Reviews For The Master's Game

2019.05.20 - 08:44PM
35: Reversed roles

lol. Gosh I love the way you portray the Master - and I really loved the temper and showdown with the Doctor.
Oh boy, things are not going to be easy between the two.
Oooh, and the way the Master got all protective over Roka when the Doctor wanted her to get away - priceless.
Fantastic chapter, as always. Well done.

2019.05.17 - 05:59PM
34: The Doctor

EEEKKK! They freed the whale - and the whale from Moby Dick, no less. And the Doctor!!!! OMG! That was a spectacular ending to the chapter. I was wondering what had happened to him :D
This chapter was so gooood. Full of feels and humor and a great repertoire between the Master and Roka. LOVED it! Well done.

2019.05.14 - 10:27AM
33: Something new

Fantastic chapter. I really do love this flirty side to the Master and how he has accepted his feelings towards Roka, even if he doesn't fully trust her yet. I do wonder what he has planned, though?
And I really LOVEd the part where he looked after her and tended to her and even shared a bed with her. I really want to know what was going through his head when he did that? lol.
Well done.

2019.05.10 - 11:28PM
32: A promise

Oh oh oh. There's so much going on! Where to start. Loved how you hinted that the Master does indeed have a good heart - he just chooses not to show it. I loved the chaos both Masters caused and I could so imagine them playing their guitars. And then the last bit. It sounded very much like a proposal on the Master's part :D And it was so perfect. A promise sealed by a kiss. *swoon*
Brilliant chapter!!!

2019.05.07 - 02:55PM
31: Insight

Dun dun dun...ah haha, I bet the older Master and Roka are sure going to stir some trouble with his younger self! I can't wait to read about it.
This was a brilliant chapter. I loved how they talked it out and made up (yes, kissing! I want to read lots more of that!) Sigh, I can't tell you how much I am loving this story and how much I am shipping the Master and Roka. This story gets better with every chapter.
Well done!

2019.05.02 - 04:57PM
30: Double trouble

Argh, of course the Master would act like an idiot and avoid and ignore her! *throttles the Master* lol
I LOVED meeting this other Master. He looks absolutely yummy in that picture on DA. And it sounds like he was quite the rascal :D
I really enjoyed this chapter. Well done!

2019.04.29 - 04:21PM
29: A wish

I think I just leapt out of my chair and squealed like a little girl!!! Yes! Finally! Bloody hell, that was excellent. And I loved the way he was all flustered afterwards :D Well done. Please tell me there's going to be more...please, please, please!

2019.04.25 - 06:18PM
28: Cold fear

Holy crap!!! That was intense! My heart was literally racing along with Roka's. So many question, but the one I want answered right now is: are things going to work out between these two? Are they going to make up? Please tell me he's not going to keep on hating her. And to mark her with his name is quite...possessive. Very much the Master. Great chapter. Well done!

2019.04.22 - 05:51PM
27: Farewell

Oh that was utterly sad as well as beautiful. I so badly want these to together, yet everything seems to be conspiring to keep them apart, themselves included. I wonder if she will return at midnight or if she will run - my money is on that she will return.
Very well written and quite captivating. Well done.

2019.04.19 - 03:54PM
26: Countdown

*audible gasp*

Oh my lordy lord! That was quite the cliffhanger! I'm on tenterhooks right now...poor Roka...
This was a fantastic chapter! Very well written and kept me utterly enthralled. You have me rooting so hard for the Master and Roka. It was just beautiful how you described their profound loneliness. And the feelings that are developing between the two is just so well written.
Well done and I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

2019.04.19 - 03:53PM
25: Lucid memories

Hmm, seems Roka and the Master are more alike, though the Master insists he is evil. And maybe he was, but I like that he's changing. I don't think Roka was evil, per say, but her circumstances led her to do some pretty horrible things. And I think that makes her similar to the Master.
I wonder if seeing her past has been a sort of epiphany for the Master...It was quite sad that she did not remember sharing this moment with him and the almost intimate moment in the end...but he remembers...
Great chapter. Well done. I look forward to the next update.

2019.04.13 - 12:31AM
24: Insanity

This one had me all welled up inside. Please, please, please tell me he's not actually going to kill her sometime in the future. Oh please say it isn't so. I think that would absolutely break his hearts - along with what little sanity he's holding on to. But it makes sense. He's the grim reaper Roka was talking about, and he remembers that means he does kill her. Oh geez, now I'm getting myself worked up.
But seriously, this was just phenomenal. I loved the way you showed how the Master has a tentative grip on sanity and sometimes slips into a mindless madman. And it shows that he really does care for her by the measures he takes, even when bordering on madness, to keep her safe.
Great chapter and well done! P.S. I loved the fact that the Master used to have a pirate ship. This is soooo him :D

2019.04.09 - 02:00PM
23: Being casual

This was such a cute chapter. The Master getting scared over horror movies! lol. It was also kind of sad that no one has ever done anything nice for him...I'm so glad that Roka is showing him some compassion and kindness. Maybe that's what the Master needs.
I liked the part when he gives her fashion tips and a makeover. He is quite a stylish Time Lord, if I do say so myself.
And the way things are going, I doubt that the Master will end her existence. At least I hope not!
Another great and enjoyable chapter. Well done!

2019.04.06 - 08:45AM
22: The feeling of time

What a beautiful chapter. But, goddammit! I was hoping they were going to kiss! :D You're building up the tension between them quite beautifully and I can't wait to see how their 'relationship' develops.
I really enjoyed the part where the Master shows Roka what he feels - it was a vulnerable thing for him to do and shows that he trusts her, and on some level he really wants to share a piece of himself with her.
Just beautiful. I can't wait for the next update. Well done.

2019.04.02 - 11:35AM
21: Keep running

Geez, that hit right in the feels. The poor Master. I just want to give him a hug :( I hope he and Roka can figure something out with the Doctor. This was a pivotal moment as I think the Master and Roka are starting to realise their feelings for each run more deep and hopefully they'll both accept it. She certainly makes him better. I do wonder, though, how they're going to get rid of the drums in his head? Great chapter and I eagerly wait for the next one. Well done.