Reviews For Betrayal And Loss

2018.12.13 - 04:40PM
1: Chapter 1

I enjoyed the insight into Ianto's mind of the events after Abbadon and when Jack left to see the Doctor. Ianto was really hurting without him when he thought that Jack wasn't going to revive. It feels to Ianto that Jack just came back to life only to leave again. The team had way too much work to do with him gone. It's just too bad that Jack didn't end up in a good place when he left. I wonder if he'd ever tell Ianto what happened to him while he was gone. Great story!

Author's Response: Poor Ianto was devastated. I'm sure he wanted to believe that Jack would come back, but as the days passed believing must have got harder and harder. I like to think that Jack would eventually tell Ianto at least some of what happened to him, if only because Ianto would notice the nightmares. Thank you!