Reviews For The Master Calls

2019.01.10 - 03:11PM
19: Chapter 19

This is such an amazing story. Emotional, with a good amount of action. I love how you portrait their characters and let them interact with each other.
I really had to force myself not to binge read this, but ended up reading at least a chapter a day instead. :D
Many kudos and thanks for the wonderful story.

2018.09.10 - 03:11PM
19: Chapter 19

I truly enjoyed this and found the idea of a saner Master plausible with the help of a caring person such as Rose...their broken selves could only be healed by the other...thanks for sharing and will be looking for your next story.

2018.09.09 - 03:05PM
18: Chapter 18

I could so picture Corweena and "her" pony...Rose is now mentally ready to move on from the Doctor and Torchwood to her new life with the Master...yes, she needed to say her goodbye to her old life and old love.

2018.09.09 - 04:36AM
17: Chapter 17

I canít even begin to tell you how much I loved this. Well done!

2018.09.08 - 06:15PM
17: Chapter 17

Missy's hints led me to believe that Rose would find the Doctor again but was not prepared for the timing and insight into the update with mixed emotions.

2018.09.07 - 01:04PM
16: Chapter 16

This outburst was long overdue I the question is where did she go and will they forgive the other anytime soon...very emotional update.

2018.09.06 - 11:43PM
15: Chapter 15

Well, that's a strange turn of events...Missy came back for a reason and wonder if it's to ensure Rose is comfortable with the change to ensure when the time comes she chooses the question is what or who is on the other end of her choice.

2018.09.05 - 04:58PM
14: Chapter 14

Oh, what a wild was tense up until they found the TARDIS and vowed their love to each other...agree with Rose, everything had been leading up to them finding each other...great update.

Author's Response: Thank-you :)

2018.09.05 - 12:55PM
13: Chapter 13

Just how I had imagined their first time together, hot quick and possessive...they fit together in more ways than one.

2018.09.03 - 07:07PM
12: Chapter 12

To be honest, I'm very nervous about what they might encounter at Bad Wolf Bay...or who.

2018.09.02 - 09:56PM
11: Chapter 11

Rose calling him "Master" was a true testimant of how far off the edge he had gone...hopefully he found comfort knowing others saw him and Rose as being good for the other and the realization that he has "family" should he will willing to embrace it.

2018.09.02 - 12:36AM
10: Chapter 10

So least it's something they both want and will take without guilt or second guessing.

2018.08.31 - 05:09PM
9: Chapter 9

I believe it's clear they were destined to be there for each other to heal and to have another chance for a happy ever after...curious as to the voice Rose heard after her episode...possibly Bad Wolf or the TARDIS...I am very much enjoying this story.

Author's Response: Thank-you for your reviews. The voice that Rose hears will be answered in the last chapter - so 10 more chapters to go. I'm glad you're enjoying this story - it is much appreciated.

2018.08.30 - 07:07PM
8: Chapter 8

What a wonderful update, had intrigue, warmth and comfort and some great laughable moments.

2018.08.29 - 03:23PM
7: Chapter 7

I feel a bit of happiness for the Master...not sure he's ever been wanted/chosen for himself and the potential good he could offer...the sexual tension is going to come to a head soon.