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25: Chapter 25

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2019.08.09 - 03:31AM
25: Chapter 25

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2019.08.04 - 08:56PM
24: Chapter 24

Tardis Ghost

Yiiiiiiiiep! Ahhhh, thank you so much for that shout-out! x3
Oh, this gets tense. The poor Time Lords. It seems as if both are not quite get what they want. But now that they are bonded they really have to think of something. I mean... in Rose's stead I'd know what I'd choose... *hides behind the Master*
Can't wait to read more!

2019.08.04 - 12:26AM
24: Chapter 24

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2019.08.03 - 10:18PM
24: Chapter 24

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2019.04.11 - 12:19AM
8: Chapter 8

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2019.04.02 - 04:56PM
23: Chapter 23

I really hope that that was just an alternate future and it doesn't really happen later on. The hotel room scenes were really creepy and unnerving. I keep thinking that maybe Bad Wolf sent those visions to Rose to warn her about the future.

2019.04.01 - 07:25PM
23: Chapter 23

Ehehehe, I love that little scene between them. I bet Rose enjoyed that kiss more than she is willing to admit.
I really hope it won't end like in the vision. I don't think, Rose could handle that. And what would become of the Master in that scenario...
Maybe the TARDIS brought them there, so they would see it... and work harder together to not let this version happen.
Amazing chapter. Thank you!

2019.03.17 - 05:55PM
22: Chapter 22

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