2014.06.21 - 11:19AM
1: Terms of Employment

I wish Torchwood had been nearly as good as this was. We would get glimpses of what it could be, but ... And this. I would vote for Harriet Jones without reservation. I actually have to wonder, given the Doctor's actions toward Harriet, if that didn't play into Yvonne Hartman's attitude toward him. She was power-hungry, without question, but that idea has been niggling at me for quite some time.

2008.08.08 - 03:46PM
1: Terms of Employment

These two characters are brilliant together and you write them both very well. A great what-might-have-been story. I'd vote for Harriet any day!

2008.05.07 - 02:04AM
1: Terms of Employment

Here from calufrax. This is a lovely story. I love how Jack motivates her to keep going even though he's just been abandoned by the Doctor. Great job with both characters.

2008.04.29 - 07:57PM
1: Terms of Employment

Harriet Jones for Prime Minister! Because the last time we checked, the Doctor was not registered to vote.

A very interesting take on what could have been. I liked it.

2008.03.01 - 09:16PM
1: Terms of Employment

Cool story and I loved how you wrote Jack

2008.02.26 - 03:01AM
1: Terms of Employment

Wonderful I felt that you captured Harriet really well, both her and Jack's exhaustion.

2007.06.11 - 04:30AM
1: Terms of Employment

Really good.

2006.04.25 - 03:18PM
1: Terms of Employment

You are SPOT on with Harriet Jones Prime Minister --Flydale North-- I could hear her voice and see her tired eyes... dead ringer! The dog's bollocks!! (thats good)

I only hope the show is as well written as this--

Author's Response: Ah, a fellow Brit. ;) Thank you - Harriet\'s a nice character to write as she had such clear mannerisms on the show and a distinctive \'voice\'. Good to know that I managed to pull it off!

2006.04.24 - 08:49PM
1: Terms of Employment

I really enjoyed Jack's characterization and this and the pacing of the dialogue between him and Harriet was gripping.

Author's Response: Thank you! The dialogue was a lot of fun to write - once they got going, it was hard to shut them up again. Glad you enjoyed it!

2006.04.24 - 07:15PM
1: Terms of Employment

There aren't words for how great this is. Well thought out and perfectly plausible, I only hope what RTD gives us works so well!

Thanks so much for sharing it!

Author's Response: I have faith in RTD.... Glad you enjoyed it!

2006.04.24 - 06:15PM
1: Terms of Employment

WMR directed me toward this fic, and I must say, it's brilliant. Absolutely, completely brilliant. Plausible, so in character, and everything that I hope we get to see in Torchwood. This is definitely getting added to favourites. Thank you so much for such a wonderful fic!

Author's Response: Thank you! I somehow doubt we\'ll get to see a scene like this in \'Torchwood\', but everything I\'ve heard about the show so far gives me high hopes for what we *will* get. Glad you enjoyed the fic!

2006.04.24 - 05:16PM
1: Terms of Employment

Wow. So good, on so many levels. I was enthralled throughout. I really, really hope that Torchwood turns out to be half as good as this.

Adding to favourites. Sheer brilliance!

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m glad you enjoyed it!

2006.04.24 - 04:19PM
1: Terms of Employment

Let me guess: you're actually a writer for 'Torchwood', sent to this site to give us all a brief taste of what's in store? *crosses fingers and hopes*

This was absolutely brilliant. Harriet and Jack are so beautifully rendered: the fatigue, the sense of betrayal and loss, the flirting... Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Author's Response: Oh, if only I *were* a writer for \'Torchwood\'! Sadly, I\'m just an amateur, but I\'ve got a major soft spot for these two characters and felt that they really ought to get together to swap notes. I\'m glad you enjoyed the result! :)