2017.10.17 - 08:47PM
27: Chapter 27

Thanks for writing this story, really I love your work so much and I hope to read another story made by you.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. I'm going to be writing another story soon. I've got a lot of ideas jotted down that are just waiting to be written.

2017.10.17 - 05:03AM
27: Chapter 27

I have looked forward with bated breath to each instalment of this brilliant story, this series. I willl certainly miss the updates.
That final scene: just perfect! Finally, Rose gets some closure with the waterfall scene. And what wonderful closure, with the Doctor telling her he'll always catch her, an affirmation that they can move on from this, that he'll always be there for her, and she will be for him for as long as she is able.

Author's Response: You've summed it up perfectly. At some point in the future I'd like to think that they will be able to move on from what happened and be able to spend many decades with each other. I always pictured it ending with the waterfall scene because it brings it full circle to the beginning of the series. Thank you for reading!

2017.10.16 - 10:42PM
27: Chapter 27

The worst words in the English language are "this is the last chapter"! I always hate to see a good story end, however, I think you mentioned another in this series. Hope so. Thanks for a great, as usual, story.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I usually get so attached to what I'm writing that I hate to see it end too. Unfortunately this series won't be continuing, but I have a few different stories that I can't wait to write.

2017.10.07 - 09:49PM
26: Chapter 26

Urrrrrgh! Davros alive! And our poor babies clinging to half a life, just trying to get through each day, one at a time.
I didn't think it would be long before the Doctor tried to send Rose home. And, Rose, of course, digging in her heels and refusing to let it happen. Good for her. If anything, they need one another more than ever.
Great update!

Author's Response: Davros is alive because true evil never dies. After everything he's been through he's more determined to take over the universe. His willpower and determination were what kept him going and allowed him to survive. Rose and the Doctor do need each other now more than ever. Neither of them should be alone after what happened to them. They still have so much healing to do and all they can do is take it one day at a time and maybe eventually things will get a bit more back to normal. Thanks!

2017.10.07 - 05:31PM
26: Chapter 26

Ok, there's a whole lot of bad going on here. Davros alive, but hoped it wasn't possible. Wondered when the Doctor's guilt would push him to decide Rose was better off at home without him. So glad these events hadn't lessened her stubbornness. Thanks for posting update.

Author's Response: The Doctor feels like their entire situation is his fault. He was only trying to send her home to keep her safe. He should've known that Rose would never let him get away with that. She's far too stubborn to back down. She absolutely wants to spend the rest of her life with the Time Lord. They're meant to be together and she wasn't going to have it any other way. Thanks for reading!

2017.09.27 - 01:16PM
25: Chapter 25

Wow, the hits keep coming....no regeneration energy????
Well, it seems that as he remembers more, the pain ebbs; thus maybe when he's fully healed (as much as he can be in the linear time way) he has a shot at regeneration?

Or Maybe the 6th Doctor shows up and regenerates himself fully! (hey, I like 6 and well, he's the only one I could imagine has the Cajones enough to make 10 listen and OBEY to what needs to be done for healing. Besides, the Tardis needs some repairs too...and 6 did repair the chameleon circuit. (hee hee though the Tardis wasn't to happy about it--lol. ;-)

This would be a good sized book, but hell, you can make it dictionary sized. You keep writing and I will keep reading!

Author's Response: Keep your fingers crossed that he will be able to regnerate someday. Right now it doesn't seem at all likely because of what Davros did to him. I would say that it's probably permanent. I can definitely see the 6th Doctor helping out. That would be interesting. I'm so glad that you like my story. I wish I could keep writing it for a long time but unfortunately it's going to be wrapping up in a couple of chapters. I love writing and I hate finishing a story because then it's done and the glimpse into that world is over. I do have a few ideas for some other stories though. I'm happy to see that you'll keep reading!

2017.09.27 - 07:23AM
25: Chapter 25

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I hope the Doctor allows Rose to help him, discover what is wrong with him, and do what is necessary to bring him back to a decent level of health, even if it isn't perfect. I also hope he realizes just how much she needs him too, that she doesn't care that he's not "perfect", and doesn't try to send her away...
Wow! This story!

Author's Response: They should be able to figure out what's wrong with the Doctor and see what they can do to make his health better. They both need each other but at the same time it seems like the Doctor is having a hard time opening up to Rose. But she needs help just as much as he does. There's still so much that she doesn't remember that only he can help her with. It's going to take time to work through all of this and they have to support each other. Thanks for reading!

2017.09.15 - 09:32PM
24: Chapter 24

My poor babies. Rose is trying to be so strong for him, but she has her own demons,too. But everything the Doctor has endured... wow, a lesser being would never have survived, but he'll need his Rose beside him to get him through the dark times to come, as she will need him too. The immediate danger may have passed, but the healing is only beginning.
Great chapter. Completely heartbreaking and terrifying, and yet there's such relief that they're finally in a safe place.

Author's Response: It's a big relief that they're finally safe on the TARDIS and not on the alien ship. Even though they don't have to fear T'Rin and Davros anymore, Rose and the Doctor are still trying to cope and recover from what happened. Rose is doing her best to be strong for him, but she's also going to need help from the Doctor later on for her to recover too. It's going to be hard for them, but at least they have each other.

2017.09.15 - 05:09PM
24: Chapter 24

With as much emotional and physical trama endured don't expect the healing to be quick...Time Lord superiority is no match...individually not sure they would find the strength to survive but together I believe in them...I choked up from start to end, roller-coaster indeed!

Author's Response: Rose and the Doctor are going to need each other for support now more than ever as we'll see in the next few chapters. I'm glad you're enjoying it.

2017.09.15 - 03:40PM
24: Chapter 24

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RABBIT HOLE is still evoking quite the emotional punch. This story has taken me through the entire gamut in classic "Sturm und drang" style!

Until the next installment...( no pressure)😜

Author's Response: Rose and the Doctor have survived a traumatic experience and it's definitely going to take a long time for them to heal. At least they have each other for support. It's been an emotional rollercoaster so far with more to come in the next few chapters. Thanks for reading!

2017.09.05 - 10:14PM
23: Chapter 23

Now that was a wild ride...thank goodness for the TARDIS...another brilliant update.

Author's Response: Yes, after all this time the TARDIS finally came through for them and was cutting it close on the rescue. The ship has repaired all of the damage from crashing through the wormhole and is as good as new. Too bad the same can't be said for Rose and the Doctor at this point.

2017.09.05 - 09:05PM
23: Chapter 23

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Oh, but Rose has to look after herself too, or she'll not be able to help the Doctor. So much healing ahead for these two, both physical and emotional. My precious babies...

Author's Response: Now that the worst is over and they're back on the TARDIS there's a lot of healing for both Rose and the Doctor to do. It's going to take a long time for them to recover from everything they've been through. It's going to be very hard for both of them.

2017.08.25 - 01:06AM
22: Chapter 22


The Cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers!

And Davros getting kissed?

*pours bleach over brain* ;)

I am glad T'rin thought it through with the Daleks( insofar as the repercussions of Davros experimenting ethics....)

And things are moving fast when WHAM you end this chapter . *sobs* you are killing me! ;)

Author's Response: T'Rin genuinely loves and cares about Davros. There was a softer side to him decades ago that over time has diminished. He's gradually been turning into the Davros that we know from Rose and the Doctor's universe. T'Rin has slowly begun to realize just how much of a monster her husband has become. She had to stop him before the future became what she saw in her vision. Thanks for reading!

2017.08.24 - 08:20PM
22: Chapter 22

The end of Chapter 22 is just NOT fair. Come on TARDIS!

Author's Response: It's probably the worst possible time to have a cliffhanger. Hopefully the TARDIS will be able to sense that Rose and the Doctor are in danger and help them. The TARDIS has never failed them before.

2017.08.24 - 07:45PM
22: Chapter 22

Holy crap! What a chapter! So much pain and sadness, love and hatred.
And the Doctor can't regenerate any more, probably can't even heal himself properly... :(
And that fire! I find myself wondering, one more time, how will they ever get out of this? My poor babies, both so broken and helpless.

Author's Response: Thank you! Even if they can somehow find a way to escape imminent death both Rose and the Doctor have a lot of healing ahead of them. After everything that's happened to them it's not going to be easy.