Reviews For Revery of Silence

2019.08.14 - 02:15PM
5: I - The angels' tomb

This was such a brilliant rewrite of that episode. I truly love having the Master in all of this, going on adventures with 11. The last bit was so tense and I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time. You really conveyed the creepiness of the Angels. But you left me with an evil cliffhanger! Argh! What's going to happen? I need to know *definitely whiny voice there* ;)
Great chapter. Well done!

2019.08.14 - 02:15PM
4: Bonus - One reason to spare earth

Bwahaha! Epic chapter. I realllly loved how Amy insinuated that they were up to other activities. At least it is a good reason for the Master to spare Earth...but I like his other idea better. It's so him :D

2019.08.14 - 02:14PM
6: I - Stone to stone

Hmm, what is the Master up to? Is he trying to make Roka jealous - because it's not working too well. Roka seems to be done with him (that's a realllly sad thought). I really hope their relationship can be mended. I love those two together.
But yay! They're all travelling together now on a more permanent basis (until the Master tries to kill the Doctor again). It is interesting that River has no mention of Roka in her diary and only vaguely remembers her...I wonder what the story is behind that?
Great chapter. Well done!

2019.08.07 - 10:10PM
3: I - Running from the future

I can see the Master is going to get quite a few slaps from the mother-daughter team :D And I look forward to every bit of it lol. Great chapter. You have blended in all their interactions perfectly and I'm quite enjoying the banter between them. This new team is proving to be good for Roka, slowly bringing her back to her old self. I can't wait to see what happens next with the Weeping Angels.
Great chapter. Well done!

2019.08.04 - 01:16PM
1: I - What was and might become

Ooh. New story. Yippy! This was brilliant! I absolutely loved it! The banter between all four was spectacular to witness and I know I'm going to enjoy this story and all the humor, as well as the sniping that's going to go down. Also love the fact that this isn't a rewrite. Well done!

2019.08.04 - 01:16PM
2: I - A lost past

Oh ho ho! I LOVED the last line! It's sad to think that Roka, and the Master on some level, are broken and empty shells of their former selves and have become time hardened. Shows the true nature of their relationship - they help fix each other. They're so good for each other.
I had a good chuckle at the scene with the brain doctor and Roka's fear, and the Master's maliciousness in making her believe her head would be cut open. That was so him :D
Fantastic chapter. Really can't wait to read more. Well done!