Reviews For Revery of Silence

2020.02.14 - 05:22AM
21: II - Dancing thoughts

Awww. I think my heart just melted into a warm gooey puddle :D Yes! They finally talked it out and confessed their feelings and now the Master is staying. I can't tell you how happy I am! Great chapter. Well done!

2020.02.14 - 05:20AM
20: II - The chase

Hmm, another mystery to be solved. And where the bloody hell did the Master go! I hope he returns soon from his sulk ;) It's just not the same without him. I do hope they solve the mystery of what happened to Roka's brother soon. And maybe an introduction to Mel... :D
Great chapter. Well done.

2019.10.25 - 11:40AM
19: II - The truth

Ah bugger! No, bring him back right now! He couldn't have left...I think I'm going to have a good cry in the corner, if you're looking for me.
Just when he admitted that he loved her and Roka realised that she was hurting him and didn't want to, he has to up and leave. The two stubborn fools!
Now missy, get back here and update pronto lol. I need to find out what happens next.
Great chapter. Well done.

2019.10.25 - 11:39AM
18: II - Preparations

Haha. Poor Roka getting a makeover from Amy. She is braver than I :D
It was good to see that Amy is being perceptive and noticing that something big and important is missing from her life. I can't wait for Rory to return. I'm glad she's there for Roka to talk to. I felt really sorry for Roka in the end, especially when she kinda admitted to once having that bond with the Master and the losing it when they separated. She was truly hurt. And it seems that the Master is as well, if his actions are anything to go by.
Great chapter. Well done. Can't wait to see the Master's reaction to Roka's makeover. He's either going to love it or hate it. There's no in between with that man.

2019.10.25 - 11:38AM
17: II - Unexpected methods

Oh, this angst between Roka and the Master is killing me. But it really was a special moment that passed between them, and I'm wondering if Roka really realises the implications and meaning behind that moment.
Another mystery to solve, and Roka has to go back to school. I laughed out loud when she sulkily stated that she didn't want to go to school :D I do hope they solve it soon and get an answer as to what happened to her brother. And who rewrote time. Interesting indeed.
Great chapter. Well done.

2019.10.25 - 11:37AM
16: II - Finding purpose

Ooh, a mystery. I likey :D I really can't wait to find out what happened to Roka's brother, and father for that fact. I hope her brother is alright and that they can solve this.
I am looking forward to a meeting with Mel as well. I can imagine a young sassy River slapping the Master once more :D
Great chapter. Well done.

2019.10.25 - 11:36AM
15: I - Below

In a way, I'm glad the Master jolted the Tardis so that Amy could forget. To hold onto that memory and the grief would be too much. But if you're sticking with cannon, then Rory will return (eh, just remembered he was plastic flesh until the universe was reset). Ooh, if you are following the story line, what will happen to Roka when the universe is reset? I hadn't thought about that...
Ah ha, the Master is most certainly developing empathy, though he will vehemently deny it :D I loved how dangerous he became when he went after Roka. That poor lizard scientist must have gotten quite the scare ;)
Great chapter. Well done.

2019.10.25 - 11:35AM
14: I - An ordinary vacation

Uh-oh! I think my heart skipped a beat at the end. What has gotten a hold of Roka?! Please tell me the Master will come to the rescue.
I think I winced at the scene between the Master and Roka and how she hurt him. I'm glad she apologised, though. And she's realising that she misses him. That's good. They're on the right path. I so want these two together.
Beautiful descriptions and very enjoyable moments. I'm glad they didn't let the Doctor cook - that would have been a disaster.
Great chapter. Well done :D

2019.10.25 - 11:32AM
13: I - The wrong place

This was something they all needed - especially Roka. She needs to learn to laugh and have fun again, and in a way, the Master does too. It's simple and innocent moments like these that will bring them closer together.
Ah, my heart skipped when I read the first line 'Barecelona'. All I could think of was Rose. Maybe you should do a scene where the Doctor meets her during one of her time jumps using the dimension, maybe not. The Master would definitely try something there.
Great chapter. Well done.

2019.09.10 - 08:29PM
12: I - Night in the TARDIS

Yes! You mentioned Rose! And we finally get the real answer from the Doctor - he loved her, and still does. Gosh, now I'm all sad for the Doctor. But he drove his point across quite clear to the Master in the end. Question is: what is the Master going to do? It's obvious that there are still feelings between Roka and the Master, but both are so stubborn.
Very insightful chapter, where we got a glimpse of what is going on in everyone's minds. Well done. I loved it :D

2019.09.10 - 08:29PM
11: I - Blood and fire

Awww, my heart is all warm and fuzzy. I needed this chapter. I'm so glad they finally talked it out and have come to an understanding. And the Master even apologized. I hope Roka recorded that! I really hope they can move on together now. They are both changed, yes, but the feelings are still the same. I'm rooting for these two.
Great chapter. Well done!

2019.09.10 - 08:29PM
10: I - Into the woods

The poor Master. He just can't get a break. He tells the truth and no one believes him (which is understandable), and now he's hurt. Seriously hurt by the sounds of it. Looks like the Doctor made a mistake (again) with his assertment that this place was safe.
I really like reading things from Rory's perspective. It was also eye-opening that he sees Roka as being similar to the Master.
Great chapter. Well done.

2019.08.25 - 12:04PM
9: I - Silent darkness

Ooh, quite creepy that something could mind control them and leave no trace. I like the fact that Roka was not fooled and could easily see through the Doctor's lie. Clever girl.
Now the Master has to face the consequence of his past actions, and he's not liking the guilt associated with it. Really can't wait to see how they deal with it. Those two really need to sit down and have a good chat, but both are soooo stubborn.
Great chapter. Well done.

2019.08.21 - 12:39PM
8: I - Perfectly ordinary

Uh oh. What has happened to the three of them? I smell trouble brewing...
Really great chapter. I really liked that the Doctor was insightful enough to sense that something is amiss with Roka and the Master, and that he doesn't really know the Master. Hopefully they can work on their friendship. And the Master and Roka really need to sit down and work through their issues. Hopefully with the help of Amy, Rory and the Doctor, the three of them should be able to get the two lovebirds together again.
Great chapter. Well done!

2019.08.18 - 09:56AM
7: I - Detective work

Heeheehee. I really loved this chapter! The Master as a detective was priceless. I really enjoyed the last line, where he was proud of her no-really-compliment and she didn't want to ruin his moment. It seems that old emotions are slowly coming back to the surface. I really hope they find their groove and get back together. Having the Doctor, Amy and Rory around will also help balance things out for them. Oh yes - Rory! I'm super excited he's on board now. I totally adored him.
Fantastic chapter - well done!