2019.09.15 - 09:20PM
1: I.

Of course - and forgive me for jumping right to an angsty way that their two professional worlds could intersect - there was that time when a Torchwood mission went terribly wrong, and Rose's team was taken to the Doctor's A&E because the Torchwood facilities were too far away and it was a matter of life & death...

Sorry. My mind just naturally went there. I'm a bad, bad person.

Author's Response: Can I just say that your mind seems about just as evil and angsty as mine, and that I love it? Not saying this will happen, but I am not saying something like this WON'T ever happen either... xD

2019.09.10 - 10:05PM
9: IX.

Perfect, perfect... PERFECT!!!

That they have reached a point where they can be themselves, together and apart, is just lovely. The visit with Hannah and her mother, also lovely. The gentle bickering about cats v dogs... again, lovely!

So many TenToo/Rose stories have him joining Rose at Torchwood and those are good. They're perfectly valid because they're both adrenaline junkies and chasing aliens certainly scratches that itch. But working in a busy, London A&E would do it, too, and I like that solution even better. It gets them out of each other's shadows and, more importantly for TenToo, out of Ten's shadow.

(Of course, in a busy A&E, he's going to have to get used to "Doctor Tyler"; jumping every time he hears "Doctor" will be exhausting!)

Anyway, as I've said before, I love this "world" you've created for them. I can't wait to see where they go next!

Author's Response: Your review made my week haha! I'm so happy you liked the ending. 'Lovely' was what I was aiming for, really. I just wanted it to be soft, and to end on a positive, hopeful note. Like you, I have nothing against the many stories in which Tentoo joins Torchwood. But when I started this story, I knew it wouldn't be enough for my version of him. I do think he'll be kept very busy working in an A&E, and I just love the idea that he and Rose can follow separate paths, professionally, which I think will make them enjoy their time together even more (if possible). Keep an eye for more, it will definitely come (and it will be very soft I'm afraid hahaha!!!) Thank you so much for your support these past few months :')

2019.09.08 - 09:37PM
9: IX.

Absolutely PERFECT ending!! Totally in love with these two and you wrapped them up wonderfully. Of course, a sequel would be....fantastic.
He is the Doctor and will be an excellent doctor, no doubt about it. The Timelord Doctor got it all wrong, this Doctor is a very kind and gentle soul, he cares about people, he wants to heal and protect. And he so LOVES his Rose. They have had a rough start but through it all they have maintained their complete love for each other. That is so heartwarming.
And they are going to get married.....squeeeee. The proposal is precious and so them.
I will miss you and these two and will watch for more. EXCELLENT story, just perfect, thank you very very much ❤️

Author's Response: I'm soooo happy you enjoyed the ending :') There's only a handful of you guys reading this story over here, it's wonderful to know it pleased you xD I do agree he will make a great doctor. He does have that 'dark' streak that was present in Ten, too, but I do agree with you. Ultimately, Tentoo is kind and a tad overemotional. Or at least my version of him is, and I wouldn't want it any other way :') Definitely keep an eye out for more, I'm already planning on spending some time writing the next story today!! Thank you so very much for all your support.

2019.09.08 - 08:45PM
9: IX.

Big hugs...I know about the weepy and emotional state. I think that is why I have been churning out stories here and on AO3. Especially the dark, multi chapter one I am working on, on Archives.
Lovely story...looking for more adventures with your Doctor and Rose. :>)) Take care!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for sticking with me and this story! More will definitely come ;-) Best of luck with your writing, I feel your pain!!

2019.09.04 - 11:00PM
8: VIII.

I'm sorry about being late in reviewing. I've had to read it... and re-read it... several times.

Of course, the first thing he's going to do is save someone's life, and he's going to do it with all the intensity and certainty and inevitableness (is that a word? Must be. Grammarchek didn't clock it.) that only the Doctor could manage. Even when his world has gone arse-over-elbow and he's wandering about absolutely rudderless, he's going to find someone to save, and he's going to do it with panache. Because he is the Doctor.

Rose just needed to remember that. Really remember it.

Oh, and I purely chortled at the "squishy". Because, deep down, he's such a bloke. :D

Author's Response: Please, don't ever feel like you have to apologise for reviewing 'late', especially if it's because you reread a chapter several times omg. I'm always thrilled to receive a comment, and yours are particularly good for my morale :'D This chapter's goal really was to remind them both of what the Doctor is capable of, and what he's good at -- without him even trying. He's just meant to help people. And yes, he is absolutely a bloke, bless him! :') Thank you so much.

2019.09.02 - 02:54AM
8: VIII.

Very well written. Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Thank you very much!!

2019.09.02 - 01:02AM
8: VIII.

He is definitely the Doctor.....he helps people, he saves people. I totally get Rose's urge to protect him, having seen him die twice and knowing he can no longer regenerate. I think they needed the blowup earlier in the day. It enabled them to really talk, to share their fears and insecurities, and then to show their very deep and everlasting love for each other. These two are so amazing together.
It was little Hannah's lucky day when her path crossed with the Doctor.
You said only one more chapter to go.......I am so NOT READY for this wonderful story to end!

Author's Response: I'm not ready for this story to end either :'( But my goal is to complete at least the first draft of it today, or I'll procrastinate for a month! Thank you sooo much for your review *giant hugs*

2019.09.01 - 03:21AM
8: VIII.

Lovely finish. :>)

Author's Response: Thank you! It's not quite the end though, I have one more chapter planned for this story ;-)

2019.08.26 - 11:11PM
7: VII.

Ooooh, major angst, this chapter. Not the worst angst I have read involving the two, but right up there. It will be interesting to see where you take it.

Author's Response: Thank you! I take my angst seriously :p

2019.08.26 - 07:47PM
7: VII.

I really don't know how to respond to this chapter. I don't do well with too much angst between them and right now my heart is broken for both of them. So many very very sad feels, both of them are suffering so. Not sure if I can go on at this point. I love your Doctor so much, his pain is my pain at this point. Wow, such a heartbreaking chapter.

Author's Response: I'm not surprised this is a tough chapter to read, it was a tough one to write :-( I don't like putting such a strain on them, but they need to communicate better and get things out in the open in order to move on - together. I'm halfway done with the next chapter, which should make you feel better. You can trust me on that ;-)

2019.08.22 - 11:50PM
6: VI.

I have a baaaad feeling about Nractyl. Especially with Rose's natural "jeopardy friendliness". And how Nractyl may have cobbled something together that might - I don't know what it might do, but that it might take this fledgling bond, or whatever it is, between the Doctor and Rose to set things right...

Or is my too active imagination running away with me? I can't wait to find out!

Author's Response: I love that my story is triggering your imagination, even if I'm obviously not going to say anything at all :p Working hard on the next chapter as we speak, hopefully I'll be able to update in the next few days! Thank you for reading and reviewing!

2019.08.20 - 08:27PM
6: VI.

There are things about this chapter that concern me.... The headaches? I hope they indicate he is developing more Time Lordy abilities rather than something sinister with his health. I am concerned Torchwood has examined him so thoroughly. Could they use that knowledge against him in the future? And the last part of the chap.......makes me quite nervous
Our poor Doctor and his anxiety, his nightmares. I'm so glad Rose is there to offer so much love. This is such an emotional journey for them!!! And the coral, the telepathy, the possible bond!!! So much going on, so many feels going on.
Another perfect chapter!!

Author's Response: I don't want to give too much away, but just know that I'm planning on Tentoo living a long life, so don't worry *too* much ;-) I did aim for a more heavy, uncomfortable atmosphere in the last part of this chapter, though, just setting things up for the next chapter :p Again, no need to be too worried, I love these two too much to be too cruel. Thank you so much for your support!

2019.08.20 - 11:26AM
6: VI.

Prickling at the back of his neck? I think there is more Time Lord in there than they can see! Of course he's going through so much and she's there supporting him, but to close him out of her job so blatantly doesn't sit well... and her leaving him... him saying be carefulů I have a bad feeling about this... and I'm all caught up with this verse so can't even find out if Rose is safe or whether the Doctor is forced to go all Doctory in order to save her!!!

Author's Response: I wasn't able to keep up with replying to all your comments, but be assured that you made my day with all your feedback. I'm so glad you've enjoyed this series so far, I sure had a blast with it. Don't worry ~too much about what's coming, though. I like my angst, but I love these two too much to be TOO horrible to them ;-)

2019.08.20 - 11:00AM
5: V.

I love that you're slowly trickling Rose's story into this, showing him and us that they are actually so well matched... and maybe it was unfortunate to word it like that but it is very telling that the human part of him is far more capable(for want of a better word) than the Time Lord part of him in fulfilling her needs. Also very excited because, if he has a bank account now and a phone... he must have chosen a name???? X

2019.08.20 - 10:40AM
4: IV.

They are fused together. You know what, I picked up on the lack of pictures of her in the last chapter!? He's beginning to see how out of place she was too... almost like they were already bonded, lost without each other.... (pangs for 10), but that's always there too, that pain for both of them, thta's very real... Jackie is a bit sly and calculating, I hope she makes up for it, well, I know she will, but I had to say, she was a little heartless, wasn't she? It would serve her right if she had walked in on them doing the do after all that!! X