Reviews For Across the Void

2021.05.04 - 03:20AM
7: VII.

Guh! Double Guh! Darn girl, you can sure write the Doctor & Rose together!

Author's Response: Thank you very much haha!! ^^'

2019.02.25 - 07:39PM
7: VII.

Wow! this straight through. Loved the interactions with all three people. The show writers have left so much on the table with these three. Great story.

Author's Response: I just realised I never replied to your review I'm sorry!! Thank you so much, this story was so much fun to write, the Doctor, Rose and Donna are my favourite people on that show, so it was delightful, having them all interacting with each other :')

2019.02.11 - 11:11PM
7: VII.

WOW. I am truly blown away by the emotional intensity of your writing. One of the more evenly-paced romances between them that I've read here. It all feels true to their characters.

Author's Response: Waking up to your reviews was a delightful surprise. Thank you so much, you made my day :'))

2019.02.11 - 07:38PM
1: I.

"...hope, freckles, and rain." *I DIED* 😉

2018.11.11 - 02:05AM
7: VII.

I just read this story in its entirety, and found it to be a very imaginative retelling of the Runaway Bride. It was also very romantically sensual and touching, imagining them finally getting to be together again and in all the ways possible. Well done!

2018.11.10 - 03:13PM
1: I.

*speculating not specating!!!!

2018.11.10 - 03:11PM
7: VII.

That was so beautiful... a perfect first time. I loved the whole link and bonding and a void Rose didn't mind toppling into.... oh there's so much to comment on but I don't want to leave spoilers. I am interested to know more about "you shouldn't be here". It does leave me specating a great deal and also on AO3 I read a review where someone suggested that maybe we could see more as they grow in confidence with it. In think that could work without having to be too graphic... gotta keep the romance and this certainly did... I will miss it, so hurry up and write something else!!! XXX

2018.11.06 - 08:32PM
6: VI.

That was just so lovely.... perfect moments between them and the TARDIS, the naughty girl, but shes probably had enough... I loved the sloppy foreplay and after that the only way Rose was going to settle down was exactly like that.... I'm rather excited for the next chapter!!! X

Author's Response: With Donna gone, I felt they needed someone/something else to intervene and make sure they got some snugly time :p As always, thank you for your endless support on this story!

2018.11.05 - 09:42PM
1: I.

frin tennant 2018.11.04 - 10:00PM 5: V. Signed
I have to be honest, the man could stun gun me any time!!! I think that the reason he was loosing control in The Runaway Bride was because he lost Rose... and in Turn Left he didn't even have Donna to stop him... Here, however, I think it was the only way to save them all... there was the sorrow for what might have been and protecting what is to come... The sensual undertone to this is so wonderful... palpable, even... and their joint relationship with Donna worked fabulously!! XLaters X

Author's Response: Thank you, as always!! When it comes to the Racnoss, it definitely was a bit of a tricky scene to write; I had a hard time picturing the Doctor behaving differently from the way he did in the episode. Even with Rose back, I felt it was just too recent to have had an impact in that situation. I *loved* writing the three of them together though :')

2018.11.04 - 09:49PM
5: V.

You know, with "Turn Left", we know the Doctor was at a point where he was willing to let himself die with the Racnoss if Donna hadn't stopped him. But do you think that he would have been at that same point, needing to be stopped and reminded to save himself, if Rose had been there? Just a thought.

Author's Response: The doctor's reaction toward the Racnoss is definitely something I thought about when I was writing this bit. In the end I decided to keep his behaviour the same as it was in the episode because I felt like he'd become more reckless again during his time without Rose, and that at this point, she wouldn't have been back with him long enough to impact his overall reactions in that scene. You raise a good point though!

2018.11.04 - 03:20AM
4: IV.

You capture their push and pull so perfectly!

Author's Response: That's such a nice compliment, thank you!

2018.11.03 - 04:34PM
4: IV.

I love how you wove Rose's humanity into this... that she came up fighting for Donna was just a work of art and reminds one how good she is for tge Doctor. This just all fits so welll... perfick, one might say xxx

Author's Response: I absolutely despise the things Lance says to Donna in that one scene, and it's always bothered me that the Doctor didn't castrate him or something. Not that it's his style obviously, but you know what I mean xD Once again, thank you for your support!!

2018.11.02 - 08:02PM
3: III.

Oh so close.....I'm really enjoying this story.
The mysterious man with the camera, is that the guy that caught what happened to Donna?
Love the tender moments, their bond is so emotional!
Thanks for the update.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading a reviewing! The camera man is indeed the guy who filmed the wedding; I didn't want to just rewrite all these scenes from the episode so I took some shortcuts, sorry if it's confusing!

2018.11.02 - 05:52PM
3: III.

That was such a sensual moment..... the bond between them so tangible. Rose seems uber susceptible to the telepathy which rather excites me... so the wedding video mmm? I love this very muchly, can you tell?

Author's Response: You are SPOILING me with all these reviews! What am I going to do with myself when I'm done resposting this haha! ;) As I've said a few times before, I'm very new to the fandom, and I'll admit I have a (obvious) thing for the telepathy trope; I just love the kind of bond it gives them *SIGHS*

2018.11.02 - 05:49PM
3: III.

Iím really enjoying this - send more soon :-)

Author's Response: Thank you! :)