendship with the Master...I especially enjoyed the visit by the TARDIS and the fact that Rose is testing her patience...thank you for posting.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I can always count on you to lift my spirits about this story. I think that conflict between the Doctor and Master is always interesting. I mean, how difficult would it be for any of us to potentially destroy a childhood friend? I think that would be difficult no matter the circumstances or how crazy evil they were in the present. And to fair to Rose and the TARDIS they are both justified in their irritation. They are just seeing the problem from very different points of view. Thanks for reading. I always appreciate the feedback.

2019.10.12 - 04:58PM
4: Chapter 3: The View From Here Should Soothe My Soul

Just caught up on the last chapter, and I am LOVING the story so far.