2020.08.01 - 09:59PM
12: Chapter 12

The Time Garden was a great idea and one where the Doctor could be romantic and prove himself to Rose...enjoyed the bit of rebellious students trying to make changes peacefully.

2020.08.01 - 02:16AM
12: Chapter 12

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This was so worth the wait. Has it really been a year since the last chapter? Now I truly feel guilty.

The Time Garden is such a brilliant concept to remind Rose who the Doctor is, what he's capable of, and that he can be romantic if he makes the effort. And I loved the identity crisis Rose went through (because you know I love to torment my characters a bit, too). I can barely wait for the next chapter.


2019.10.14 - 02:16AM
11: Chapter 11

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2019.03.02 - 11:45PM
10: Chapter 10

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Author's Response: I hope so too. :) Iím scribbling away at it!! Thanks again, Iím always delighted to hear from you!

2019.03.02 - 11:43PM
9: Chapter 9

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Author's Response: Poor Doctor, heís always hated feeling indebted to Rickey lol. Thank you for reading <3 <3 <3

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10: Chapter 10

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Author's Response: Well, I may have laid out clues but I really didnít explain anything, so I donít blame you for being confused! :) But yes, the Doctor is giddy for good reason and all will be explained in the next update. Thank you for reading!

2018.12.26 - 12:24AM
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Author's Response: Wow, that is so kind of you to say! Thank you! Twelve certainly is having a tough go of it. And itís about to get more complicated next chapter...although, perhaps *some* things will be a lot less complicated as well. ;) Stay tuned!

2018.12.25 - 07:19PM
9: Chapter 9

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Author's Response: Thank you so much! I truly appreciate that youíve stuck with me for so long and that you let me know your thoughts. :) Fingers crossed that I can get the next chapter up soon, thereís even bigger twists to come!

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Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love these two together as well. :) Reveals are coming up soon, so stayed tuned!

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Author's Response: Yes he does. WAY more fixing than he even knows. Thankfully Rose is good at knocking some sense into him. Thank you, math! :)

2018.08.04 - 12:52AM
6: Chapter 6

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Author's Response: I like Twelve getting all romantic about Rose. If only Clara could see him now lol Thank you!

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Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm working on an update :)

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Author's Response: Oh my gosh, hello Math!! It's soooo lovely to hear from you!! I'm thrilled that you're reading my new story! Thank you!!

2018.05.18 - 04:44PM
4: Chapter 4

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Author's Response: Ha, you are the second person to say that! :D And yeah, jeopardy-friendly Rose...gonna be tougher for the Doctor to keep his distance now.