2018.07.26 - 01:51PM
2: Chapter 1

God, I love this series so much. I read Be Afraid a while ago (and adored it), and only this morning did I realize that you had written a whole bunch of other stories for this universe! And I ended up spending a good few hours just reading and immersing myself in this world, and it's just... so good? You have an incredible way of writing that's almost fairy tale-esque in its execution. Your worlds and stories are so clever and colorful, and I want to read them forever.

And your Doctor is great! She's bright and brave and kind and flawed, and if the Whittaker!Doctor is even as half as wonderful as yours is, season 11 will be very good indeed. She's good at improvising in a sticky situation, is trying her best, and is having a blast bouncing through the universe, and is questioning herself all the while (i especially loved the realization in the previous story when that man was rude to her in the shop, that was very well written). And may I just say, I absolutely LOVE the TARDIS design for this series - both inside and out. I desperately want to draw every tiny little thing from this series. (I want to LIVE in this series)

Chris is delightful! I wouldn't have thought a kid would be such an effective companion, but you played your hand perfectly with her. I love the journey you've put her through, with the teenage version of her being so very disillusioned with the Doctor's methods. (my hands-down favorite line from all of this - “Fine,” said Chris. “But I might be a teenager about it.”) And the ending! A family TARDIS team (well, not counting amy/rory/river/11 anyway) is a novel concept and one that I'm very much on board with!

There is so much hope and joy in this series. It makes my heart swell. Thank you for writing it.

Author's Response: Thank you! I’m afraid it will also get very dark towards the end, if I do indeed manage to finish it.