Reviews For Calluses

2019.09.21 - 08:41PM
10: X.

That made for a fun Saturday afternoon in the hammock, thank you! Looking forward to reading the next stories in the series.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad it kept you entertained ^^

2019.08.19 - 08:47PM
10: X.

So beautiful... I'm sure there is a long way to go yet, but am satisfied that they will be treading that long road together... am in love with this, did I already say? Still... there is more for me to lose myself in.... joy!!! Molto bene XXX

2019.08.19 - 08:42PM
9: IX.

Is beautiful.... clarity... he is him and he is him too... love... love... love... ( why no reviews on this chapter I asked myself... but I think it's because there is very little you CAN say after that one... was perfect) XX

2019.08.19 - 07:00PM
8: VIII.

I adored this, it was so real.... no fanciful flowery bits.... It was messy and funny and sensual and needy and him becoming so very Doctory!! It was everything I wanted and needed from this story and I'm so glad you gave it the time to cover it all.... absolutely worth the gargantuan wordage... did them / it justice!! Thanks for that xxx

2019.08.19 - 03:42PM
7: VII.

I love their new honesty.... this budding whatever it is is like a single flame flickering in the breeze..... I have my hands cupped around it, protecting it.... still hoping.... x

2019.08.19 - 01:45PM
6: VI.

Oh, that was sad and sexy and funny and hopeful all rolled into one... so much to happen between them and that he actually said it, proffered it like that.... I'm in love with this pair and this xxx

2019.08.19 - 11:26AM
5: V.

The pull and sway of this is quite addictive, one minute you're beginning to feel comfortable with them and the next it's all gone a bitvpear shaped again. What I am enjoying most is the pace. It's all too easy to rush them through these first steps, but you're giving them both the time they deserve to adjust.... Oh, Rose.... of all the words in the world to use.....

Author's Response: Pace is one of my favorite things to toy with when I'm writing, that and the inevitable ups and downs that come with highly emotionally charged situations. Those two have gone through those much, I couldn't imagine them 'jumping into things' straight away. I loved loved loved writing this part of their relationship.

2019.08.19 - 11:12AM
4: IV.

He is so undeniably him, even if he can't quite grasp what he is just yet. Rose can't help but see it, even if there is a tad bit of role reversal going on. After all someone has to take some control, don't they? Love the rambling and the need to be together, oh yes please xxx

Author's Response: I very briefly entertained the thought of writing him purposefully doing and saying things to help Rose see that he really was the Doctor, until I realised I didn't need to -- he would do it all on his own just by being himself! Glad you're enjoying it so far!

2019.08.19 - 11:03AM
3: III.

Oh, there it is , Rose, your humanity is peeking out! I love the swinging between the humour and attraction of them and the tulrltamous feelings they are going through both mentally and physically x

Author's Response: I don't think Rose can remain cross long, ever, it's not in her nature, especially when she sees him struggling the way he is.

2019.08.19 - 10:54AM
2: II.

Even the angst is beautiful, and they're obvious sexual chemistry gives me much hope.

Author's Response: You're most kind thank you. Do keep this hope burning, I believe it will be worth it ;-)

2019.08.19 - 10:36AM
1: I.

Been meaning to catch up with this for eons and its going to get away from me completely if I don't do something about it The pain they are in it palpable and completely believable, it makes me ache for them both.

Author's Response: Aaaaah I'm so pleased you're reading this, you have no idea! :')) Enjoy the ride!! :D

2019.05.29 - 02:05AM
10: X.

Well I thought if I didn't review then it wouldn't be over, but that didn't work.
I have loved this story from the first chapter to the last. And you brought back memories of one of my fav scenes there at the end. Ahhhhhhh precious. And the visual made it perfect.
It has been such a journey for them and I was so glad to take the trip with them. I love the way you right them, you capture their personalities so well. I was so worried for the very vulnerable Doctor through the first few chapters and you were able to write Rose being perfectly supportive. I feel like I have been on this long journey with them.
I could go on and on about how much I gave enjoyed this but I think you already know that. I will look forward to any future stories you write. Thank you so much for hours of reading pleasure, I will definitely reread. ❤️

Author's Response: Can you tell I've postponed responding to your review, too? I know I've said it before, but you're basically the reason I kept posting this story on this website. I'm so happy you loved it as much as you did, there truly is no greater reward :') I have just completed my newest story, which should soon be posted here. I hope you'll enjoy that, too! *smooches*

2019.05.22 - 06:52AM
10: X.

Really enjoyed this - a thoughtful exploration of what might have happened next and a thoroughly good read to boot. Thank you.

Author's Response: Thank YOU for such a nice comment! I'm glad you've enjoyed my take on what might have happened ^^

2019.05.16 - 07:05PM
8: VIII.

This is the most fantastic sex scene I have ever read, made even better by the very looonnnnggggg chapter. You gave yourself time to allow a very slow build which was exquisite to say the least. Their dialogue was great, the teasing, his babbling, his poor nervous thoughts....and all along Rose encouraged him patiently, knowing exactly what he needed to put him at ease. They are so precious and sexy. Lol worried about babies and STD's, how Doctor. And her teasing there at the end, using the words she knew would get to him, I had to laugh. Nope, didn't spoil future sex for them at all, indeed.
❤️❤️❤️ Absolutely love this!!!!

Author's Response: You are KILLING ME a little more with every new review!!! I blushed so hard reading this comment haha! I'm genuinely delighted you've enjoyed this chapter so much, as you're one of the few people I think about when I write these days, since you've been so nice about this story. I loved loved loved writing this chapter, even if smut writing is never easy, they just make me happy and amuse me A LOT. Thank you so much for your support ❤️❤️❤️ :')

2019.05.16 - 05:16PM
8: VIII.

ooo, I like this story.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you're enjoying it!