Reviews For The News Agent

2019.02.12 - 02:07AM
1: Chapter 1

I just love Wilfred. Great story!

2019.02.08 - 05:15PM
1: Chapter 1

Aw, Wilf... I love him so.

A lovely bit of writing. Thank you for sharing...

Author's Response: Thank you! Wilf's one of my very favorites and I love writing him (not that I get the chance to often).

2019.02.08 - 03:09PM
1: Chapter 1

The calm before the storm. Like most of us, Grandad doesn't know all the adventure that's in store for him (too say nothing of a new son).

Author's Response: One of my favorite bits of the show is Wilf and the Doctor both saying they would be proud to be father and son. :)