2020.02.15 - 08:19PM
18: Chapter 17: If You Had Waited One More Season

Love how the TARDIS gave Rose a bit of tough love...stepping back (at least until she was truly needed) so she would be sure to work through her changes with The Doctor...you nailed The Doctor's bitterness and mistrust in not understanding how Rose came to her knowledge of his history...good on Rose for not letting him push her away and finally accepting the comfort she offered.

2020.01.24 - 09:52PM
17: Chapter 16: To Feel This Way

I was sooooo happy to see this new chapter!!!
Love the way the TARDIS wouldn't let him take her anywhere but his room, clever girl knows what they both need at this time. And the picture, what a lovely reminder to him. Loved his list of fantasies are squeeee, esp the tow headed boy......
The dialogue just prior to the bath is yummy, so glad they were being honest, such yummy feels. No one should ever criticize your writing emotions, you put your reader right there in the room with them and the reader can feel exactly what our couple are feeling. It is yummy. How funny she can hear his thoughts......and OMG the smut......he was so sweet, so tender, so precious as he touched her. You can certainly write smut. And lastly, the final line is so forwarding, yes Doctor, you are in SO MUCH TROUBLE.
Lovely lovely chapter and I can't wait for more!!! Thank you thank you thank you.

2020.01.23 - 08:25PM
17: Chapter 16: To Feel This Way

There is so much to talk about and not sure with these two that it will go smoothly...Rose needs to address those two years and how she found out about Theta...one major concern I have is the Doctor's comment about needing to commit it all to memory like he doesn't plan to go down that road again...great update.

2020.01.14 - 06:38PM
16: Chapter 15: Would I Have Ever Found a Reason

I love when they are in each other's heads, able to feel inner most emotions. This chapter started off so positive for them but then things sorta went pear shaped. When will they ever be on the same page. I love how you get in their heads and hearts, so emotional and insightful. These two love each other so much and now they are finally together after all those years. When Jack came into the room I wanted to yell at him for interrupting them!!! But....he is a good friend and very protective of Rose....and he got the Doctor told very well. All of that needed saying.
I continue to really love this story very much and look forward to updates quite eagerly. So glad you are back!!! ❤️

Author's Response: Yeah, things always do seem to go pear shaped when the Doctor is around. Ironic since he hates pears. Iím glad you like how emotional it is. Iíve been criticized for that before so itís nice to hear someone likes it. Jack felt so bad for interrupting them, though. Heís been waiting and eager for this since they have. He wants them to be happy. Iím so glad you liked this. Your reviews are always so sweet. I look forward to them. I hope you like the next chapter.

2020.01.12 - 07:19PM
16: Chapter 15: Would I Have Ever Found a Reason

So typical, the Doctor's mouth running away from him and hurting Rose in the process...the only saving grace is the steady love and friendship from Jack...thank you for posting.

Author's Response: Admittedly, the Doctor does let his mouth get away from him. It gets him trouble regularly. Jack has a special place in this story. He and Roseís relationship is a stabilizing force for her. Thank you for your kind words. Iím glad you enjoyed it.

2019.12.30 - 03:52AM
15: Chapter 14: If You Had Stayed

Oh my gosh I loved the way Jack stood up to the Doctor. He told him exactly how it is, did not mince any words, did not let the Doctor get away with any excuses. The Doctor needed that, needed to see how he had treated Rose. And I suspect what it is Jack that Jack is referring to concerning Rose, I hope I'm right!!!! But I think the Doctor has a ways to go before he is ready to her that bit.
So glad Martha has stabilized Rose. Now I'm anxious to see what the next chapter will reveal!!!
Hope you have a very Happy New Year, stay safe! Have I told you lately how much I love this story????

Author's Response: Wow Iím behind in responding to comments. Iím so glad that you are enjoying the story so far. I really enjoy writing Jack. Heís fun and the only one of them that actually says what heís feeling most of the time. He doesnít hold back. Iím glad that I rewrote this because originally the Jack character was kind of flat. Heís much more dynamic now. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the next chapter just as much. ☺️

2019.12.28 - 04:42PM
15: Chapter 14: If You Had Stayed

Oh, Jack is just lovely in this. I think you've captured his more sensitive side so well.

Author's Response: Thank you. Iím so glad that you enjoyed it. Jack is such a complex character and I just love writing him. I hope you enjoy the new chapter!

2019.12.27 - 10:20PM
15: Chapter 14: If You Had Stayed

As pig headed as the Doctor is I'm not sure he will see Rose's changes as a good thing, rather another wrong he inflicted on her...hope I'm wrong...Jack is the only one that could stand up to the Doctor and make him be accountable but Jack loves him as well so their is always that conflict waring between the two...an emotionally powered update...thank you.

Author's Response: Thank you. Your comments are always so welcome to hear. Yes the Doctor always has been stubborn. He really needs to become acquainted with the phrase, ĎDonít look a gift horse in the mouth.í Sometimes itís okay to just be happy. The Doctor/Jack relationship is so interesting to me and I can understand why people ship them so frequently. He loves the Doctor for who he is and the wonderful things that he does but also recognizes how flawed he is as an individual. Itís complicated and I love that because thatís life you know?

2019.12.25 - 11:03PM
14: Chapter 13: Out Where the Sun is Always Shining, On the Other Side of the Night

Well first off I wish you a very Happy Christmas, hope you have spent the day peaceful and happy.
This chapter really pulled at my heartstrings. The amazing kiss between Rose and the Doctor was so precious but then Martha's mom had to go all demanding on him. I never cared for her in the series. And then Lucy did what needed to be done.... My heart was breaking for the Doctor as he held the Master and begged him to regenerate. You can certainly understand the Doctor not wanting to be the Last, but dang, that Master is so EVIL!!! I was ticked at the Doctor's demands of Rose, he really lost it!!!! Good for Jack coming to her rescue, hope it isn't too late. I think the Doctor will have a very hard time getting any forgiveness from Jack after that behavior, if he ever does.
Excellent excellent chapter, how I do love this story!!!

2019.12.25 - 10:35AM
14: Chapter 13: Out Where the Sun is Always Shining, On the Other Side of the Night

Loved this chapter. I'm so glad you kept the moment from the original story where the Doctor convinces Rose to try and save the Master. I think it's such a pivotal scene, and it's true to his character in the most heart-wrenching way possible. Sometimes, he's selfish. Sometimes, he sacrifices others in the pursuit of what he wants, what he deems good or right.

2019.12.22 - 05:08PM
14: Chapter 13: Out Where the Sun is Always Shining, On the Other Side of the Night

Another great chapter. I wasn't expecting everything to turn out like it did. I hope Rose will be okay. As a huge fan of the Master it's too bad that Rose couldn't find a way to save him. Poor Doctor. He's the last of his kind again. Happy holidays and Merry Christmas to you!

2019.12.21 - 08:49PM
14: Chapter 13: Out Where the Sun is Always Shining, On the Other Side of the Night

Wishing you the happiest of Holidays...Jack was true to his self with his protectiveness and love for Rose above all else...Martha ever the healer with that bit of stubbornness that has served her well...as for the Doctor, unfortunately his single minded and selfish tendencies did not work out for him this time...I'm a little apprehensive as to how they all will handle those events when Rose finally wakes up...thanks for the update.

2019.12.15 - 03:18AM
13: Chapter 12: Just Beyond My Line of Sight

Oh where to begin on this very suspenseful action packed chapter. Our poor poor Rose, omg I just want to rip the Master to pieces with my bare hands! He truly is a savage arse hole!!!!
I felt the Doctor's pain when he saw his ravaged Rose, there is the love of his life and she appears to be dead at the hands od his former best friend. The Master tries so hard to use Rose against the Doctor, he just doesn't get true love like they have for one another.
Bad Wolf is always scary, the Doctor was right to tell Rose to let it go. And thank goodness Martha is back and with the voice of the world our Doctor returns to his former self!!! Yayyyyyyy. But here come those blasted killer spheres.
Oh I can't wait for the next chapter, you have such an amazing ability to draw us into the amazing world you have created!!!!!

2019.12.13 - 06:54PM
13: Chapter 12: Just Beyond My Line of Sight

I was definitely nervous that the Master had truly killed Rose...not sure what to think of the Doctor's initial reaction to Rose/Bad Wolf...hopefully Rose and the TARDIS will settle his mind and begin the healing for both of them...wow, exciting update.

2019.11.22 - 06:37PM
12: Chapter 11: But I Know You're There Beside Me

Had hoped the Master wouldn't find them, but here we are and he knows who she is...maybe the TARDIS will be able to keep her "changes" hidden and he won't be able to use it to either break her or the Doctor...will be reading the next chapter with one eye closed!