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After the talk we get some hot, sexy time! Actually, it was beyond hot. Too bad we don't have snow here yet because I bet it would have melted it! Aw, Jack, he was so nice not to wake them when he saw them sleeping together. I bet that, somewhere down the road, he'll tease the Doctor about it.

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Author's Response: You’re so kind! Thank you for all the lovely compliments and and comments. I am so pleased you liked this story. I am working on a shorter Christmas story and I expect to post the first chapter in a couple of days.

2019.12.09 - 09:33PM
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Author's Response: Thank you so much for your generous comments. I’m so glad you enjoyed this story. It was a bit of an epic to write but you made it worthwhile.

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I'm glad that the infiltration was limited. Now, Captain Luka needs to find out how/why these crew members attempted mutiny and what they know about the Hidden Hand.

I always giggle when Peggy is referenced. I hope that, when this is all over, the Doctor gets to call the Shadow Architect by that name.

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“I am the Bad Wolf. I see you through time and space. I permit you to exist. The Wolf protects her pack. Attack the Doctor or my pack and you will cease to exist. This is your only warning,” she stated, her voice echoed through time and space.

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Author's Response: I was thrilled to find your comments on the chapter and thank you so much. It really means a lot. I’ve posted the last chapter and I hope it closes out this story to your approval. Best regards!

2019.12.08 - 07:25PM
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Rose doesn't remember becoming Bad Wolf! Interesting. I wonder if the Doctor would be able to see those forgotten memories if he went into Rose's mind?

Just as Rose popped in with Tosh, everyone turned suddenly when they heard the Doctor, standing in the doorway of the infirmary, “Did you miss me?”

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Author's Response: Thank you so much, loved your comments but I always do! I like your family traditions! There’s only the next chapter which is already posted and then the last chapter which I am posting tomorrow. I really hope you enjoy the ending!

2019.12.02 - 12:33AM
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The Doctor finally gets to confront the Hidden Hand. The Doctor is right about the kind of person they are. I've got my ideas of who it might be. The fact that they're wearing a shimmer speaks volumes.

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I'm glad Rose was able to moonstone back to the TARDIS and take care of the Doctor. I just hope Jack will be able to get them all out of there in time.

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Author's Response: Nothing like a bit of Bad Wolf when the Doctor falls. I really enjoyed your reaction to this chapter. Next chapter goes up today. After that there are only two more chapters. Thank you so much for taking time to comment and for your support throughout this story.

2019.11.25 - 01:10AM
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Captain Luka almost put her foot in her mouth when she asked why the Doctor always ran around the console. I had the same reaction to that statement as Rose. At least the Doctor was able to keep his temper and Luka graciously apologized. Of course, Rose and Jack just can't help having a laugh at the Doctor's questionable navigation skills.

Wow, so many variables regarding the hitchhiker and the hidden hand. My head is spinning! It's definitely got me thinking. Pure genius on your part!

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I feel bad for Captain Luka, knowing that her crew has been compromised. It's got to be a real punch to the gut. I can imagine the trust issues she'll have in the future.

Oh boy, there's an entropy spike! It's a trap Doctor! Still, he has to go fix it and, as they say in Star Wars, I've got a bad feeling about this.

But! Rose's eyes are glowing and her voice has gone weird! “The bond mate of the wolf and the father of the future must be protected!” Is Bad Wolf making an appearance? Squee!

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Author's Response: Oh, I’m thrilled you liked this chapter! Oh yeah, Rose gets Bad Wolfy! Next chapter Doctor meets the hidden hand! Glad you liked the cliffie! Thank you for the brilliant comments!

2019.11.25 - 12:13AM
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Captain Luka is so cool, calm and collected (the antithesis of the Doctor at the moment) as she goes about rescuing Rose. I'm relieved that the Doctor didn't have to make the choice between saving Rose or saving the polymorphs.

Jack wondering about the hidden hand and the fact that only a Timelord could fly a TARDIS had me worried that the Master was involved. The Doctor put my fears to rest. Still, it's driving me crazy not knowing how the hidden hand is.

It's just plain strange that A’Dram and A’Dar don't now their home planet's correct coordinates. That's got my curiosity piqued.

Poor Rose. I'm relieved that the Doctor was able to remove the paralysis through their bond. I guess the joke is on her attacker because the Doctor was not sidetracked.

Cute conversation between the Doctor and Rose. He's so insecure about his hair color (which is gorgeous!), and was willing to dye it for Rose. And his carrying her to the console room was so sweet. True love

Author's Response: Yes for all his bluster and bragging the Doctor does have his share of insecurities but who can blame him considering what he’s been through. I’m also happy I’ve already posted the next chapter so you don’t have to wait. Thanks Luv for your reactions. I so enjoy them!

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Here, take the moonstone and you keep safe. I intend to be a godfather! Aw, Jack... (sniffle)

Jack also has to deal with the ridiculously large crowd of frightened polymorphs. It's hard to control a crowd that's on the verge of panic. But, Jack is up to the task and seems to have the situation in hand.

Rose's love for the Doctor is so strong. I'm sure he'll definitely be angry with her for following him. He should know by now that she'll always be there for him.

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Author's Response: Well a little suspense can be a good thing I hope...we’re getting down to the wire now. Soon this story will end but I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed getting your reactions. Thank you so much!

2019.11.14 - 05:34PM
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Oh Rose, jeprody friendly for sure!!! I hope the Doctor finds her quickly.
This is such a suspenseful story, keeps us guessing. Love it!!

Author's Response: I am so glad you’re enjoying it. I really appreciate your comments...keeps me inspired. We are coming to the reveal and the wrap soon so you’ll have the answers!

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What the Katerrans did to the polymorphs is reprehensible. But, I'm not surprised, as people tend to fear those who are different. I wish more of the universe followed the Vulcan's IDIC philosophy. (Star Trek is another one of my fandoms!)

I bet the Doctor's ego got a nice boost at hearing that Dr. Krillam raved about the brilliant scientist. Poor Rose and Jack; the Doctor will probably insufferable after all of this is over!

So, the monitor's recording show the pilot, but not their face. So frustrating! I also want to know why the polymorphs on the hitchhiker's ship are all disguised as Capt. Luka. Curiouser and curiouser!

Capt. Luka must be one heck of a pilot to win that contest. It explains how she was able to obtain the Infinty Dancer. And Rose believed her, which was good enough for the Doctor.

Hopefully, they will be able to get all those polymorphs on board in record time and also get to the bottom of the conspiracy. I'm sure everything will go smoothly, as it always does with our intrepid trio! Oh, who am I kidding? Their life is often just one, long cliffhanger!

“Entropy is returning to this universe. Our unknown pilot must have tampered with the device!”

Yep. Cliffhanger. Love it! Thanks for yet another great chapter! ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks Oriana1. Loved your comments, oh yes, the Doctor will preen but even he is having trouble figuring out this conspiracy. There’s only three chapters left and I post the next tonight. Thanks again!

2019.11.08 - 12:57AM
33: Chapter 33

I like how Rose and Jack know exactly what to do to bring the Doctor down a peg, even though he knows it's just some good-natured kidding around. "Why, oh why do I get such little respect?” Careful Doctor, your inner Rodney Dangerfield is showing itself!

Your description of the TARDIS widening itself in order to house the millions of Polymorphs was incredible. It looks like it is bigger on the outside now, as well as the inside.

Rose's questions for how the Polymorphs will be able to survive on their planet was something I was thinking about, too. I'm glad the the Doctor is going to go back and check on them.

Aw, a nice bit with the Doctor and Rose hugging. Jack's reaction to the two of them bonding and Rose being pregnant was sweet. I'm so happy that Jack is going to be the Godfather and the Doctor's best man. I wonder who Rose will choose? (I'm hoping for Sarah Jane!)

The hitchhiker's ship is full of polymorphs that all look like Captain Luka. I was not expecting that! I'm still trying to figure out which side Luka is on. She better be careful because the Doctor is not happy. I can picture his voice sounding like it did when he went up against Harriet Jones in the Christmas Invasion. So controlled, but but with undertones of the Oncoming Storm.

The total deflation of Captain Luka is surprising. I'm really, really curious about what she's going to say. This story has so many twists and turns and I love it! I'm going to hate to see it end.

Author's Response: I’m so glad you liked those bits because I try to capture those voices with words that sound like them so when they strike a chord with a reader it makes my day! Thanks for taking the time to share your reactions!

2019.11.04 - 12:48AM
32: Chapter 32

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I agree with Rose, there is more going on than here. The Doctor thwarted their plans with the plague and they are not happy. I'm worried about what they are going to do to the Doctor, should they get their grubby hands on him. Of course, even with the fear of what could happen, he's still happy at Rose's brilliance. Aw...

From what the Doctor is saying, it looks like he's trying to cover all his bases. Good move on his part, because with a conspiracy of that size, you have to be careful who to trust. As for Captain Luca, I keep getting weird feelings about. She almost seems too good to be true. Now, with what the Doctor's discovered about her ship, there is something definitely isn't Kosher. The Doctor is right: I have to assume the worst and hope for the best.”

Another fantastic chapter. I love these cliffhangers, they keep my cold-addled mind busy! ^_^

Author's Response: Oh terrific, you’ve caught up after your trials! Next chapter gets posted tonight! Of course we’re moving into the last chapters for our heroes so won’t be long til this adventure ends. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments and keep warm!

2019.11.03 - 11:58PM
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I'm sorry this review is so late, not to mention a bit short. I've been dealing with a very nasty cold that is finally getting better. We also had to deal with a monsoon on Halloween. Torrential rain and wind gusts of 70-80 MPH (there was even an F2 tornado outside of Philadelphia!). The wind played havoc with our internet and it was up and down. But, all is well now and I can finally read and review your latest chapters. Yay! ^_^

Author's Response: Oh gosh no need to apologize and I’m sorry to hear of your troubles. You folks have been having some fearsome weather but glad you’re over your cold. I always look forward to your reviews. My next chapter goes up tomorrow so read at your leisure! 2019.11.03

2019.11.03 - 02:23AM
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I realized I missed reviewing a couple chapters!!! Darn. That sexy chapter was so freaking HOT!!! Oh my goodness, you can write smut really well. Poor Doctor with his insecurities. Of course he will make it through and be there for his child.
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Author's Response: Wow, thanks for such lovely compliments! I’m delighted you’ve found my story exciting...it’s a bit of cat and mouse. Thank you for commenting!