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Author's Response: Thanks so much. Our duo are over the top in all things thank goodness. This business with Daryl is going to have to be faced! Love your comments.

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Author's Response: Thank you so much Oriana1. Always appreciate your take as our duo face their challenges whether itís getting together or facing the monsters!

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I definitely think that Daryl is a serial killer; I agree with Laurie Spitzer regarding the Bad Samaritan vibe. I think that sicko Daryl could give Cale Erendreich a run for his money!

Author's Response: I am so glad youíre back. I missed your comments. Sorry about the connection problems. I canít wait for you to catch up and thank you for sticking with my story.

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Author's Response: I do so enjoy your comments! Thanks for following my story! It will not be long before you find out what happens next. I promise!

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Author's Response: I really appreciate your comments. Three four days max and I will post the next chapter. Thanks so much for sticking with my story!

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Author's Response: True dat! They never seem to get a break but at least there are a few more ahem...perks than before! Thanks so much for commenting.

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Author's Response: Thanks, itís lovely to have you back and thanks for the review.

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Good grief, I was having so much fun I almost forgot we have a super demented perv on the loose. Darn, guess we have to get back to the real world next chapter. Welllll it was perfect while it lasted.

Author's Response: OMG. You make me chuckle. First thanks so much for your comments. I am glad you enjoyed. I canít tell you too much about next chapter but it wonít be long. Thanks again

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Author's Response: Ahhh, thank you! I really appreciate your comment. They truly get together in the next chapter, this is the lead up. I am of the view that these two should not be separated...ever! Thanks for making my day!

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Author's Response: Tsk, tsk, Doctor Ten wouldnít do that, would he? Thanks so much.

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Author's Response: So glad youíve felt that Bad Samaritan vibe! I had fun with the cyborg. Thanks so much for your comments. They make my day!

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Author's Response: Your comments made me laugh...thanks so much for taking the time. Glad you liked the sex doll bit....er Cyborg. One reveal...Rose wonít set foot in that bathroom! Thanks so much for your comments.

Author's Response: Your comments made me laugh...thanks so much for taking the time. Glad you liked the sex doll bit....er Cyborg. One reveal...Rose wonít set foot in that bathroom! Thanks so much for your comments.

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Author's Response: Very happy to hear from you and since I was aiming for suspense I am thrilled your comments confirmed it. I will be posting within two days. Thanks so much!

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Author's Response: Thanks so much for commenting. This story is dark but the light comes from their developing relationship. But that raises the stakes. Thanks again for following my story.

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Author's Response: Sorry about the cliffie and the mood kill but our babies will be sizzling together soon. Promise I will post again this week. Loved your comments and thanks so much.