Reviews For The Master's Game

2019.03.30 - 01:33PM
20: A traveler's heart

Beautiful chapter. I love how you're slowly building their 'relationship', and it would seem that they are drawn to each other, but both don't want to admit it. And it seems like Roka is good for the Master. Loved it. Well done.

2019.03.26 - 04:07PM
19: Without consequences

Ooh, I'm so jealous. I want to be under the Master's protection! I really liked how much fun they have together and the snow ball fight at the end. Roka certainly does seem to bring out the best in the Master. Loved the chapter immensely. Well done.

2019.03.21 - 08:07AM
18: Paradox

Oh this was such a good chapter. I really do love the interactions between them.
And I especially like the ending, where the Master asks her if she realises what she's asking. Perfect. Because I think at this stage of the game, I don't think that either of them comprehend that this is the moment that is a turning point for the both of them. There's no turning back now. And that he willingly takes her along really shows that his feelings for her have already developed.
Great chapter once again. Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot. x3 Yeah, I don't think they have a clue where this might lead. *giggles happily in a corner*

2019.03.16 - 11:17AM
17: The glitch's source

I loved this chapter. It explained so much. And i laughed out loud at the Master's reaction when he realised that he was basically holding her. Must have been really distracted not to notice that ;)
Great chapter as always. Well done.

2019.03.12 - 08:51PM
16: A bar on the moon

This has to be my favorite chapter, especially after seeing your fantastic drawing on DA of the Master as a bartender.
The descriptions were really great and I love the buildup in this story as well as how well the Master and Roka interact with each other. Great Chapter. Well done.

2019.03.08 - 02:27PM
15: Blink

I really love how you write the interactions between them. It feels so natural. And this chapter really helped explain a few things about Roka. I loved the part where the Master stopped her from leaving, and how she was able to help him with the drums. Great chapter.

2019.03.02 - 11:40AM
13: It's just a game

I'm surprised the Master didn't try to use hypnosis on her sooner. Though, being the Master, he would want to drag his little game out as much as he could and have a little fun. It fits with his character that he wouldn't just jump straight to getting what he wants - that would be boring for him. Great chapter.

2019.02.26 - 12:22PM
12: A moment of weakness

This was quite an insightful chapter for each character, and especially Roka's eyesight returning. Very well written, as always. Well done.

2019.02.21 - 02:46PM
11: Ghosts of yesterday

Haha. I think he quite like her curled up next to his side! And that was priceless with the Master becoming addicted to Gameboy.
Great chapter. Well done :)

2019.02.18 - 04:15PM
10: Into dark minds

Brilliant chapter. I just love the banter between Roka and the Master and how she utterly perplexes him. He's definitely found his match :D

2019.02.13 - 02:10PM
9: Blinded

Hmm, I like the mystery surrounding her eyesight. And I absolutely loved the banter between them at the end and how she managed to get him to laugh. Great chapter! Well done.

2019.02.11 - 01:19PM
8: Of tricks and fear

Me thinks the Master was feeling a bit of regret at his actions and nearly losing her, though he does try so hard to deny it. Great chapter.

2019.02.07 - 09:24PM
7: Poisoned

Ooohhh, me thinks the Master is seriously regretting his little game. And maybe feeling a tad bit peeved that Roka played him so well. The Master has met his match! Great chapter. Well done!

2019.02.05 - 01:45PM
6: Professional Research

I'm glad I get a chance to reread this story - it keeps things fresh in my mind.
Great chapter and I love how Roka gives back just as good as she gets from the Master. I especially loved how unnerved he was by her staring. lol. Great chapter and I look forward to the next one. Well done.

2019.01.31 - 03:50PM
5: Voiceless screams

It's curious that Roka can hear the whale's cries, but the Master can't. Will they find a way to free it? I hope so. I certainly like the fact that the Master covers up his good deeds by claiming its for a nefarious purpose. He certainly can't look soft in front of others. :) Great chapter. Well done!