Reviews For Awkward

2019.05.19 - 10:37PM
1: Chapter 1

What a terrible time for an alien to show up. It really put Ianto in an uncomfortable situation. I was worried about Rhiannon and her kids getting hurt but thankfully Jack and the team arrived just in time. At least this way Ianto can tell her sister some of what's really going on in Cardiff and what his real job is. Hopefully she will remember. It must be really hard for him to have to lie to her about work all the time. Great story!

Author's Response: Yes, it was a bad situation but Ianto knew how to handle it and if Rhi had just stopped arguing and got in the car it would have been a lot easier for him. On the other hand, at least now he can stop lying to her because you know she'l choose to remember. It will bring the two of them closer. Why should Gwen be the only one to have someone on the outside who knows about Torchwood? Thank you!