2019.08.16 - 06:32PM
2: Chapter 2

This was so steamy! Whew! The Doctor should know that Rose wouldn't leave him without a fight. His reaction to finally giving in to his feelings... Yowza! The Doctor's lust is so dark and, yet, compelling. I'm sure Rose doesn't mind. I know I wouldn't! As always, great work!

Author's Response: Oh wow, high praise coming from you. Thank you! Youíve made my day. Yes itís true what you say about the Doctor. He doesnít do things in half measures.

2019.08.16 - 04:36AM
1: Chapter 1

I really liked this! Very hot!!! I imagine that is exactly how Rose would react if the Doctor told her he was taking her home. It's his reaction that I didn't expect. Excellent writing!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. Iím glad then that I reposted this story. I didnít realize it was blank. Bonus, you enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me know! Doctor morose and secretly yearning in first chapter but quickly succumbs to lust in the second! Tsk! Tsk!

2018.02.19 - 11:05PM
: None

Very good. I still wasn't sure which Doctor you had in mind (the "forever" made me think maybe Ten)? By the end of the story, however, I think I've settled on a combination of Nine/Ten. Looking forward to the rest of this.

Author's Response: Thank you for your comment and I am glad you liked it so far. I intended it to be Ten but I think it works for both. Next chapter within a week.