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Author's Response: Thank you for such lovely comments! Youíve made my day! Reactions like yours keep us going so thanks for reading my story and taking the time to comment!

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Author's Response: Ahhh, youíre making me tear up now with your kind words! Seriously Sweetie, I am so glad you enjoyed it. I am writing another so stay tuned and thanks again!

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Author's Response: Iím so glad you enjoyed this chapter. Itís rewarding to hear your reactions and thanks for following my story. Tomorrow I post the next and last chapter of this story but of course their story continues!

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Author's Response: Always a pleasure to hear from you. Itís encouraging to know people are following. Only two chapters left and my story will be finished. Thank you so much!

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Author's Response: Oh, thanks for letting me know. Fingers crossed youíll like it then! Cheers

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Author's Response: So glad you liked it! Our heroes are facing great danger and the point of no return! Iím thrilled you are still on board and letting me know your reactions!

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Author's Response: Honestly I am so happy you respond to the story and let me know what you think I could hardly take issue with when! Thank you for taking the time to comment. Best regards!

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Author's Response: Oh wow thatís high praise. Iím thrilled youíre enjoying it! Thanks to you I am over the moon!

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Author's Response: Your insights are brilliant and youíre right about Jack but I do think heís happy for the Doctor and the Doctor trusted Jack to unravel how his words hurt Rose. Course Rose, in her own way, is tough. Sheís such a good match for the Doctor. Thanks luv!

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Author's Response: Thanks! Iím delighted you enjoyed the chapter. Next chapter is up tomorrow. It always makes my day to get your comments.

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Author's Response: Too true! Poor Doctor has a lot of experience with fear and stress. I enjoyed your insight. Thanks so much!

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Author's Response: Youíve foreshadowed a theme in the next chapter. Well done Joan Redfern! Seriously I very much appreciated your comments. Best Regards

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Author's Response: I am so thrilled you found it good enough to read twice. Wow, thanks so much for making my day my dear!

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Author's Response: Delighted as always to hear from you! It makes my day. I enjoy reading about the parts you enjoyed. Clowns donít affect me but you know what, I get why theyíre creepy! Thanks for following my story Oriana1

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Author's Response: Thank you. I am glad youíre enjoying it and yes, the next chapter will be posted today. Thanks for taking the time to comment.