Reviews For The Master's Game

2019.08.05 - 01:55AM
50: Epilogue

Iíve been following this fanfiction since January, and I just went and made an account on this site just so I could tell you that itís been 7 years since Iíve straight up CRIED over a fanfiction, but this chapter managed it. I got to where she wakes back up and theyíre sitting back to back, and when she mentioned dying alone, I BROKE. Iím so glad it had a happy ending, but GOODNESS you scared me for a bit! Iíve been bragging about this fic to my Doctor Who friends and I donít think I can stop. Itís so good.

Author's Response: Aaaaaaaaaw! Oh my gosh, thank you so much! Q__Q *hugs all the air out of your lungs* ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡ (There already is a sequel running btw. *sneakily points at it and hides* )

2019.07.23 - 11:20PM
49: The end of time

What?! That can't be the end?!!! Get right back here and give me the next happy ending chapter - one where the Master finds her and they live happily ever after. Though, the other story you're writing now makes perfect sense, but still...I need closure :(
I really like the spin you put on The End of Time episode, and it was really heartbreaking to watch them lose each other. I also liked the fact that she played a part in the 'Professor Yana' saga - well done. It all tied in very nicely together. But now I'm feeling all depressed. Tell me this isn't the end? Please...don't make me beg. lol.
Fantastic chapter. Well done!

2019.07.23 - 11:19PM
48: Friend and foe

Holy fu...dge! I did not see that coming! Stuck in the Time War! Oooh, are we gonna see the Eighth Doctor...He's so dreamy lol. But seriously, how the hell is she going to get out of that????
Loved the chapter, as usual. Jack was perfectly written and I loved all the snarkiness between him and the Master. But I desperately want to know what's going to happen next! Please, please, please let the Master get her out in time.
Well done!

2019.07.23 - 11:19PM
47: One of many

EEEK! They're going to Torchwood! I loved, loved, loved this chapter. Six billion Masters...Roka is one lucky gal ;) I especially loved the banter between them, but it was kinda depressing that this version of the Master is affected by her glitch. I really hope they fix everything. I can't wait for the next chapter. Well done!

2019.07.07 - 11:10AM
46: The final stage

Things are now escalating and getting intense. This was a great chapter, where we observed both the Master's and Roka's POV. I do hope she finds her way back, and that the Doctor and the Master find a way to get rid of the drums soon.
Great chapter as always. Well done!

2019.07.01 - 01:01PM
45: Empire of dust

Don't leave me with that cliffhanger!!! Come back! I need to know where he has sent her.
Wow, this was just such a great chapter - emotionally fuelled. The way you have described the Master's descent into madness was just great. And he's still trying to protect her. He really does love her.
Now I have to wait for the next chapter. I'll be here sulking in the corner until that happens ;)
Great chapter. Well done.

2019.06.30 - 11:22AM
44: Silence

Wow. This chapter was just phenomenal. It was great to get the Master's POV and what is actually going through his mind. Oh, his poor daughter...I just about welled up reading that part. He lost so much, it's no wonder he's trying so hard to keep Roka away. I really can't wait to see what happens next. Well done!

2019.06.23 - 10:55AM
43: Crescendo

Oh my heart. The poor Master. I just wanna give him a bear hug, regardless of whether he'll strangle me in the process.
I really hope the Doctor can work something out, but I have a feeling we're getting to the episode of 'The End of Time', where the Timelords come back. If so, I can't wait to see how Roka plays a part in it. Things are getting really exciting.
Great chapter. Well done.

2019.06.14 - 07:21PM
42: Small changes

Aww man, this chapter was just too cute and funny! I loved how they had to drag each other out of certain rooms, and then the Doctor interrupting them...he really does have terrible timing.
And I love how the Doctor and the Master bicker all the time - they really are like two toddlers. At least the Doctor is now giving him more freedom, which I'm sure the Master is going to use to his advantage.
I also like how easygoing the relationship between Roka and the Master is. The gel quite nicely together.
Fantastic chapter. Well done.

2019.06.10 - 01:10PM
41: A severed bond

AHHHHHH!!! Oh my word! They finally did it! And you made the moment perfect.
I felt so sorry for the Master, suffering from the severed bond. I do hope they form a permanent one. These two are so perfect together. Great chapter. Well done!

2019.06.08 - 12:02PM
40: Lost

I seriously thought for a minute that they were going to leave her behind. Thankfully the Master didn't let the Doctor leave without her. I laughed when Roka called the Doctor Papa and the Master commenting that he had now been adopted. Priceless!
I do hope they will be able to cure the Master and soon. And I really enjoyed the interaction between Roka and the Doctor. Though, when they were talking about the subject of love, I was expecting him to admit that he loved Rose...sorry, I still ship those two so badly ;)
Great chapter. Well done.

2019.06.08 - 12:01PM
39: Old gods

Oh. My. Word! This was an epic chapter, and you had me on tenterhooks all the way through to the end. I really can't wait to read the next update and fins out what happens!
Your descriptions were fantastic and I felt as though I were in the cave with them, experiencing what Roka was going through. Just fantastic!
Great chapter. Well done!

2019.05.31 - 01:28PM
38: Dinner for three

You make the day bearable with such lovely updates. I found it rather amusing the interaction between the Master and the Doctor. And the end scene was really sweet between Roka and the Master. They fit perfectly together. Great update. Well done.

2019.05.28 - 02:38PM
37: A secret

This was just such a fantastic chapter. Where to start...I liked how the Master destroyed all of the Doctor's favorite books. It was heartbreaking to learn how he killed his daughter when the drums became too overwhelming. And I loved how Roka stood up for him and refused to leave his side and gave him the love and comfort he needed. I do hope they find a way to rid the drums from his head, and soon.
Great chapter. Well done!

2019.05.24 - 05:44PM
36: The sound of drums

Awww, he loooves her! hehe.
My word, this chapter was intense, and I really appreciate how you showed what the sound of drums were capable of doing. Roka only endured two weeks of it - the Master his whole lifetime. It's no wonder he's completely mental most of the times.
And I loved how remorseful he was in the end -even actually apologising. And he was so worried about her - aww, that just about melted my heart :)
Fantastic chapter as always, and I really can't wait to read the next one. Can't you update sooner??? lol