Reviews For Snock Story

2022.02.12 - 06:23AM
6: Snock Flock Reunion

I've missed the snocks. It's nice to see that Owen is getting a bit attached to them. I can't believe that there are so many in the Hub. I'm so glad that you wrote some new stories for them.

Author's Response: Thank you! Owen is a softie deep down. Jack has been losing socks for a long time. Maybe existing snocks find the lost socks and nurse them through their transition... I'm still looking for new snock ideas, so if you have any, let me know.

2019.07.07 - 05:06AM
5: Snocktaking

I can't believe that they have that many snocks but I guess the Hub is a pretty big place. It's cool to think that they all have their own individual markings that make them unique. I wonder if there's ever been any wacky coloured snocks like holiday snocks or multicoloured snocks. Now my mind is imagining all these different types. Ha ha!

Author's Response: You never know, some brightly coloured snocks could turn up at some point, maybe in the archives. Perhaps Ianto has hidden Jack's hideous Christmas socks down there... Thank you!

2018.12.13 - 04:41PM
3: Snocked

Poor snock! What a terrible thing to happen to it.

Author's Response: Luckily, Owen is an excellent doctor and will tend to the little snock with as much care and dedication as he'd show any other patient. It was a terrible accident, but the snock will make a full recovery. Thank you!

2018.10.19 - 08:48PM
1: Snock Story

I love the snocks. I think they'd be handy to have around the Hub. They seem like they'd be pretty cute. I can see why Jack likes them.

Author's Response: Thank you! My friend smallhobbit invented them, but kindly allowed me to play with them. Jack is a softy who likes most soft or fluffy things, and he has a sort of paternal pride in what used to be his socks ;) I could use a few snocks myself to keep the dust bunnies under control.