Reviews For Double Vision

2018.06.23 - 07:30PM
1: Chapter 1

I guess having eyes in the back of your head isn't as handy as it sounds. Poor Ianto. He sure had it rough. I can see how it would've been hard for him to get used to them especially if the back eyes wouldn't close on their own. I was thinking maybe covering them up with a hat would work but it looks like Owen had a great idea with the bandages. I also liked the enjoyment that Owen got out of this latest medical mystery and Ianto's usual dry humor. I loved it!

Author's Response: Even when he's dealing with a totally confounding problem, Ianto's dry humour comes through. Bit of a coping mechanism at times. Naturally Owen loves the weird stuff, even if his patient wasn't as thrilled. If Ianto's brain hadn't been so addled from dealing with two sets of visuals, he might have though of covering one set of eyes himself. Thank you!