Reviews For Time Rewritten

2020.04.17 - 05:50PM
21: Chapter 21

I felt compelled to write a review for this story because it was by far the most emotional thing I've ever read in my life. I don't really like the eleventh doctor but in this story he was perfect. And I also think that Rose would love him anyway. Although I also think that her favorite was the ninth. I'm not ashamed to say that I cried with all of them saying goodbye to her, just to remember my eyes get wet. T-T

2019.04.30 - 11:42PM
21: Chapter 21

Aaaaaw, I inwardly squealed at nine suddenly appearing!
I love what he said about how everyone stays the same person deep down. Especially when thinking about how eleven and Rose have to come to terms with eachother.
You wrote the curator scene so wonderfully, seriously. I had tears in my eyes.
It all came together very lovingly in the end. I'm sure they'll be fine with each other.
That is is a brilliant story! Pat yourself on the shoulder. I loved it a lot All of it!

2019.04.29 - 11:17PM
20: Chapter 20

Rose can be really lucky to have three Doctors to snog, just standing around. xD I bet she enjoyed that a lot.

2019.04.29 - 12:52AM
19: Chapter 19

I honestly don't remember much about that episode, so no idea what exactly you changed. But reading it like this and all the scenes between the Doctors and Rose, it's just amazing and makes me wish Rose would have been more than only the conscience of the moment in the show. UwU

2019.04.28 - 12:35AM
18: Chapter 18

Now that's an interesting turn of events and an even more interesting take on the episode.
Gosh, it breaks my heart to think about having to make such a choice. I really hope this will end well for them, even though I can't see how, yet.

2019.04.25 - 09:57PM
17: Chapter 17

Ah, a moment of rest. And they finally overcame themselves and the past (and future). It's good that they have ech other. I too want to visit Arcadia, it sounds so lovely. UvU

2019.04.24 - 11:36PM
16: Chapter 16

Good thing they could destroy the Daleks. It's just so sad that Cinder had to die, poor girl. At least she got a nice resting spot.

2019.04.22 - 11:32PM
14: Chapter 14

Oh man, I feel so sorry for Rose, for loosing her family.
It must be so hard to see someone age and know they will die while you live on. That's the only reason I always think immortality would actually be a bad thing.
And oh ****** No! *stares at the monitor with teary eyes*

2019.04.22 - 11:31PM
13: Chapter 13

That weapon that erases people really is scary. *shivers*
I'm just glad Rose didn't get hit. Oh gosh, that would be... no I don't even want to imagine it.
And oh no! They got them. That's bad.

2019.04.18 - 12:13AM
12: Chapter 12

Phew, that's a monster of a chapter! And I don't mean the word count, lol.
That must have taken lots of effort to dig out all the details about all regenerations. Or you simply have an extraordinary memory. xD
That was so intense to read. Really enjoyed it.

2019.04.11 - 12:23AM
10: Chapter 10

Oh god, no. That's... I was halfway expecting it as soon as she made the decision, but it's still a shock. This is utterly sad, and at the same time still awesome that they stay together through it all.
Brilliant chapter.

2019.04.11 - 12:22AM
8: Chapter 8

Now I'm sad, because it obviously ended bad in some way. *sigh*
Still, that was a truly beautiful chapter! I love so much how they overcame everything and just could accept each other. And how he is still the Doctor, but can also live as a human.

2019.04.11 - 12:22AM
7: Chapter 7

Poor Rose. So many things to process. It's good she met a more open Doctor to help her through this. And having a handkerchief really suits him. xD

2019.04.11 - 12:22AM
4: Chapter 4

Oof, what an intense chapter. All the hurt that went through poor Rose. Especially the scene where she saw all the old photos.
And the Doctor being a d*** was interesting, but kinda fitting.

2019.02.12 - 05:58PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh, I wanted to read this for a long time now. I love the interaction between the crew at the beginning. It's so them. :D
And oh my, Rose... I wonder what made her lose her memories...